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Is an epileptic seizure the same as epilepsy?

What is the difference between epilepsy and an epileptic seizure?

Epileptic seizures can occur in anyone and at any age. However, a single seizure does not mean epilepsy. It is only when the seizures recur that one speaks of epilepsy.

Can you have an epileptic seizure without having epilepsy?

However, epileptic seizures can occur without the existence of epilepsy: If external influences trigger an epileptic seizure (eg acute illnesses or brain injuries), one speaks of an occasional seizure.

Which epilepsy is the worst?

Generalized tonic-clonic seizures are the most dramatic form of epileptic seizures, also known as grand mal. This type of seizure has three phases. Signs of the tonic phase are unconsciousness, a fall, stiffening of the whole body, as well as a brief pause in breathing and dilated, rigid pupils.

What exactly is an epileptic seizure?

Epileptic seizures are a disorder of the brain caused by a short-lasting increased discharge of nerve cells. Epileptic seizures can look very different and there are many different types of seizures.

Epileptic seizure dangerous & what to do? Causes of epilepsy & first aid for seizures!

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How is an epileptic seizure manifested?

The best known is the great epileptic seizure. The victim tenses up. Then the spasm turns into convulsions. Breathing is often disturbed and the face turns bluish.

How is an epileptic seizure announced?

An epileptic seizure is sometimes announced with depression, irritability and headaches. Sometimes there is also a so-called aura. These are perceptual disturbances that only the patient himself notices. He sees, hears or smells something that isn’t there.

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What is the best drug for epilepsy?

Levetiracetam is one of the most important anti-seizure drugs. It lowers the risk of an epileptic seizure. The active ingredient is generally considered to be well tolerated and can also be combined with other medications. The most common side effects are drowsiness and headaches.

What not to eat if you have epilepsy?

No carbs, lots of fat

Edda Haberlandt, chairwoman of the ÖGfE: «That means bananas, potatoes, carrots, onions, sweets — everything that is made with the usual sugars should not be eaten.

Is epilepsy a serious illness?

This is a very severe, long-lasting seizure, or a series of seizures that occur in a row, which can result in the brain becoming deprived of oxygen and the heart and lungs failing.

Can psychological stress trigger epilepsy?

There are different triggers for epileptic seizures. These include fever and other illnesses, drug use, medications, as well as lack of sleep and stress. Can stress cause epilepsy? Epileptic seizures can be triggered by both physical and psychological stress.

Can coffee cause epilepsy?

A study from Lyon showed that drinking large amounts of coffee (more than 6 cups of coffee per day), but also drinking moderate amounts of coffee (at least 4 cups of coffee per week) was associated with less oxygen deficiency associated with focal epileptic seizures .

What can cause an epileptic seizure?

An epileptic seizure can have many causes, for example brain damage (due to birth trauma or strokes), brain injuries, tumors, circulatory and metabolic disorders or poisoning.

At what age is epilepsy most common?

Epilepsy can start at any age. For many it begins in childhood; somewhat less frequently in middle age between 40 and 59 years. Only then do new cases become more frequent again.

How does depression affect everyday life?

Can you get epilepsy just like that?

Sometimes epilepsy is both genetic and structural/metabolic. For example, in some people with a genetic susceptibility to epileptic seizures, epilepsy is only triggered by a stroke, meningitis, poisoning or another specific disease.

What types of epilepsy are there?

A distinction is made between focal and generalized types of epilepsy based on seizure types. In addition, there are “combined generalized and focal epilepsies”. This group includes those affected who have both focal and generalized seizures.

What foods are good for epilepsy?

The ketogenic diet for epilepsy should be under the supervision of doctors and nutritionists. The setting is usually stationary. Permissible foods include low-starch vegetables, meat, fish, eggs, cheese, nuts and (preferably vegetable) fats.

Did I have an epileptic seizure while I was sleeping?

Signs of seizures during sleep can be tongue bites in the morning, unexplained injuries, bedwetting, sore muscles or headaches. If nocturnal seizures are suspected, watches and/or mattresses with motion sensors allow movements to be recorded during sleep.

Are you disabled with epilepsy?

In the case of epilepsy, the pension office can determine a degree of disability (GdB). It depends on the severity, frequency and distribution of the seizures over the course of the day. From a GdB of 50, a person is considered severely disabled.

What makes epilepsy worse?

Stress can aggravate the disease in patients with epilepsy. In particular, the frequency of seizures may increase. However, the reason for this is largely unknown. Psychological stress can impair sleep quality and alter the balance of stress hormones in the body.

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How do I prevent an epileptic seizure?

Medications help many people with epilepsy to permanently avoid seizures. About 5 out of 10 people become seizure free or have fewer seizures with the first medication. Overall, about 7 in 10 people with epilepsy stop having seizures when they take medication.

Can epilepsy go away?

In about 20 to 30 percent of patients who have had epileptic seizures for years, the disease disappears spontaneously. This speaks against the hypothesis that an epileptic seizure causes further seizures, said Professor Bernd Pohlmann-Eden from the Epilepsy Center Bethel.

Is epilepsy always visible on the EEG?

However, an EEG is not always conspicuous despite epilepsy. If it is suspected that the cause of the epilepsy is damage or a malformation of the brain, imaging methods are used for clarification. These methods include computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging.

Can you detect epilepsy in the blood?

person in this country developed epilepsy during their lifetime. According to the German Epilepsy Association, around 38.000 people in Germany become ill every year. Comprehensive blood tests are also part of the diagnosis.

How can you get epilepsy?

A specific cause can be attributed to the epileptic seizure, e.g.:
  1. Traumatic brain injury (e.g. in sports accidents)
  2. Tumor.
  3. meningitis.
  4. Lack of oxygen and brain malformations during childbirth.
  5. Circulatory disorders (e.g. in the event of a stroke)
  6. metabolic disorder of the brain.
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