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Is a meniscus tear an accident?

Damage to health that, strictly speaking, is not an accident

What counts as an accident in accident insurance?

The insurance companies define an accident as follows: “An accident occurs when the insured person involuntarily suffers damage to their health as a result of an event that suddenly affects their body from the outside.” «Suddenly» means that the event must have occurred within a relatively short period of time.

Do you get sick leave for a meniscus tear?

Incapacity for work can be expected to last between 1-2 weeks for office work, between 4-5 weeks for standing jobs and possibly 2 to 3 months for work that puts strain on the knees. Driving is usually possible again after 6 weeks, when you can put full weight on your knee again without walking sticks.

Can you go to work with a torn meniscus?

The downtime during which those affected with a torn meniscus should not go to work is just as different. Depending on the severity of the injury and the type of therapy, it ranges from around two weeks to three to four months for more stressful activities.

What can I do with a meniscus tear?

The following conservative treatment options are used for meniscus tears:
  • exercise therapy.
  • anti-inflammatory painkillers such as diclofenac or ibuprofen.
  • Knee bandages or orthoses.
  • Weight loss (if severely overweight)

Diagnosing Meniscus Damage — What Happened and What Can I Do? Professor Froboese explains!

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What is worse, external or internal meniscus?

Menisci are fibrous cartilage discs in the knee joint and contribute significantly to the function of the joint. There is an inner and an outer meniscus. The medial meniscus is fused with the medial ligament. As a result, it is less flexible and more frequently injured than the lateral meniscus.

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What is worse cruciate ligament tear or meniscus tear?

A cruciate ligament rupture should not be downplayed, as it can lead to irreparable consequential damage to the meniscus or articular cartilage if left untreated. In the case of accidents or injuries to the knee — with or without pain — an appointment with a specialist is therefore necessary in any case.

How long can you wait to have surgery for a torn meniscus?

The patient should wait six to eight weeks before doing any sport.

How long a break in a meniscus tear?

After an isolated meniscus tear with partial resection, physical resilience is often possible after 6-8 weeks postoperatively. After the meniscus refixation, a splint treatment (orthesis) is always carried out. The knee joint is immobilized in a splint for about 1 week until the swelling has gone down.

How soon does a meniscus tear have to be operated on?

If the meniscus is torn several times, has undergone degenerative changes, or if the torn areas are not supplied with blood, this tear cannot be sewn up. This defective part of the meniscus, which no longer has any mechanical function, is removed in the sense of «as little as possible, as much as necessary».

Where do you feel pain with a torn meniscus?

Acute, injury-related meniscus tears are expressed through pain, especially when turning and bending movements of the knee. The knee can also swell. Some people hear a popping or popping sound when the meniscus tears. The symptoms that arise depend on the shape and size of the meniscus tear.

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What does a meniscus tear look like on the MRI image?

A hyperintense signal reaching the articular cartilage signal may indicate a meniscus tear or degenerative change. The medial collateral ligament (MCL), the tibial collateral ligament, is best examined on a T2 image in the coronal plane.

How long do you have to walk on crutches after meniscus surgery?

If a meniscus is sutured, the operated leg may only be partially loaded for a few weeks to allow the meniscus tear to heal. Depending on the shape of the crack, forearm support crutches should be used for 4-6 weeks.

What does accident insurance pay after a meniscus tear?

According to the General Accident Insurance Conditions, damage to health caused without external influences, including illnesses and infirmities, is generally not covered by accident insurance. Meniscus, intervertebral discs or the groin are neither muscles, tendons, ligaments nor capsules.

What does not count as an accident?

Accidents that happen over a very long period of time do not exist. If you put too much strain on your knee joints through a hobby such as basketball and eventually suffer damage, this does not count as an accident. Example of an accident: While skiing, you fall on an icy part of the slope.

In which case does the accident insurance not pay?

Accident insurance often does not pay for the following events: Accidents caused by the insured person having a mental disorder or impaired consciousness, including those caused by drunkenness. This sometimes includes accidents caused by a stroke, epilepsy or other seizures.

How many grades are there in a meniscus tear?

There are 4 degrees of a meniscus tear. Grade 1 and grade 2 can be treated conservatively, i.e. without surgery. These are tears that have not yet reached the meniscus surface. Good physiotherapy often leads to freedom from symptoms.

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What happens if the meniscus tear is not operated on?

“Untreated meniscus tears sooner or later lead to damage to the articular cartilage. Painful arthrosis can result and an artificial knee joint may become necessary.

How is the meniscus pain?

Limited range of motion: The meniscus tear makes it difficult to fully extend or flex the knee joint. Rotating movements also hurt. Pain on the sides of the knee joint at the joint gap where the thigh and lower leg meet. The inner meniscus is more commonly affected.

How long does rehabilitation after meniscus surgery take?

How long is a meniscus surgery rehabilitation approved? Irrespective of the clinical picture in question, a full-day outpatient rehab usually includes 20 days of treatment; the rehab doctor can apply for an extension if it is medically necessary.

How long are you sick after meniscus surgery?

The knee is immobilized with an orthosis (splint) so that the seam can heal. Office workers can return to work about three weeks after surgery while protecting the knee joint with a brace. People who work physically are given sick leave for up to eight weeks after a meniscus repair.

Is a meniscus surgery painful?

Is there pain after the operation? After the operation, pain in the knee unfortunately cannot be ruled out. The meniscus operation irritates the knee joint. In the course of the operation, bleeding and bruising can occur in the joint, which restricts the freedom of movement of the knee.

What is the worst knee injury?

A tear in the anterior cruciate ligament is particularly feared, since an operation is often required. Kneecap dislocation / kneecap luxation — The kneecap can dislocate outwards (luxate) and severely damage the soft tissue but also the cartilage.

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Can a meniscus grow back?

Since the meniscus does not grow back completely, the cartilaginous articular surface will now take on the role of shock absorber in the knee joint. This can result in increased joint wear and tear with early arthrosis. Removal of the damaged meniscus tissue with a small grasping forceps.

How long does cruciate ligament and meniscus surgery take?

A cruciate ligament surgery usually takes one to two hours.

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