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Is a converted attic living space?

When does the attic count as living space?

When does an attic become a living space? An attic is considered a full living space if half or more of the living space is at least 2,30 meters high. In addition, the statics must be checked, because the load-bearing capacity of the attic must be sufficient.

Is the attic usable?

In every house and apartment there are areas that can be used but not inhabited. The areas are then considered to be so-called usable areas, or NF for short. In private households, this includes, for example, the basement or the attic, which of course can also be converted into living rooms and thus into living space.

Is an undeveloped attic living space?

Undeveloped attic is part of the gross floor area.

What is a converted attic called?

A room or an apartment in a converted attic is called an attic.

? Living space or just a converted basement?

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Can the attic be included in the living space?

The attic is located directly under the roof and can often only be reached via a slide-in staircase. The attic is mostly used as a storage area. With sufficient height, living space and lighting, it can also be used as a living space and additional room.

When do you speak of a converted attic?

Expansion and possible addition of a building originally intended as an attic for residential and/or office purposes. Attic conversion (Austrian: attic conversion) is the conversion of attics to residential purposes.

What is meant by converted attic?

The term loft conversion refers to the conversion of former attics into living spaces. So if a house has a developed roof, the rooms directly under the roof have been transformed into fully-fledged living spaces. As a rule, these rooms have sloping ceilings due to the pitched roof.

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What does developed for residential purposes mean?

A finished basement only becomes a living space — lounge — or living space if the following conditions are met: The living space height in the basement of at least 2,40 m from the upper edge of the finished floor to the lower edge of the finished ceiling acc.

Which rooms are not part of the living space?

Cellars, laundry room, heating rooms and garages do not count towards the living space.

Living space below inclines or stairs:

  • Up to one meter, the area does not count as living space.
  • Half of the area counts from one meter to 1,99 meters.
  • From a room height of two meters, the area is counted at 100 percent.

What is the difference between living space and usable space?

The living area of ​​an apartment includes the floor area of ​​the rooms that are exclusively attributable to this apartment, while the usable area also includes rooms located outside the apartment such as the basement, attic or heating rooms.

What is not included in the living space?

Balconies, roof gardens, loggias and terraces count up to half of their area as living space. Storage rooms outside of the house and apartment, boiler rooms, garages, cellar rooms and laundry rooms are not taken into account when calculating living space.

How can you use an attic?

In addition to additional storage space, you can use the attic as living space in many ways. For example as a private retreat, as a bedroom, as a playroom or as an additional room for your individual needs.

When to take Que?

What is a converted attic?

General conditions for a habitable attic

Anything above that is already considered an attic. This can be used for permanent living from a room height of around 2,30 meters and can accordingly also be expanded as an independent residential unit.

When is a room considered living space?

“The living spaces include all rooms (living rooms and bedrooms with 6 and more m² of living space) and kitchens. Ancillary rooms such as storage rooms, pantries, corridors, bathrooms and toilets are not considered rooms.

Is a finished basement living space?

If the DIN277 is laid down as the legal basis in the rental agreement and a so-called quality agreement with a wording such as «Living space is … as is» or similar, then according to the regulations of DIN 277, a barely developed basement can also be fully added to the living space.

Is a converted attic a full floor?

First floor in the attic:

Area A = interior dimensions, also on the gable wall Area B = exterior dimensions A ≥ 2/3 B: The first floor in the attic (1st attic floor) is a full floor!

How is the attic calculated?

Areas in the attic with a room height of 1,00 to 2,00 meters count as 50% of the living space. Areas with a height of less than 1,00 meter are set at 0% when calculating the living space in the attic.

Does an attic conversion require a permit?

In principle, a building permit is required if the conversion measures change the floor area, i.e. the construction of dormers and changes to the roof pitch must be approved by the building authority. If the attic conversion leads to a new residential unit, this conversion also requires approval.

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Can every attic be converted?

Not everyone who wants to remove their roof intervenes in the statics of the building. Nevertheless, a structural engineer should be consulted before construction begins: after all, the top floor ceiling is supposed to carry a lot more loads. The gable roof and the mansard roof are considered to be suitable roof shapes for an extension.

Is an attic a recreation room?

Can an attic also be converted into a lounge? In the attic, too, there must be a clear height of 2,30 m over at least half of the floor area so that one can speak of a lounge.

What does not belong to living space in a single-family home?

According to the Living Space Ordinance, basements, laundry rooms, boiler rooms or garages do not count as living space. The surfaces of door and window frames, built-in furniture, stoves and bathtubs, on the other hand, are included, starting from the front edge. The decisive factor in the calculation is above all the room height.

Will the hallway also become living space?

The right living space

All rooms in the rented apartment must be measured, including the kitchen and hallway. So-called accessory rooms, such as the basement, laundry room, drying room, attic or garage, do not count when it comes to living space.

Which rooms count towards the living space in the house?

According to the Living Space Ordinance, you can count the kitchen, bathroom, toilets, living room, bedroom and adjoining room, dining room, hallways and storage rooms in an apartment or house as living space.

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Which rooms belong to the usable area?

Which rooms belong to the usable area? The usable area of ​​a house means all areas that are used in the apartment or in the house. The living area is also part of the usable area.

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