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Is stone pine a hardwood?

Is stone pine hard or soft?

Stone pine is light and soft (kiln density 400 kg/m³, Brinell hardness 15 N/mm²) and very easy to work with, the strength properties are moderately good. On the other hand, the degree of shrinkage is small. It splits well and carves well.

Which wood is stone pine?

The stone pine, also Swiss stone pine, Swiss stone pine, Arve or Arbe belongs to the pine family and is the characteristic tree of the Central European high mountains. She is also often referred to as the «Queen of the Alps». The botanical name is Pinus cembra. The stone pine is one of the five-needled pine species.

Why is stone pine so expensive?

Here are 5 reasons why this has happened, among others: Demand has grown in recent years. Heavy felling of the stone pine tree, and the stone pine grows very slowly and only at high altitudes. The look — the pine has a beautiful structure without major color differences with age.

What is special about stone pine?

What is special about Swiss stone pine is that the aromatic scent does not fade over time, but is permanent. Your piece of furniture always smells fresh from the forest. The resins and oils contained in the wood not only have a positive effect on the human circulatory system, but also on the indoor climate.

Knot-free stone pine beds — why?

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Is stone pine really that healthy?

The relaxing and sleep-inducing effect of the wood is mainly attributed to its characteristic resinous-spicy scent. Stone pine stands for a healthy lifestyle, effects on a mental level are strength and support. It works for anxiety, lack of energy, depression and discouragement.

What's behind the mirror?

How long does stone pine last?

Stone pine also contains up to 0,5% pinosylvin. Due to the high content of wood ingredients, it has a pleasant smell that lasts for a very long time. Freshly cut stone pine wood retains its characteristic scent for decades, which is particularly noticeable in stone pine rooms.

How much does 1 square meter of pine wood cost?

How expensive is pine wood? If you are interested in wood products, you will surely ask yourself how expensive pine wood actually is. It’s not exactly cheap. A cubic meter costs between 1.000 and 1.300 euros wholesale, while conventional pine wood can be had for around 400 euros.

How long does a stone pine bed smell?

Why stone pine? Stone pine is a very beautiful wood with its reddish knots and is said to have a pleasant effect on humans and animals due to its smell and essential oils. The natural stone pine scent lasts for many years and thus ensures that our work will be enjoyed for a long time.

How much does a cubic meter of pine wood cost?

With average Swiss stone pine prices currently at 450 euros per cubic metre, the slow-growing, much sought-after conifers are definitely a good investment for the future, says Zanker.

How good is stone pine and how do I recognize it?

A feature of the Arve: high-quality wood

Pine wood is light, light and soft, but still keeps its shape and is very easy to work with, i.e. split, carve or plane. It has a very even structure, for example with regard to the annual rings.

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Which wood resembles pine?

The pine is related to the stone pine and has similar properties and appearance. In the genus itself, however, there are large differences according to where the tree grew. Mountain pines have more durable heartwood and are very fine-grained.

What is the difference between pine and stone pine?

They are triangular, arranged in clusters of five needles each — in contrast to the pine, Pinus silvestris, in which the needles are in pairs. Stone pine needles are bluish green in color with a blunt tip. The first flowering occurs after 40-50 years.

What do you do with pine wood?

Pine wood is mostly used in the bedroom for beds or as pillow filling. The essential oils in the resin are said to promote healthy and deep sleep.

Is stone pine poisonous?

Untreated stone pine: harmless to the health of allergy sufferers and small children. Even if the health effects of pine wood are controversial and hotly debated again and again — there is still nothing to suggest that pine wood could be toxic in any way.

How do you treat pine wood?

If you want to take care of pine wood, it is best to use pine soap, breathable wax or oil. This also brings the wood back to smell and shine. To «clean» it is best to use a soft cloth such as microfiber. This avoids rubbing scratches into the soft wood.

Can you wash a stone pine cushion?

It is best to place these in an open plastic bag or container. The cover is made of cotton and can be washed up to 60 degrees. If possible, select the program item «extra rinse» so that the pillow does not smell of detergent afterwards.

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How do you make pine wood smell good again?

Especially the knotholes in the wood smell like the last holiday in the mountains. Treating it with varnish or wax would clog the pores of the stone pine and inhibit the gentle smell. The essential oil Pinosylvin gives the wood its aromatic and unmistakable scent.

How do I freshen up a stone pine cushion?

Fill up the pine cushion: If your pine cushion has lost volume after 1-2 years, simply top up with a handful of pine flakes. Open the zipper, mix the fresh pine flakes well with the old ones and your pine pillow is like new again!

How much does a Swiss pine pillow cost?

€139.80 €109.80. VAT Our stone pine pillow measuring 80 x 40 cm is a cuddly pillow par excellence.

Where do you get pine wood from?

The stone pine, which originally comes from Siberia, is now native to the alpine European mainland. We meet the «Queen of the Alps» in Austria, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. There are other distribution areas in Poland, Romania, Slovakia and the Ukraine.

What do you do with pine oil?

Due to its strong antibacterial effect, the stone pine oil kills bacteria and viruses at the same time and thus not only combats the symptoms, but also the causes. It is also wonderful for treating acne and other skin imperfections thanks to its antibacterial properties.

How good is a stone pine cushion?

Experiences with stone pine cushions. Stone pine cushions have a particularly beneficial effect. The human body absorbs the scent of pine through the respiratory tract. This can cause the quality of sleep to increase, deep sleep to be promoted and sleep disorders to be actively corrected.

What comes first, base coat or top coat?

What does a pine bed bring?

Anyone who sleeps in a stone pine bed not only falls asleep faster and more relaxed, but also reduces their heart rate. The increased quality of sleep and better recovery saves the heart around 3.500 heartbeats per day — this corresponds to around one hour of the heart’s daily work.

What is a stone pine room?

People who suffer from weather sensitivity will suffer noticeably less from the plague of the weather in a room that has been furnished with Swiss stone pine wood.

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