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Is horse ointment vegan?

What is in the horse ointment?

Horse ointments contain different mixtures of essential oils and irritants, such as capsaicin, which is extracted from chili peppers. Typical ingredients in horse ointments are rosemary oil, arnica extract, camphor and menthol.

Is horse ointment herbal?

It is the special formulation of herbal and natural active ingredients that make Apotheker’s Original Horse Medic Ointment so unique. The effective and intensive therapeutic mode of action is particularly important for joint and muscle pain.

Does horse balm contain horse?

The name «horse balm» is derived from horse chestnut (common horse chestnut; Aesculus hippocastanum), which is used in high concentration in the balm. Common horse chestnut or horse chestnut is a tall tree native to the Balkan Peninsula.

When not to use horse ointment?

To avoid irritation, the horse ointment should not come into contact with open wounds or mucous membranes. Also avoid contact with the eyes.

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Why is the horse ointment called that?

Just a few years after its market launch, horse ointment was an indispensable part of German medicine chests, because people quickly discovered the beneficial effects of the ointment on joint pain, muscle tension or bruises.

Is horse ointment good for back pain?

For the supportive treatment of muscle tension and back pain, we recommend Horse MedicOintment, a medical product with a higher total content of active ingredients that ensure that the blood circulation in cramped muscles improves.

Is horse ointment harmful?

However, horse ointment should not be used permanently but only when there is a reason, even if there are no immediate side effects. In addition, it must of course not be used in the vicinity of mucous membranes and open wounds.

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Is horse ointment also for horses?

Horse ointments are so called because they were really intended for horses, although today they are used far more often on humans than horses. The pharmacist dr. Ulf Jacoby developed this ointment for his horses in 1982 to promote regeneration of the legs after strenuous work.

What is the best horse ointment?

The horse ointment from Wepa is my recommendation because it does not contain any preservatives. In addition, it offers a two-phase effect. After application, the essential oils evaporate and the cooling effect occurs. It then promotes blood circulation and warms the tissue.

Why does horse ointment get warm?

The active ingredients in the “warming horse ointment” ensure long-lasting, even warming of the skin. The contained ginger extract stimulates the heat receptors, a soothing feeling of warmth spreads. Rosemary, juniper berry and pine needle oil promote blood circulation in the skin.

Is horse ointment good for inflammation?

The horse ointment is ideal for treating internal inflammation of the musculoskeletal system, can be applied several times a day and is available in different packaging sizes.

Is horse ointment good for the skin?

Ensbona horse ointment cares for the skin and helps to regenerate skin and muscle areas. It can therefore be used as regular skin care, as well as a pain and regeneration ointment after demanding sporting activities.

Is horse ointment good for osteoarthritis?

Mistletoe and devil’s claw can also help (see hedgehog benefits). External application of ointment with non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, but also with home remedies such as quark and horse ointment have proven themselves again and again.

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Is it normal for horse ointment to burn?

This depends on the skin type, but even small amounts are incredibly painful. It is an extreme burning sensation comparable to sunburn stage 2 to 3. Anyone who has had that knows the nature of the pain well. Stored incorrectly + wrong hands can have serious consequences.

Is horse ointment good for your feet?

It cools and revitalizes swollen legs and feet. In addition, it does not stick and can be applied over the tights! Helps with: joint pain.

Which is the original horse ointment?

The Original PferdeMedicOintment is based on two well-known therapeutic methods: while menthol and camphor pleasantly cool the skin, the mixture of rosemary and arnica creates a beneficial warming effect, which also spreads to the deeper muscle layers and there for relaxation of the affected …

Is horse ointment good for blood circulation?

Product Descriptions. Bucket maker’s horse ointment relaxes, stimulates blood circulation and activates after exertion. Makes you fresh and vital for sore muscles and tension.

What is the best ointment for back pain?

Which horse ointment for neck tension?

Equimedis horse ointment for neck pain — Zur Rose Apotheke.

What is the best ointment for back pain?

The only “very good” candidates and thus test winners are the Mobilat Intens muscle and joint ointment from Stada and Thermacare pain gel from Pfizer. Four products were rated «good».

What is horse balm good for?

Horse ointment or coldpack horse balm is used after strenuous or long training. But also if you go for a day ride. We use horse balm for almost everything that has to do with the muscles. However, it should not be used for muscle strains, torn muscles or torn muscles.

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What is the best ointment for inflammation?

Recommended active ingredients

Thumbs up: Ibuprofen, etofenamate, flufenamic acid, felbinac or piroxicam in ointments help when bruises, sprains and strains are tormenting. The fact that this group of active ingredients relieves pain and inhibits inflammation has been well documented in clinical studies.

How much does horse ointment cost?

Horse ointment from €1,72 (March 2023 prices) | Price comparison at

How deep does ointment penetrate?

The various layers of skin through which an ointment or its active ingredient (for example Diclofenac in Voltaren Gel) should penetrate when applied represent the first obstacle. Some studies have found that the skin can only absorb about 6%. Then there are the many small skin vessels.

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