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How much fresh food do guinea pigs need?

How often vegetables for guinea pigs?

Guinea pigs need green fodder around the clock and regular feeding. It is not enough to feed guinea pigs a bit of greens twice a day, they need it day and night. Unlike us humans, guinea pigs do not eat in meals, but small amounts over and over again.

How many vegetables does a guinea pig need per day?

The amount of green fodder, fruit and vegetables should be at least 100 grams per guinea pig per day. Up to 300 grams per animal per day are better.

What should guinea pigs eat every day?

The following items should be included in the daily diet of guinea pigs:
  1. Fresh hay for guinea pigs. …
  2. Grass and herbs for guinea pigs. …
  3. Root and tuber vegetables for guinea pigs. …
  4. fruit for guinea pigs …
  5. Fresh branches and twigs for guinea pigs.

How often do guinea pigs need hay?

The right diet:

Hay is the staple food! It should be available in a rack 24 hours a day.

What and how much fresh food should I give my guinea pigs? | The musty bits

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Can guinea pigs just live on hay?

It is the guinea pig’s «daily bread». In winter they could even live on hay and water only if fresh green fodder was not available. Hay is available in pet shops in various bag sizes and compositions, e.g. nettle hay, Lucerne hay, etc.

Can a guinea pig overeat?

It is important to ensure that you do not offer too much green and juice feed, because guinea pigs can also overeat.

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How do I feed my guinea pig properly?

As herbivores, they feed primarily on greens such as hay, meadow grass and herbs. Vegetables and fruit enrich the diet. Animal foods such as insects, meat, eggs or dairy products are not suitable for guinea pigs.

How much dandelions can a guinea pig eat?

Guinea pigs can be given small amounts of dandelions. It is best to feed the plant mixed with other herbs and grass.

Are Dandelions Good for Guinea Pigs?

Dandelion is a special delicacy for guinea pigs. All parts of the plants are edible. Dandelion has a diuretic and appetite-stimulating effect. It is rich in protein and calcium and contains, among other things, vitamin C, vitamin B and provitamin A.

How often can guinea pigs eat lettuce?

How Often Do Guinea Pigs Need Salad? 3. Guinea pigs need greens around the clock and regular feeding. It is not enough to feed guinea pigs a bit of greens twice a day, they need it day and night.

Are Bell Peppers Good for Guinea Pigs?

peppers (all colors)

Peppers can be offered. Many guinea pigs like him very much every day, others despise him. The green part of the stunk contains a lot of solanine. With a varied diet, the stunk can occasionally be fed in very small quantities.

How much kohlrabi can guinea pigs eat?

Guinea pigs are allowed to eat kohlrabi and also benefit from the healthy nutrients, such as vitamin C. But the other nutrients are also very healthy for the little Mernis. Nevertheless, one should not overdo it and feed kohlrabi at most twice a week.

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How often can you give guinea pigs parsley?

How much parsley can a guinea pig eat? You can feed your guinea pig 5-10 sprigs of parsley per week. You should never give more to eat.

Can guinea pigs eat strawberries?

Guinea pigs usually consume strawberry fruits in small amounts. The whole plant (with leaves, fruits, flowers…) can be offered without hesitation.

How many daisies can guinea pigs eat?

Daisies can be fed in relatively unlimited quantities and are very popular with guinea pigs. Attention: Fresh herbs should always be fed slowly if your guinea pigs are not familiar with them. Green fodder can cause problems for the guinea pig’s digestion and lead to diarrhea.

What do guinea pigs particularly like?

Most guinea pigs love cucumber! They also like to eat green peppers, lettuce, dill, parsley, celery or a bit of carrot. Many guinea pigs also like fruit, such as apples, melon or bananas. Don’t give them too much, though, because it makes guinea pigs fat!

What vegetables do guinea pigs like to eat the most?

It is therefore all the more important to offer the guinea pigs vegetables as food:
  • spinach leaves (in small amounts)
  • Cauliflower.
  • broccoli.
  • Chicory.
  • Chinese cabbage.
  • iceberg lettuce
  • endive.
  • Lamb’s lettuce.

How long can guinea pigs go without hay?

By crushing the straw, your guinea pig can shorten its teeth. Your guinea pig should not be without hay for more than 12 hours, otherwise it can have health consequences for your guinea pig. Your guinea pig will get enough vitamins and nutrients from the vegetables.

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What happens when guinea pigs don’t get hay?

Hay is only a substitute for fresh grass (the actual basic food of guinea pigs), it is poorer in vitamins and water than fresh feed and is therefore disadvantageous as feed. So if guinea pigs don’t eat hay, it’s not a problem at all if they have lots of grass, herbs, leafy greens, etc.

What are guinea pig fattening foods?

The biggest fattening foods for guinea pigs are concentrates, including grain-free ones, and hard bread. In the case of juice feed, it is primarily fruit and tuber vegetables that can lead to obesity in the animals.

Do guinea pigs get fed up with hay?

Hay. Guinea pigs’ main food is hay. This is important for tooth wear, because guinea pig teeth continue to grow for life and are only worn down sufficiently through a lot of laborious work. It’s also filling, but not fat.

Is Fennel Good for Guinea Pigs?

Fennel can be fed in relatively unlimited amounts and is very popular with guinea pigs. However, you should cut away rotten, bad spots if necessary. Fennel is a medicinal plant that is particularly good for cramps or stomachaches.

Can you give guinea pigs apples?

Can guinea pigs eat apples and if so, how many? Guinea pigs can eat apples. In fact, they are very healthy for digestion. Nevertheless, you can only feed apples in small amounts to guinea pigs because they contain a lot of sugar.

Can guinea pigs eat bread?

The main ingredient in bread is cornmeal, of course, and this is very harmful to guinea pigs. If guinea pigs eat grain, there is a change in the intestinal flora of the small smooch balls and the desired (and natural) pH value in the intestine drops.

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