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Is every gold purchase reported?

Will my gold purchase be registered?

According to current law, the purchase of gold up to a sum of €1.999,99 is legally possible without registration and therefore anonymously.

Does the state have access to my gold?

A law prohibits the trading and possession of gold, which forces private individuals to exchange part or all of their gold holdings into the respective national currency. In such a case, gold holdings include coins and bars as well as nuggets and certificates.

Is the tax office informed when buying gold?

trading in gold

The profits from this trade are therefore taxable. The tax office assumes commercial activity if the purchase and sale takes place with the intention of making a profit. Here it is already sufficient if a private person buys gold at least twice and immediately resells it again.

How much gold can you buy privately?

How much gold can I buy? There is no general upper limit. But for anonymous gold purchases in cash, an upper limit of 2020 euros has applied in Germany since 1.999,99. From 2.000 euros, dealers are obliged to determine the identity of the buyer.

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What happens to my data when I buy gold?

However, concerns about customer data being passed on are completely unjustified: «The customer data is stored in our internal accounting, just as is normal with any other online purchase, but precious metal dealers do not report anything to the authorities,» says Gerrit Homrighausen, Managing Director …

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What happens if you buy gold for more than 2000 euros?

Gold should only be purchased from a reliable source. The Germans have a lot of gold. If you want to continue to increase your holdings anonymously, you have to hurry up — because a new upper limit will be introduced from 2020. Then the purchase of gold with a value of more than 2000 euros is recorded on the identity card.

How long is gold purchase stored?

I have to keep this data for 5 years. However, if we suspect that someone is laundering money, we must report the first euro to the responsible office.

What do I have to consider when buying gold?

A gold purchase should definitely only be made from a certified gold dealer. There have been outrageous reports of investors buying fake or low grade gold from fraudsters. Therefore, when buying gold, you should always insist on a certificate for each product.

Why ID when selling gold?

To avoid money laundering

This states that when buying or selling all investments that reach a minimum amount of 15.000 euros, the presentation of an identity card is mandatory.

Can the state confiscate private gold?

A gold ban means a private trading and possession ban for the precious metal gold. Here, a government stipulates by law that private gold holdings must be handed over to state acceptance points and exchanged for national currency.

Is it possible for gold to become worthless?

Gold will very likely never be completely worthless: If you are afraid of a currency crash, you can think about buying gold. In the past, however, the price of gold has fluctuated more than an investment in globally diversified shares and has not even yielded half as much in the long term.

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When was the last gold ban?

The last gold ban was legally valid in West Germany until May 5, 1955 and in the GDR until September 20 of the same year. The possession and trading of gold was thus legal again in Germany after 32 years of prohibitions and restrictions in both parts of our country.

How many times can you buy gold anonymously?

in Germany you can buy up to 2000€ in gold as an anonymous over-the-counter business. However, no time interval is specified as to how often one may do such over-the-counter business.


How much gold should you have?

In general, gold is only suitable to a limited extent as an investment. In an investment mix — for example with interest securities and equity funds — you can reduce the risk overall. However, you should not invest more than 5-10 percent of your assets in gold.

Which is better gold coins or gold bars?

You can purchase gold bars in more weight increments compared to gold coins. Since bars are easier to produce than coins, the premium is usually lower. Thus, the bullion price is closer to the physical precious metal value. This often makes investing in bullion more attractive.

How much gold can you buy tax-free?

Gold coins: Investment gold coins are tax-free if they have/contain at least 900/1.000 gold.

Can you sell gold without papers?

In other words, if you want to sell more than EUR 2.500 worth of precious metals at a dealer, you must be able to prove the legitimate origin of these precious metals! In principle, it is not forbidden to buy or sell gold, for example, without proof (within the framework of the applicable limit values).

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Who is reported to purchase gold?

Basically, the anonymous purchase of gold and silver is not prohibited. Since January 1, 2020, the so-called cash limit, i.e. the limit for anonymous cash payments, has been exactly 1999,99 euros. If this limit is exceeded by just one cent, the buyer’s personal data must be recorded.

How likely is a gold ban?

A gold ban is unlikely. Gold bans are unpopular, difficult to enforce and relatively ineffective. In addition, gold is the smallest asset among all asset classes. Each state will therefore first examine the chances of success of alternative measures before issuing a gold ban.

Should you buy gold now in 2023?

Strategists at Citibank, on the other hand, see gold as more “bearish” in 2023 and forecast a gold price of $1.685. However, the Citibank analysts also admit that the price could be pushed up to $2.100 in the meantime.

How expensive will gold be in 10 years?

The average gold price in 2010 was 1.227,15 US dollars per troy ounce or 935,31 euros per ounce. Ten years later in 2020, a troy ounce of gold was now worth an average of $1.769,82.

Which gold bars should you buy?

You can buy gold bars or common gold coins. Bars are suitable for sums over 1 000 euros. They should have a fine gold content of 999,9. The best are bars with gold stamps from Heraeus, Umicore, Valcambi or Perth Mint.

What is better investment than bars or coins?

Due to the embossed motifs, coins are more counterfeit-proof than bars. Investing in large coins is more beneficial as unit costs are lower. Westgold Managing Director Martin Siegel advises investing in whole ounces (about 31,1 grams).

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