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How much does an architect with his own office earn?

What does an architect with his own office earn?

If you work as an architect, you are likely to earn at least €37.000 and at best €53.500. The average salary is €43.500. There are currently many open positions for architects in the cities of Berlin, Munich and Hamburg.

How much does a freelance architect earn per month?

A self-employed architect earns an average of around 3.700 euros gross per month. However, there are also architects who earn significantly more than this amount.

How can you make a lot of money as an architect?

Starting salary after architecture studies

With a master’s degree, you will earn more when you start your career as an architect with an average of 38.000 euros gross per year than with a bachelor’s degree with approx. 40.000 euros gross per year.

In which area of ​​architecture do you earn the most?

Where in Germany do employed architects earn the most? The salaries of employed architects are highly dependent on where they live. According to the BAK, the federal state of Hesse is the front runner: Architects here were able to post an average annual gross salary of 63.276 euros.

What does an architect earn?

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Is architecture well paid?

On average, an architect earns between 4.880 and 4916 euros gross per month. According to the BAK, the starting salary is around EUR 43.000 gross per year. On average nationwide, salaries increase by around 20 euros after 16.000 years of service.

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What does a freelance architect earn?

Freelance architects who are commissioned by various offices can expect a gross salary of 55 to 65 euros per hour at the beginning of their professional life. With time and more experience, this salary can increase up to 90 euros gross.

Can you get rich as an architect?

Linguists and cultural scientists get the least with 31.200 euros and architects with 29.300 euros annual income. However, there are also major exceptions. The top earner of the 18.000 graduates surveyed is a 29-year-old commercial lawyer who works for a large bank.

Is architecture a good job?

While not everyone has a clear picture of what architects do, there is a perception that architects act morally and ethically for the benefit of society and the individual. For years, architects have consistently come out on top of the most respected professions.

What is the best paying job?

The number one best-paid profession is chief physician. These physicians earn an impressive 196.300 euros gross per year on a median* basis.

What does an architect with 20 years of professional experience earn?

The starting salary of an architect is €29.000 to €47.000 gross/year. Salaries for architects with a few years of professional experience range from €34.000 to €56.000 gross/year. Depending on experience, company size and location, up to €85.000 gross/year is realistic for architects.

How much does an architect earn per project?

The average project architect salary in Germany is €64 per year or €758 per hour.

Where do architects earn the most in the world?

Even though architecture is an engineering profession, it doesn’t pay as well as others in the industry. While an average of €42.500 is paid in Germany, there are only two countries in our comparison where less is paid. These are Italy with €21.000 and South Africa with €38.000.

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What does an architect earn as a managing director?

GmbH managing directors: Architects and engineers earn an average of €136 If you look at the total annual salaries of managing directors by sector, architects and engineers are in the upper midfield. You earn €765.

How Much Does an Architect Bachelor Earn?

The salary of architects is an average of 44.310 euros gross per year. With a bachelor’s degree you earn around 40.550 euros, while with a master’s degree you earn around 46.200 euros. The average salary of junior architects is 38.000 euros a year.

Do architects have a future?

Employment is also increasing and the demand for architects and civil engineers is at the highest level in recent years. However, it also makes it very clear that in view of the increasing number of students, an increasing potential for skilled workers can be assumed.

Can anyone become an architect?

Anyone who is entered in the federal state’s list of architects can call themselves an architect. proves the knowledge corresponding to training according to paragraph 1 sentence 2 no. 1 by means of an examination at university level.

How much math is in architecture?

In my opinion, the proportion of math in architecture studies is not very high. Of course you will come across numbers, but these are mainly found when measuring. If you then do some calculations, you can quickly arrive at the result with simple math knowledge and a little practice.

What are the disadvantages of being an architect?

Architects have these disadvantages:

Economic and financial uncertainty with poor order situation. Restriction of your own imagination due to special customer requests. Very great responsibility with possibly fatal consequences (in the case of structural problems in the building)

What to do if employees do not understand each other?

What does an architect do in the office?

As an architect, your job is to plan and execute construction projects. This area of ​​responsibility includes the first conversation with the client, first drafts of the building and last but not least the structural execution of your plan.

Are Architects Poor?

According to an evaluation of a salary portal, architects start their professional life after university with a good 33.000 euros. Architects are among the low-income earners among those starting their careers. Even editors earn more.

How much does a Master Architect earn?

Salary development from 2016 to 2023. At the present time, an average salary of EUR 38.957,00 is paid in architecture. In the period under review, the salary for Master’s graduates increased from EUR 33.864,00 to EUR 38.957,00, which corresponds to an increase of +15,04% or EUR +5.093.

How much does a Architect make in Dubai?

The median monthly salary for Architects in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is AED 9.000. The median extra pay for Architecte in Dubai Region, United Arab Emirates is AED 7.000 with a range of AED 1.500 — AED 48.000.

Where do you earn more engineer or architect?

According to, architects receive an average annual salary of just under 34.000 euros in their first years of work, while civil engineers receive almost 42.000 euros. Salaries for young professionals in planning and construction vary between 26.000 and over 36.000 euros a year.

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