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How much does a Polish 24 hour nurse earn?

How much does a Polish nurse cost per month?

A Polish nurse should earn at least the German nursing minimum wage. Count on monthly costs of between 2.000 and 3.000 euros for comprehensive support.

What does a Polish nurse earn in Poland?

“A Polish nurse or carer earns maybe 300 euros in Poland,” says Föry. “If she is legally posted to Germany and works here, she earns between 800 and 1.000 euros net.

What does a 24-hour nurse from Poland get?

The costs for Polish 24-hour care are based on the qualifications and German language skills of the caregiver. The classification of the German language skills is decisive for the calculation of the prices. The current care costs are between 1570 and 2470 euros gross per month.

What does the long-term care insurance fund pay for a Polish nurse?

The so-called care allowance is available to pay for the foreign caregiver, which you receive from care grade 2. This goes from 316 euros per month up to 901 euros per month for care level 5, the highest level of care.

Experience with 24-hour care: relief from Polish caregivers

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Is a Polish woman paid by the nursing care fund?

Families can use the care allowance instead of the care benefits in kind. Up to 901 euros per month are available here to finance the Polish nurse. In addition, there is the so-called respite care.

How long can a Polish nurse stay in Germany?

Overall, a Polish nurse who has their main residence abroad may not work in Germany for more than twelve months at a time. As a rule, the carers take turns every two to four months in order to be able to visit their families.

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How much does a Polish woman cost?

The cost of care by a Polish nurse is between €2.300 and €2.600 per month.

What should one provide a Polish caregiver?

The caregiver or domestic help from Poland must be provided with their own lockable room. Shared use of bathroom and kitchen is the basis of the requirement. The room should be furnished in a standard way, that is, a bed, a wardrobe, a chest of drawers.

What does a Romanian nurse earn?

4.800 to 5.400 EUR per month). In addition, you must take into account that the carer from Romania lives in the household of the person in need of care and receives free board and lodging there. The costs for a Romanian nurse also depend on the services to be provided and the level of care.

How much does a home caregiver earn?

As a nursing assistant in a private household, the national salary is €1.680 per month.

What does an Eastern European nurse earn?

This states that nursing and caregivers from Eastern Europe earn an average net income of 1.175 euros.

Can a Polish nurse be tax deductible?

You can state the costs for your caregiver or household help from Poland as a so-called «household-related service» in your tax return with a maximum sum of EUR 20.000.

Can I hire a caregiver privately?

Private individuals have these obligations when hiring a caregiver. Anyone who hires a caregiver privately has employer obligations. Among other things, the minimum wage of currently just under nine euros must be paid. Anyone who hires a caregiver privately has employer obligations.

How much does a full-time caregiver cost?

Effective cost of full-time care

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With manageable care expenses (up to and including care grade 3) and only basic knowledge of the caregiver in the German language, €1.600/month. to estimate. If there is a high level of maintenance and a good knowledge of German, up to €1.900/month.

How much does a 24-hour caregiver cost per month?

The monthly price for 24-hour care is at least 2.000 euros.

What does a 24 hour nurse have to do?

Tasks in 24-hour care
  • Help with personal hygiene.
  • Assistance with getting up and going to bed.
  • measure fever.
  • medication.
  • change of clothes.
  • Wash hair.
  • Comb.
  • manicure, pedicure.

What is a Polish nurse not allowed to do?

What do Polish nurses not do? Medical treatment care — such as wound care, giving injections or providing medication — is not allowed to be performed by a Polish nurse. Not even if she has nursing training, which is usually not recognized in Germany.

Why nurses from Poland?

One of the main reasons why so many nurses from Poland work in Germany is quite simple: many of them already have language skills. While it is usually quite difficult for newcomers to learn the German language, many Poles already have basic knowledge.

How much does a legal caregiver cost?

In addition, the company has to pay contributions and taxes for its employees in the home country. Therefore, you have to reckon with monthly costs of around 2.200 to 3.000 euros for a seconded assistant.

How is 24 hour care billed?

Only for 24-hour care by German nursing staff is partial billing possible via the nursing care benefits in kind from the nursing care insurance fund. However, you would have to plan at least 6.000 euros per month here and thus at least with an own contribution of approx. 4000 euros.

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How much does a Ukrainian nurse earn?

900 euros net for Ukrainian caregivers

There is no work in Ukraine. At most for young people who are well educated and speak foreign languages,” she says. «But for people older than 35, it’s hardly possible. Then you earn around 150 euros a month there.

What will change for nurses in 2023?

More money for nurses

The minimum nursing wage for skilled workers increases to 15,40 euros in April. According to a recent agreement by Verdi and the federal states, nurses in the public sector will receive a salary increase of 1 percent from December 2023, 2,8.

Who pays the best for care?

For a specialist with ten years of professional experience, the Evangelische Heimstiftung pays the highest basic salary of the five sponsors (3.680 euros, with surcharges 4.206,58 euros — see table below), followed by Diakonie (3.516 euros), Caritas (3.270 euros), Johanniter ( 3.240 euros) and Agaplesion (3.092 euros).

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