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Is always immaculate testimony?

What does always mean in the work reference?

Good reviews are marked with a temporal adverb (always, anytime, always): She always performed her tasks to our complete satisfaction. Your performances have always been good. He always worked reliably and independently.

What does His behavior towards superiors was always impeccable mean?

Behavior towards superiors and colleagues was always impeccable. Behavior towards superiors and colleagues was always very good. collegial and balancing nature always ensured him/her a very good relationship with superiors and employees.

What shouldn’t be in a testimonial?

Watch out for contradictions in content and phrases that could be interpreted negatively. Double negatives, qualifying statements, ambiguous phrases — no matter how good they sound — can be derogatory and should not be on your report card. “Always”, “always” and “extremely”, on the other hand, usually have a positive effect.

Which grade is to our complete satisfaction?

Satisfactory (Grade 3)
  • They have «always worked to our satisfaction» or «to our full satisfaction», just not always.
  • You have completed all the tasks assigned to you «to your complete satisfaction».

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Was it always flawless?

The phrase «always flawless» is often used when evaluating behavior and means a rating of very good. The description of the behavior only with «perfect» means the grade good, since the time component is missing.

Was it a flawless grade?

Rating 1: His behavior towards superiors and colleagues was always exemplary. Rating 2: Your behavior towards superiors and colleagues was impeccable at all times. Grade 3: His behavior towards superiors and colleagues was impeccable.

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How do I know if my job reference is good or bad?

According to Absenger, a good job reference should include the official company header, a brief introduction to the employee and the company itself. The job reference should then list the employee’s main areas of activity and finally evaluate his or her performance and behavior.

What are secret codes in the work reference?

A secret code is spoken of in job references if it contains formulations that have a completely different meaning than the text suggests. According to the legislator (§ 109 GewO, amended 2002), such formulations are prohibited in the language of the certificate.

Is a 2 in the job reference bad?

The grade 2 is the real average — more than three quarters of all German job references are formulated in grade 2 or better. Some sources even speak of more than 85%!

What does your behavior mean in the job reference?

— His/her behavior towards colleagues and superiors was good. — His/her collegial nature ensured him/her a good relationship with superiors and employees. — His/her behavior towards superiors and colleagues was always free of tension.

When do you get a very good job reference?

In terms of content, the job reference must contain a non-judgmental but correct description of tasks, career in the company and, if applicable, managerial responsibility. There are two main areas of evaluation: performance and social behavior. A rating from “very good” to “inadequate” is conceivable here.

Was very popular with his colleagues?

Due to his/her factual and courteous manner, Mr. [name]/Ms. [name] was always very much appreciated and liked by his superiors and colleagues. Because of his/her cooperative attitude, he/she was always well respected and well liked by superiors and colleagues.

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Is a 3 in the job reference bad?

A performance «to the full satisfaction» corresponds to grade 3 in the job reference. And according to the Federal Labor Court, that is still the average.

What should not be missing in a very good job reference?

The certificate must contain at least information on the type and duration of the activity (simple certificate). The employee can request that the information also extends to performance and behavior in the employment relationship (qualified certificate). (2) The certificate must be formulated clearly and understandably.

Was a good role model because of his punctuality?

He was always a good role model because of his punctuality. the employee was on time, but otherwise he did nothing. He always showed empathy for the concerns of the workforce.

What does very committed mean in the job reference?

«He/She generally completed all tasks to our satisfaction» (overall grade 5). The individual grades mentioned above are also given in a similar way, eg «He/she was always extremely committed» (willingness to work grade 1); «He/she was always committed» (willingness to work grade 2);

When is a work reference bad?

How do I recognize a bad job reference? Many formulations in the job reference sound better than they are intended. Signs of a bad report are ambiguous expressions, emphasis on obvious things or the omission of important assessments or activities.

Can a work reference be negative?

Job references must not contain any negative evaluations. Therefore, there are translation books for “testimony language”. However, a former employer didn’t want to be deterred and wrote a ‘negative smiley face’ in his signature – that’s not allowed.

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What is negative in the work reference?

Basically, negative statements should only be made if they are clearly relevant to the performance or behavior assessment and have a serious impact on the entire employment relationship and the required overall performance.

What does exemplary mean in the report card?

Anyone who has mastered their area of ​​responsibility, found optimal solutions, has excellent and well-founded specialist knowledge, and has always mastered new situations very well and confidently is an »exemplary employee/manager« with the rating »very good«.

What does grade 2 in the job reference mean?

Grade 1: We very much regret his departure and thank him for his always very good performance. Grade 2: We regret her resignation and thank her for her consistently good performance. Grade 3: We regret his resignation and thank him for his good work. Note 4: We thank you for your cooperation.

Was universally recognized and appreciated?

«Because of his binding behavior, Mr. X was recognized and valued by all. «Mr. X always knew how to convince and motivate his employees in such a way that he was able to carry out all the tasks assigned to him with great success.

What does «very much appreciated» mean in the job reference?

(Name) a highly valued contact person. His/her behavior towards superiors, employees and customers was always exemplary.

What does exemplary behavior mean?

Through his/her [impeccable] or [exemplary] behavior towards superiors, external contacts and employees, he/she represented our company very well at all times. His/her behavior towards superiors, business partners and colleagues was always correct and impeccable.

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