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How much money do you get at Edeka?

How much money does EDEKA pay per hour?

The average hourly wage at EDEKA is between around €10,00 per hour for a snack seller (m/f/d) and up to around €17,50 per hour for a branch manager (m/f/d) .

How much do you earn at the checkout at EDEKA?

Based on 18 salary reports from our users, the average gross annual salary (full-time employment) for the position cashier at EDEKA is €23.400. Depending on experience, level of education, location and other factors, the payment can be between €20.400 and €29.300.

What do you earn at EDEKA Netto?

Buyer: €55.000 to €66.000 Branch manager: €40.000 Salesperson or retail clerk: €24.000

How much does EDEKA pay temporary workers?

How much does a temporary worker at Edeka earn? The hourly wage as a temporary worker at Edeka is €10. Remuneration as a temporary worker at Edeka can be between €3 and €12.

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How much does a 15-year-old earn at EDEKA?

The typical salary for a temporary worker at Edeka is €1.756 per month. Monthly salaries as a temporary worker at Edeka can be between €479 and €2.121.


Can you work at EDEKA at 15?

The good news for all students who are looking for a part-time job: You can work as a temporary worker in the Edeka branches from the age of 16, says Ms. Biederbick.

How much is the Christmas bonus at EDEKA?

According to the tariff, an experienced salesperson currently receives 5 euros per month for a 2.364-hour week after 37,5 years of work. In addition, according to the collective agreement, there is 1.182 euros holiday pay and 1.477,50 euros Christmas bonus/special payment.

Which supermarket chain pays the best?

According to the portal, the discounters Lidl and Aldi are “tops when it comes to payment in food retail”: “While Lidl clearly distances itself from the competition with a gross annual salary of 41.780 euros, Aldi with 37.780 euros and Rewe with 37.224 euros are neck and neck -Race for second place.»

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What salary does Rewe pay?

Based on 797 salary reports, the average salary at REWE Group is between €13.300 for the position of «apprentice» and €87.000 for the position of «management consultant». Salary satisfaction is 3.7 out of 5, 16% above the industry average.

Is EDEKA a good employer?

526 employees rated this employer with an average of 3,5 points on a scale of 1 to 5. 311 employees recommended the employer in their reviews. The employer was not recommended in 156 reviews.

What does an EDEKA boss earn?

How much does a store manager at Edeka earn? The typical salary for a Store Manager at Edeka is €4.440 per month. Monthly salaries as a store manager at Edeka can be between €2.197 and €6.977.

How much does a 16-year-old earn at EDEKA?

Help in the supermarket

However, many supermarkets only hire students from the age of 16. Part-time jobbers usually earn between six and eight euros per hour.

How many hours do you work at EDEKA?

Depending on which area you work in, the shift starts between 5:30 and 6:00 in the morning. If you work the late shift until 21 p.m., you will be put on the early shift at 5:30, 6:00 or 7:00 a.m. the following day.

What does an unskilled salesman earn?

A trained retail salesperson with less than 3 years of professional experience starts with an average starting salary of around €1.800 gross per month.

How well does Aldi pay?

According to “”, sellers receive an hourly wage of around 15 euros. The career platform Glassdoor also reports hourly wages of between 11 and 15 euros. In addition, employees get additional benefits, because Aldi pays wages that are above the collective bargaining agreement. So Aldi sellers get a full 13.

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What does Aldi pay?

ALDI SÜD employees receive a minimum wage of 14 euros per hour. For around 50.000 employees, we are not just a dealer, but also a reliable and responsible employer. That’s why we pay our colleagues a minimum wage of 14 euros per hour.

How well does Lidl pay?

Average salary in the industry: €1.700 to €2.050 gross per month. Salary at Lidl: Pay above the collective bargaining agreement, at least €14 per hour* (for employees covered by collective bargaining agreements — even without completed vocational training, significantly more depending on experience and collective bargaining area).

When does EDEKA give holiday pay?

In which month is vacation pay paid? Most often this is June or July. In addition to the regular wage or salary, some employees receive special payments from their employer once or twice a year.

How high is the staff discount at EDEKA?

Employee discount

Every EDEKANER receives a 10 percent discount on all purchases in our stores.

Does EDEKA have a collective agreement?

Around 4.000 independent dealers with a total of more than 6.000 branches work for the company: They are not bound by collective bargaining agreements and in most cases do not have a works council.

How much does a Shelf Cleaner make at EDEKA?

How much does a shelf stocker at EDEKA earn in Germany? Average income per hour at EDEKA as a shelf stocker in Germany is around €11,59, which corresponds to the national average.

How can I make money at 10 years old?

What part-time jobs can you earn money with as a student? 9 student jobs!
  1. Give tutoring. If there is a subject at school that you are really good at, tutoring is a quick way to earn money. …
  2. Baby sitting. …
  3. dog sitting. …
  4. Deliver newspaper. …
  5. distribute medication. …
  6. Cut the lawn. …
  7. mover. …
  8. clear shelves.
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How much money can you make at 16?

Student jobs are exempt from insurance under the conditions mentioned. The regular income may be at a limit of 375 euros or 450 euros (for mini jobs). During the holidays, students are allowed to earn more at short notice and indefinitely.

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