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How many articles in German are there on Wikipedia?

Which language has the most articles?

Most Wikipedia articles are in English and Cebuano. This is shown by the Statista graphic based on Wikimedia data. Cebuano is the second most spoken language in the Philippines.

How many Wikipedia articles are there in English?

Most common languages ​​on Wikipedia by number of articles worldwide June 2023. This statistic shows the top 10 languages ​​on Wikipedia by number of articles as of June 15, 2023. The English-language edition of the online encyclopedia contained around 6,52 million articles at the time of the survey .

How much data does Wikipedia have?

In the last ten years, the number of articles on Wikipedia has almost tripled – as of May 25, 2023, the number of Wikipedia articles in all available languages ​​was around 58,9 million. In the previous year, the number of Wikipedia articles was 56,58 million.

What is the hardest language in the world ranking?

UNESCO has compiled a list of the ten most difficult languages ​​to learn:
  • Chinese.
  • Greek.
  • Arabic.
  • Icelandic.
  • Japanese.
  • Finnish.
  • deutsch.
  • Norwegian.

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Why does German have 3 articles?

However, in Indo-European languages ​​(which include our reference points German and English) there were originally three genders on the same noun. For example, in Middle High German one said the heritage, the heritage and the legacy.

What is the hardest language for Germans?

1. Mandarin Chinese. Probably the most difficult language to learn is also the language with the most native speakers: 918 million people speak Mandarin as their first language. There are several reasons why this language is so difficult for German speakers to learn.

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What was the first article on Wikipedia?

Incidentally, the oldest surviving version of an article in the German-language Wikipedia deals with something that is currently on everyone’s lips due to the corona pandemic: it was about the «polymerase chain reaction» — a molecular biological process, also known as PCR for short is.

Who wrote the most Wikipedia articles?

Sverker Johansson could be one of the most prolific authors in the world. The Swede has been contributing to the online encyclopedia Wikipedia in his free time for seven years. According to internal statistics, he penned an unbelievable 2,7 million articles.

Who Pays Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is operated by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation and funded by donations. A large part of the donations is collected through the annual fundraising campaign.

How many items are there?

There are three definite articles in German: der, die, das. In German, articles always come before a noun. There is a definite (definite) article and an indefinite (indefinite) article in German.

Which articles are there in German?

The German language knows different articles: definite (der/die/das), indefinite (ein/eine), zero article, possessive article (mein, dein, sein, etc.) as well as article words (manher, ein Such, many, etc.). The articles differ according to genus (gender), number (number) and case (case).

In which languages ​​are there no articles?

German has both (der vs. ein). Other languages ​​like Ancient Greek have only a definite article, still others like Turkish only an indefinite article, while most languages, including Latin, have no article at all.

Which language has no genders?

In these languages, no linguistic difference is made between a doctor, for example, just as little as there is a differentiation in terms of “he/she/it”. This language group includes, for example, Estonian, Finnish, Turkish and Hungarian, but also some Asian languages.

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What is the best way to learn the articles?

So the best tip is: It is best to always learn the word together with the article! But there are some hints that can be used to find the right article: for example, by the meaning or the ending. But beware: there are almost always exceptions!!!

What are all the items?

From the article we recognize gender (masculine, feminine, neuter), number (singular, plural) and case (nominative, accusative, dative, genitive). There are indefinite articles (a, an) and definite articles (der, die, das).

What is the simplest language in the world?

Bahasa Indonesia, the national language of Indonesia, is one of the easiest languages ​​in the world and can be learned very quickly compared to other languages. Bahasa Indonesia is a phonetic language, which means (almost) everything is pronounced the way it is written — similar to German.

What is the simplest language?

1. Dutch. Number one among the languages ​​that are easiest for German speakers to learn is Dutch, a close cousin of German. Spoken in the Netherlands and much of Belgium, it is the third largest Germanic language after English and German.

What is more difficult French or German?

Is it difficult to learn French? French is classified as a «category I language» on the FSI scale — relatively easy to learn for native English speakers. With a learning time of 36 weeks, German already falls into Category II.

How much does an entry on Wikipedia cost?

How to create Wikipedia entry? A Wikipedia entry about your company can increase the reach and popularity enormously. A topic post or business listing can be created for free, don’t hesitate and read how to get a Wikipedia post here.

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Who writes the articles on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia does not have a fixed, paid editorial team, but is the work of voluntary authors. If you can write, you can also contribute here. You don’t need any tools and you can start right away.

Who is allowed to enter in Wikipedia?

In principle, every registered user is entitled to create or change Wikipedia entries. Since Wikipedia is nevertheless known for a uniform format, contributors have to consider one or the other.

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