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How much does a Hermes earn per month?

How much money do you get at Hermes?

Based on 272 salary reports, the average salary at Hermes Germany GmbH ranges from €12.600 for the position «Apprentice» to €106.300 for the position «Head of Sales». Salary satisfaction is 3.1 out of 5, which is -3% below the industry average.

How much do you earn per hour at Hermes?

The average hourly wage at Hermes as a warehouse assistant (m/f/d) in Germany is around €12,77, which is 8% above the national average.

How much does a parcel deliverer at Hermes make?

Based on 17 salary reports from our users, the average gross annual salary (full-time employment) for the position Delivery Person at Hermes Germany GmbH is €24.700. Depending on experience, level of education, location and other factors, the payment can be between €22.400 and €33.900.

What does a salesperson at Hermes earn?

Based on 29 salary reports, the average salary at Hermès Paris ranges from €28.500 for a Retail Salesperson to €61.400 for a Logistics Manager. Salary satisfaction is 4 out of 5, 33% above the industry average.

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How good is Hermes as an employer?

521 employees rated this employer with an average of 3,4 points on a scale of 1 to 5. 262 employees recommended the employer in their reviews.

How much does DHL make per hour?

The average hourly wage at DHL is between approx. €11,60 per hour for a warehouse assistant (m/f/d) and up to approx. €14,70 per hour for a delivery person (m/f/d) .

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Which parcel deliverer pays the best?

DHL got the grade «good», the parcel drivers — if they are employed directly by DHL — according to the «test» usually receive more money and have to work less long hours than with other delivery companies.

How much does DHL driver earn net?

The typical salary for a parcel courier at Deutsche Post & DHL is €2.691 per month. Monthly salaries as a parcel deliverer at Deutsche Post & DHL can range from €152 to €307.679.

How much does a driver earn on Amazon?

Permanently employed parcel deliverers receive approx. 11,38 euros gross per hour according to the collective agreement. Amazon, on the other hand, pays up to 64 euros for a shift of at least four hours — that’s 16 euros per hour (which cannot be guaranteed, however).

How much does a GLS driver earn?

Salary can range from €20.600 to €27.400 depending on various factors, most salary quotes range from €20.600 to €21.960 or €23.320 to €24.680.

How much does a UPS driver make?

The average hourly wage at UPS ranges from around €14,55 per hour for an employee (m/f/d) to around €18,16 per hour for a delivery person (m/f/d) .

How much does a parcel deliverer earn per parcel?

Salary: what is the average parcel deliverer salary? In Germany, parcel deliverers at DHL, Hermes, UPS, Amazon or DPD earn an average of €13,65 gross per hour. This was the result of an evaluation by the Jobted portal. This means that parcel couriers receive an average gross salary of around €2.102 per month.

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Why Hermes as an employer?

As a Hermes employee, you benefit from our wide range of benefits. Here is a small selection: In addition to numerous additional benefits, the remuneration situation should be emphasized: the wages and salaries for our employees are well above the collective agreement regulations.

Who is behind Hermes?

Hermes Europe was founded in 2009 and is a 100 percent subsidiary of the Otto Group in the service segment.

How long does Hermes deliver?

Our Hermes messengers are on the road for you from Monday to Saturday between 8 a.m. and 20 p.m. In the shipment tracking you will be informed about the expected delivery of your shipment.

How much does a teacher earn?

The salary of the teacher depends on numerous factors. A general consideration is therefore very accurate. The statistics show, however, that a teacher earns an average of just over 50.000 euros gross per year. A teacher has about 2.300 euros net available per month.

How much does a parcel deliverer make?

If you work as a parcel deliverer, you are likely to earn at least €25.300 and at best €36.100. The average salary is around €30.500.

How much do you earn net at Swiss Post?

The average salary of a postman in Germany is around 2.500 euros, although women exceptionally earn more than men in this profession.

Which is better Hermes or DHL?

In the study, DHL achieved a total of 79,6 points and thus the rating «good». Above all, the problem-free delivery, the numerous DHL parcel shops and the best online service were praised. Hermes was just behind with 77 points.

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What does the post office pay?

Postman — Hourly Pay & Average Salary. The average gross salary for postmen and mail carriers is €13,50 per hour (approx. €2.070 gross per month for 38,5 hours per week), €2.030 (-50%) lower than the average monthly salary in Germany.

How much does an untrained postman make?

Postman at Deutsche Post: 2172 euros starting salary – without training.

How much does a postman earn?

As a postman in Germany you can earn an average salary of 31475 euros per year. The starting salary in this job is 19830 euros. According to data collected by, the upper salary limit is 43215 euros.

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