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How much does cataract surgery cost privately?

How much does cataract surgery cost privately?

What is the cost of cataract surgery? Depending on the type of treatment and the choice of lens, the price of a lens operation is between EUR 1.800 and EUR 3.000 per eye.

How much does lens surgery for cataracts cost?

Multifocal lenses, which enable cataract patients to live without glasses after surgery, and other premium lenses are also self-paying services. All in all, depending on the lens model, they amount to between 1.220 and 1.720 euros.

When does health insurance pay for cataract surgery?

What does health insurance pay? Cataract surgery is a service provided by statutory health insurance companies (GKV). But: The statutory health insurance companies only cover the full costs of the procedure if a monofocal lens, i.e. a single-vision lens, is used.

What does health insurance pay for cataracts?

In principle, the health insurance companies cover the costs for the diagnosis of a cataract, for the operation with the insertion of a standard lens as well as for the pre- and post-treatment. A cataract operation is therefore not necessarily associated with additional costs for the patient.

How much does cataract surgery cost?

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How much does cataract surgery with laser cost?

This can be between 400 euros and 800 euros per lens. If a femtolaser is to be used instead of ultrasound during the operation, it will be even more expensive — between 1.000 euros and 1.500 euros. On the other hand, laser treatment is also paid for with private health insurance if it meets certain requirements.

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Which lenses are best for cataracts?

Monofocal lenses are the most commonly used artificial lenses in cataract surgery worldwide. The costs are covered by the statutory health insurance companies. Very good visual acuity can be achieved in conjunction with suitable glasses correction.

What happens if you don’t have cataract surgery?

The good news first: Cataracts can usually be cured without any problems. But it doesn’t regress on its own. Without treatment, the clouding of the lens usually increases — in the worst case to the point of blindness. Therefore, treatment is definitely recommended.

What do I have to pay for myself at the ophthalmologist?

If detected early, the progression of the disease can be prevented or slowed down. Glaucoma early detection includes measuring the intraocular pressure and examining the optic nerve with an ophthalmoscope. For both examinations, the patient has to pay between 20-140 € for their own work.

What does health insurance pay for multifocal lenses?

Cost of multifocal lenses

Depending on the lens design and lens type, the cost of implanting an artificial lens including follow-up examinations is between around €680 and €3.000 per eye. The invoice is based on the fee schedule for doctors (GOÄ).

How long do I have to wear an eye patch at night after cataract surgery?

The most important things after the operation:

After the operation, you will be given an opaque eye patch for 24 hours. Have relatives take you home. You are not allowed to walk home alone. You should never be home alone the night after the operation.

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How expensive is lens surgery?

The costs for the implantation of an artificial lens including follow-up examinations are between approx. € 680 and € 3.000 per eye, depending on the type of lens. The invoice is based on the fee schedule for doctors (GOÄ). If you wish, we can help you to finance the costs of the surgery.

Is it possible to operate on cataracts too late?

Jörg Stürmer: There is no limit as to when a cataract has to be operated on, but your symptoms determine the time of the operation. Theoretically there are very few situations in which a cataract was operated on too late, but this is rather a rarity.

Which additional services at the ophthalmologist make sense?

For example, a so-called OCT is offered as an IGeL service. This is used to create high-resolution layer images of the retina (macula). In the case of unclear symptoms or a justified suspicion of macular degeneration, OCT images can help.

How much does an intraocular pressure measurement cost?

The cost of an intraocular pressure measurement is around 10 to 25 euros.

How much does it cost to have your eye pressure measured?

Eyescopy (ophthalmoscopy) and measurement of intraocular pressure (tonometry) are intended to detect glaucoma or the risk of glaucoma at an early stage. Usually costs between 20 and 40 euros.

Can cataracts be operated on too early?

Basically, the operation should only be planned if you feel affected by the symptoms of the cataract. An important exception is driving motor vehicles.

How to sleep after cataract surgery?

At night you should wear a bandage or a plastic flap for protection. Avoid sleeping on the side of the operated eye. When washing, make sure that no water or soap gets into the operated eye. For the first three weeks, only wash your hair with your head tilted back.

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How far apart is cataract surgery?

If you need cataract surgery in both eyes, there will usually be a one to three week interval between the two procedures. This allows your first eye to heal sufficiently and you will have good vision in that eye again when the second eye is operated on.

Which eye is operated on first for cataracts?

If there is a cataract in both eyes, the worse eye is usually operated on first. Since the healing phase lasts only a few days, most patients decide to have the second eye operated on a week or two later. In this case, only one preliminary examination is necessary for both eyes.

How much does cataract surgery with femtosecond laser cost?

Patients without cataracts who have a lens exchange must bear the entire cost and expect around 2.500 euros per eye. In the case of a femtolaser-assisted lens operation, there are additional costs of 1.000 to 2.000 euros per eye.

How much does a trifocal lens cost?

Trifocal lenses: The cost of trifocal lenses is around 2.900 euros per eye. For the lens exchange with trifocal intraocular lenses, total costs of around 6.000 euros can arise.

How expensive is a monofocal lens?

In contrast to multifocal lenses, however, the costs for single-focal lenses are significantly lower. Monofocal lenses cost around 2.000 euros per eye.

How long does a new eye lens last?

An artificial lens usually lasts a lifetime and cannot wear out or become cloudy. It therefore usually does not have to be replaced.

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