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How to connect to the internet?

Option 2: Add network
  1. Open the settings on the device.
  2. Tap Network & Internet. Internet.
  3. At the bottom of the list, tap Add network. If necessary, enter the network name (SSID) and security information.
  4. Tap Save.

What do I have to do if I don’t have an internet connection?

The easiest solution is to turn on Airplane mode first. Then wait ten seconds and turn it off again. If that doesn’t help, try the simplest tip: Restart your smartphone. This is often enough for the WLAN connection to work properly again.

Why am I no longer able to access the internet?

A problem with the Internet connection can have three causes in the home network: The end device you want to use to go online is troubling. The home network connection via WLAN, LAN or Powerline is faulty. Or the cause has to do with the router.

What does connected mean? No internet access?

What does wifi have no internet access mean? In some cases, it means that antivirus programs or the firewall are not allowing the Internet connection. To check if this is the reason for the lack of Internet access, temporarily disable both services.

Where can I find network and internet?

Click on the Windows button at the bottom left and enter «Control Panel». Open the Control Panel and select «Network and Internet» > «Network Connections». Right-click the connection you are currently using.

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How do I connect WiFi to the Internet?

Android (phone or tablet)
  1. Press the menu button and select «Settings».
  2. Click on «WLAN». In older versions, the item can also be called «Wireless & Networks».
  3. Choose your network.
  4. Enter the network key (WLAN key) and click on «Connect».
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How can I reactivate my WiFi?

How do I turn on WiFi and connect to a wireless network?
  1. Touch Menu > Settings > Wireless & networks > Wi-Fi settings.
  2. Touch Wi-Fi to turn on and search. …
  3. Tap a network to connect.

How can I restart the router?

Whether for the Internet, telephony or smart home: If you have problems, restarting the router can help.
  1. Unplug the router from the power and from the wall outlet. …
  2. Plug the power cord back into the outlet and wait 2 minutes. …
  3. As soon as the power LED lights up continuously, the connection is established.

What is the difference between WiFi and the Internet?

While the Internet is the location of data or a worldwide network of computer networks, WLAN is simply wireless access to this network — it’s that simple. In short: WLAN connects your computer to the Internet over the air.

How does the internet get into the apartment?

In order to be able to use DSL in an apartment, you need a router. This is provided free of charge by most providers. If you want special functions, you can often rent a more powerful router for a monthly fee or buy one yourself.

How does wireless internet work?

End devices connect to the access point wirelessly, as opposed to the wired connection used with Ethernet. The data exchange between WLAN end devices takes place via the access point. The addressing of the target device is based on a MAC (Medium Access Control) address that every WLAN interface has.

What happens when you restart the router?

Restarting your router not only eliminates many Internet problems, it also increases the security of your WLAN network. If you reboot your router, this process can help you troubleshoot internet speed issues quickly and easily.

When should you reset the router?

If you can no longer access the user interface of your router, the only thing that often helps is a reset of the device. If your router has hung up or is showing malfunctions, resetting the router can be the solution. This resets the device to the delivery status in the shortest possible time.

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What if the WiFi router flashes?

A flashing WLAN LED indicates that the gateway’s WLAN interface has failed. As a result, the smart home camera, for example, can no longer connect to your smart home. To reactivate the WLAN, it helps to restart the gateway.

How do I turn on WiFi manually?

Select «Control Panel» → «Network and Internet» → «Network and Sharing Center» and then «Set up a new connection or network». In the «Set up a connection or network» dialog, select «Manually connect to a wireless network». Confirm the dialog with Next.

Where can I find my network?

To do this, click on «Start» and enter «cmd» in the search window and confirm with the Enter key. In the black window that opens, you must now enter «ipconfig» and confirm, and you will receive all the necessary information relating to your network.

Which is the WiFi button?

Look for an icon on your keyboard that represents the radio. This radio symbol is located on one of the F1 to F12 keys. Now press this button and the window for the WLAN will open.

What do I need for a WiFi connection?

The most important prerequisite for a cordless network is an existing broadband connection, such as DSL or VDSL. So if you basically have access to the Internet, you only need a WLAN router that serves as a wireless access point (WAP).

Where is the password for the WiFi?

Unless you’ve never changed the WiFi password, it’s the preconfigured key, which you can usually find on the sticker on the bottom of the router. In addition to the SSID, the name of your WLAN network, the password is also specified there.

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Where do I enter the password for WiFi?

Open the «WLAN» menu item in the settings app. A list of available WiFi networks appears. Find and tap the correct network. If prompted, enter the password associated with the network and tap Connect.

Should I reboot the router from time to time?

There are several aspects that speak in favor of restarting your router – at least once a month. Apart from the immediate resolution of connection and speed problems, such a restart provides more security against hackers.

Why should you turn off the router?

In fact, around 29 kilowatt hours of electricity can be saved per year if the router is switched off every night and during the holidays. That is roughly the amount of electricity needed to do laundry 60 times.

How long does a WiFi router last?

In general, the lifespan of routers is around two to three years for low-end routers, while high-end routers can often work well for over ten years.

How do I get internet without a landline?

Which providers offer internet without a landline

A cable or DSL connection without a landline or flat rate is available from Vodafone, the Vodafone subsidiary eazy, as well as Congstar, Primacall and PYUR. Some regionally active providers also offer Internet without a landline. These are Mnet, htp and NetCologne.

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