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How much does congstar cost per month?

Is congstar expensive?

Most expensive tariff with 16 GB

The most expensive data L tariff now costs 22 euros per month instead of the previous 20 euros. The unrestricted data volume is increased from 8 GB to 16 GB. Additional data volume also costs 6 euros in this tariff, here there are 2 GB. Previously, 4,90 GB was available for EUR 1.

What is the cheapest congstar tariff?

Tariffs — With and without term
  • Allnet Flat L with GB+ Online only: 25 GB. 5 GB more every year. …
  • Allnet Flat M with GB+ Online only: 15 GB. 5 GB more every year. …
  • Allnet Flat S with GB+ Online only: 3 GB. 1 GB more every year. …
  • fair flat 15 00 € per month instead of €15,00 …
  • congstar X. 200GB. …
  • Data L. 16 GB. …
  • Data M. 8 GB. …
  • Data p. 4 GB.

How much does a contract with congstar cost?

Tariff Details. €22,00/month for Allnet Flat M or €25,00/month for Allnet Flat L + 24x €15,00/month.

Is congstar good or bad?

My experience with congstar is, as has been the case several times, a problem-free transaction, in the best telecom network, therefore a super price-performance ratio. A prepaid tariff is ideal for children. Settings are easy and hassle-free to set via the app. Topping up credit is also super easy.

[CONCLUSION] congstar experiences + review | Mobile operator of the year in the TEST! Rightly so?

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Can congstar be canceled on a monthly basis?

You can cancel a congstar tariff without a minimum contract period with a notice period of two weeks to the end of the month. With a congstar tariff with a minimum contract term of 24 months, you must cancel in good time, i.e. up to one month before the end of the contract.

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Which is better congstar or Telekom?

The Telekom network is repeatedly the test winner in the major network tests by Stiftung Warentest, Connect and Chip. As is well known, quality has its price, but congstar goes against the trend and offers the tariffs in the Telekom network significantly cheaper than the parent company itself.

Who is the best cell phone provider?

Cell phone network tests 2021/2022 at a glance
  • Deutsche Telekom. very good (926) very good (1,3) good (1,6)
  • Vodafone. very good (876) very good (1,4) good (1,8)
  • Telefonica (O2)

Can I sign up for congstar in the Telekom store?

However, customers should be careful when booking: If you conclude a Congstar contract in a Telekom shop, you will receive a much worse offer than with an online booking. The Allnet Flat rate includes 3 GB of volume when booked online – for EUR 20 per month.

What happens if the data volume at congstar is used up?

If your data volume is used up, additional data volume will be booked directly and for a fee. Depending on the provider and tariff, your data volume will then be increased by packages of usually 100, 250 or 750 MB.

What does 5 GB cost at congstar?

Book 5 GB for €5/month for the congstar Allnet Flat M

If 15 GB is not enough for you, you can increase the surfing volume with the congstar extra data option 5 GB for €5 per month. The additional costs are added to the tariff price, so a monthly fee of €25 is payable.

How long is the congstar offer valid?

To the all-net flat-rate offers from congstar

Why does time go slower the faster you move?

The free data pass itself is valid for 60 days and can be booked by August 29.08.2022, 2023 at the latest. congstar starts the summer campaign 15. There is the Allnet Flat M with 22 GB LTE for XNUMX € per month.

Is congstar worse than Telekom?

Specifically, congstar uses the radio network of the parent company — Deutsche Telekom. So Congstar customers access the same, multiple award-winning D1 network, just like Telekom customers do too.

Which is better congstar or Vodafone?

The standard LTE network with high surfing speed speaks for Vodafone, Congstar charges a surcharge for LTE use and limits the maximum speed in the Telekom network, which otherwise achieves up to 300 Mbit/s. Point for Vodafone.

Is congstar the same as Telekom?

congstar has been a strong second brand of Telekom Deutschland GmbH for almost 12 years now and has been a fixture in the mobile communications market. With over 4,5 million customers, congstar is very successful and makes an important contribution to Telekom Germany’s mobile market leadership.

Who is the Best Cellular Provider 2023?

According to the 2023 chip network test, Telekom maintained its top spot with a grade of 1,3 (previous year: 1,3). Vodafone took second place with a rating of 2 (previous year: 1,4), followed by the O1,4 network with an overall rating of 2 (previous year: 1,8). Connect does not award school grades, but overall points.

Which mobile phone provider is good and cheap?

You can find the cheapest tariffs in the mobile phone network of O2. If you are often on the road in Germany or live in the country, then the Telekom or Vodafone network is right for you.

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Which mobile phone tariffs are recommended?

The financial tip recommendations for …
  • frequent callers. O2 network: LTE 5 GB from Smartmobil (8 euros per month) Vodafone network: LTE Allnet Flat 7 GB from Freenet Mobile (10 euros per month)
  • normal user. O2 network: LTE 3 GB from Smartmobil (7 euros per month) …
  • frugal mobile phone users. Telekom network: Prepaid Basic from Ja!

Do you have a good network with congstar?

How good is the network coverage at congstar? With a congstar tariff, you can automatically surf the Telekom mobile network, which is regularly recognized by magazines such as CHIP, connect and ComputerBILD. Around 98 percent of the population currently has access to Telekom’s LTE network in the best D-Netz quality.

Who belongs to congstar?

Congstar, proper spelling congstar, is a subsidiary and second brand of Telekom Deutschland GmbH, which offers mobile phone and internet tariffs.

Is congstar 5G capable?

When will congstar have 5G? There is still no official start date for 5G at congstar. When the time comes, you will find out on this page and of course in our newsletter. Until then, you can continue surfing with us at up to 50 Mbit/s LTE speed* — and with the best coverage in the Telekom network.

What does congstar mean without a term?

congstar Fair Flat: Flexible mobile phone tariff without term

This is a flexible smartphone tariff in which the data volume can be reset every month. Only what is actually used is paid for. The congstar Fair Flat is a standard flexible tariff without a fixed term.

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How long is a congstar contract extended?

In the case of tariffs with a term, a contract extension is usually possible 6 months before the end of the contract. If you extend your contract, your minimum contract term will be extended by 24 months. Best of all: Loyalty is worth it: You benefit from exclusive offers.

When are new congstar offers coming?

By the end of June 2021 there were five levels with 2 to 12 gigabytes of data volume. Since then, only four levels have been available for new customers: 5 GB for 15 euros, 8 GB for 20 euros, 12 GB for 25 euros and 18 GB for 30 euros.

Why don’t I have a network with congstar?

whether the correct network operator/network is selected. whether mobile data services are activated. whether the correct network mode is activated (in the best case, every SIM card should be automatically set to 4G — only 3G is no longer sufficient because Telekom has switched off the 3G network)

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