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How much weight can a hot air balloon carry?

How heavy can you be on a balloon ride?

There is no weight limit. If you weigh more than 100 kg, please let us know when making the appointment.

What force keeps the hot air balloon aloft?

The law of ARCHIMEDES (Archimedes’ law) applies to the buoyancy force, which can be formulated as follows for a hot-air balloon: The buoyancy force acting on a hot-air balloon is equal to the weight of the volume of air displaced.

When does a hot air balloon take off?

The balloon takes off when the buoyancy of the heated air volume corresponds to the weight of the envelope, basket and payload. The hot air balloon has no supporting structure — the basket hangs (via ropes) on the envelope or this is spanned by ropes from which the basket hangs.

Can you sit in a hot air balloon?

Can you sit in the basket during the balloon ride? No, we do not have seats in the balloon basket. The passengers have to stand the entire balloon ride, but you can lean against the partition.

Where planes fly: on balloons at 7600 meters above sea level

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Can a hot air balloon crash?

A passenger fell through the hole and died. In one of Canada’s deadliest balloon accidents near Surrey, British Columbia, two people are killed and 11 others are injured when their balloon catches fire and crashes while flying.

Why aren’t you afraid of heights in a balloon?

Since there is no rigid connection to earth when flying in a balloon, our psyche reacts differently than on a high tower or bridge. There is no dizziness when ballooning. Very few think of fear of heights anyway when they long for a break. A balloon ride is a real insider tip.

What can you do against excitement before the driving test?

Can you go ballooning at night?

It is also possible to ride a balloon at night. In order to be able to do this, the pilot needs night driving training or a night driving license. Usually you start before sunrise to land in the light.

How cold is it in a hot air balloon?

Is it very cold up there? No. Since the hot-air balloon moves with the wind, there is practically no wind in the balloon basket. The temperature in the basket is usually no more than 4 degrees colder than on the ground.

How much horsepower does a hot air balloon have?

The burners, which are fed with propane gas, shoot flames up to 2.600 meters high into the balloon envelope with an output of 15 KW.

Why do hot air balloons only fly in the morning or in the evening?

Ballooning depends to a large extent on the thermals. In the hours after sunrise and before sunset, the winds caused by the thermals are usually weak and consistent. The balloon is less exposed to sudden up and down winds and can be controlled more easily.

Can a hot air balloon burn?

The gas balloon dominated ballooning for the first two centuries. Although fire also poses a danger to it, this is not necessary for its operation. But there are not only the obvious dangers, there are also fire risks for the balloonist that tend not to be considered.

How much does a balloon ride cost?

The prices of a balloon flight and the approximate duration

Such a balloon ride in a hot air balloon usually costs between 199 and 300 euros per person. The entire experience typically lasts around 3-4 hours and the pure balloon flight time is between 1,5 hour and XNUMX hours.

What rewards instead of food?

Are you secured in a hot air balloon?

How safe is ballooning? The balloon is the safest aviation device, it can even stand in the air. The only thing you can do wrong is to go up in weather conditions that are not suitable for balloons.

How long can hot air balloons fly?

As long as you have gas to heat the air inside the hull. The four gas bottles on board are sufficient for about one and a half hours of travel time.

How long does a hot air balloon last?

Latex balloons filled with helium therefore last an average of 10 hours, whereby this information refers to optimal ambient temperatures of around 15 to 20 degrees and a diameter of around 20 cm. A helium balloon of about 30 cm can float for about 18 hours.

How high can you fly in a hot air balloon?

The balloon rides usually take place at an altitude of 300 to 3000 meters.

How do you get into a balloon?

Usually this is a large meadow on which the balloon touches down with a slight jerk and then continues a few meters before it is completely «caught» by the helpers. This is the best moment to get off.

When can a balloon ride not take place?

Unfortunately, a balloon ride cannot take place in the event of severe weather warnings, snowfall, rain or strong winds. The balloon can be maneuvered safely up to ground wind speeds of 15 km/h. In stronger or strong gusty winds, the balloon stays on the ground.

What is the greeting of the balloonists?

«Happiness, good land» — that is the greeting of the balloonists, and actually ballooning is something for adventurous individuals who appreciate the feeling of freedom.

Why lift baby over the side?

When does a balloon burst?

From 30 degrees it is to be expected that balloons will burst soon after they have been inflated. In order to preserve latex balloons for as long as possible, even at temperatures above 25 degrees, you should note the following: prefer light-colored balloons, avoid dark-colored balloons.

Where are balloonists allowed to land?

Can a balloonist actually land anywhere? Basically yes! Since a balloon cannot be steered, you cannot tell it to land at a certain airfield, for example. The landowner/farmer therefore does not need to approve the landing of a balloon beforehand.

How much does a balloon cost?

A balloon with a volume of 3000m³ costs around 50.000 euros, complete with basket, burner, gas bottles, instruments, balloon envelope and car trailer. However, the price can vary greatly. A so-called «special shape» can quickly cost 100.000 euros and more.

Does ballooning make you nauseous?

The key difference to a ride in a hot air balloon is that the balloon is not connected to the ground and the basket is only about 1,30 meters from the edge to the bottom of the basket. Thus, no lines are distorted and there is no brain-eye balance chaos and thus no dizziness.

How long does a balloon ride usually take?

For a classic balloon flight you should plan a total of about 4 — 5 hours, of which we are in the air for 60 to 90 minutes.

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