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How much does the Samsung Galaxy S10 cost used?

How expensive is a Samsung S10 used?

Then the used Samsung Galaxy S10 could be the perfect phone for you. You can buy the refurbished Galaxy S10 on Back Market for 240 euros and save 60% compared to a new device.

How much is the Samsung Galaxy S10 still worth?

Sell ​​Samsung Galaxy S10

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S10 generation, the sales prices average 330 euros at worst and 650 euros at best.

How much does a Samsung Galaxy S10 cost?

Samsung Galaxy S10 128 GB prism black from €379,00 in the price comparison!

How old is the S10?

The 10th generation of the Samsung Galaxy S range was released on March 8th, 2019 and the least we can say is that the device performs beautifully alongside its biggest competitors.

Should you still buy the Samsung Galaxy S10?

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How long does the S10 last?

In terms of endurance, the Galaxy S10 achieved a typical runtime of 3.400 hours in our laboratory test with its 9 mAh battery. This is a rather satisfying value, many other flagships from 2019 with Snapdragon or Kirin SoC achieve 10 to 12 hours here.

What does Samsung do with old cell phones?

What is already possible is to use the old smartphone as a camera for the video conference or navigation system in the car. With certain apps, it can also be used as an alarm system, intelligent remote control or as a tracking device if it is installed in a car, for example. Resale is of course also possible.

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What is an old Samsung cell phone worth?

Depending on the condition, collectors and Matrix fans have to pay between 270 euros and 600 euros for the Samsung SPH-N270.

What is the best Samsung cell phone?

The best Samsung smartphones according to tests:

1st place: Very good (1,4) Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. 2nd place: Very good (1,4) Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. 3rd place: Very good (1,5) Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4th place 4: Very good (1,5) Samsung Galaxy S22.

How much is the Samsung Galaxy S10 without a contract?

Buy Samsung Galaxy S10 without a contract from €355,41 in price comparison.

How much does Samsung Galaxy S 9 cost?

Samsung Galaxy S9 from €249,00 (March 2023 prices) | Price comparison at

How much can you charge for a used cell phone?

The purchase value is only about 28% of the RRP (from the former 75% at the market launch). The drop in price for the new price is even higher. No wonder: contract customers often receive a new device after 1,5-2 years. The demand for the approximately 2-year-old devices begins to fall sharply.

How much is my used cell phone worth?

There are several providers online who buy used cell phones. You can usually calculate in advance how much your device is currently worth. With the provider, enter the name of your model on the start page and select the device from the list.

Which phone is comparable to the S10?

Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro is a tough competitor for the Samsung Galaxy S10. The triple camera is on the same level, it has similar equipment, only the battery is much larger and the smartphone lasts longer. The smartphones are currently priced at the same level.

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Which cell phones are worth a lot today?

7 Old Cell Phones That Are Valuable Today
  1. Nokia 3310: The classic. …
  2. Motorola Dyna TAC 8000x: The first. …
  3. Nokia 8110: The business phone. …
  4. Samsung SPH-N70: The «Matrix» collector’s item. …
  5. Nokia 8800 Sirocco: The Chic. …
  6. Nokia 8800 Arte Carbon: pure elegance. …
  7. iPhone 2G: The dawn of a new era.

Which cell phones are valuable now?

Nokia 8800 Arte Carbon

It was the premium version of the Nokia 8800. The timeless design of the valuable cell phone still has its followers today. In the original packaging, prices exceed 1000 euros.

How much does a Samsung S10 battery cost?

How much does a Galaxy S10 battery repair cost? A new Galaxy S10 battery costs between €25,90 and €29,90.

Where can you get money for old cell phones?

reBuy and Co.: Check out purchase portals

You simply enter the manufacturer, the model and the condition of the device and the portal will show you whether the smartphone will be purchased and for how much. If you accept the offer, send in your mobile phone and, after a check, you will receive your money a little later.

Where is the best place to sell my cell phone?

Where is the best place to sell my new or used cell phone?
  • clevertronic.
  • flip4new.
  • reBuy.
  • savings phone.
  • Telecom.
  • Media Markt/Saturn.
  • Samsung.

Which cell phone as a second cell phone?

If you are looking for an all-round successful second cell phone, the Nokia 225 is a really good choice. But the cell phone is of course also very suitable for anyone who only wants to make calls and is looking for a cell phone that is easy to use.

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Which phone is better than the Samsung Galaxy S10?

In summary: The Galaxy S20 is around 10 percent better than the Galaxy S10, but more than 30 percent more expensive.

Why does my battery drain so quickly S10?

Reduce display brightness to save S10 Plus battery

is a big drain on your battery. Therefore, in the event that your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus battery is draining quickly, it is advisable to reduce the brightness of your screen.

Does it make sense to buy a used cell phone?

«A used purchase could be worthwhile, especially for buyers of Android cell phones, because these devices fall in price faster than iPhones.» For example, the price of a new Samsung Galaxy flagship falls significantly a few months after its release, but is still in the top class.

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