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How many Alea Aquarius are there?

Will there be Alea Aquarius 9?

The new book by Tanya Stewner will be published on October 14, 2023 with the title «Alea Aquarius 9. The Song of the Whales» as a bound book by Verlag Friedrich Oetinger GmbH.

Will there be Alea Aquarius 10?

The Legacy of the Sea Children is the planned tenth volume in the Alea Aquarius book series. Tanya Stewner is planning this volume as the last one at the earliest. As of May 7.5.2022th, XNUMX, there is no cover available.

How many Alea Aquarius books are there?

Tanya Stewner (*1974) conceived the Alea Aquarius series more than five years ago. Since that time, eight volumes of the book series have come together. The sequence is supplemented by an accompanying book. The series started in 2015.

When is Alea Aquarius part 8 coming out?

The new book by Tanya Stewner will be published on October 7, 2023 with the title «Alea Aquarius 8. The Waves of Time» as a bound book by Verlag Friedrich Oetinger GmbH. It is the 8th volume in the Alea Aquarius book series.

How many volumes of Alea Aquarius are to come? Tanya Stewner answers your questions #tanyaanswers

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When is Alea Aquarius 11 coming out?

The Waves of Time

The eighth part of the Alea Aquarius series is expected to be released on October 15, 2023.

How old is Lennox from Alea Aquarius?

Later, Lennox, along with Alea, calls his father to find out more about his mother, Xenia, and her reasons for leaving the family. His father shows him a postcard from her in Scotland, which is the last «sign of life». The postcard, previously unknown to Lennox, is eleven years old.

How many godparents can a child have?

Is Tess in love with ALEA?

Characteristics. Tess falls in love with the Alpha Cru shortly after Alea’s first encounter. She speaks openly about her sexuality several times, even after her memory loss. She later meets Kit Fornax and falls in love with her.

What is the disease of Alea Aquarius?

Eleven-year-old Alea doesn’t know this feeling because she has cold urticaria, an illness in which the body reacts painfully to contact with cold and water.

How does Alea Aquarius end?

(Spoilers at the end of Volume 5!) Alea, Ben, Sammy and Tess are back in Hamburg. All memories of the past two months on the Crucis have been erased. Worse still, Alea has also lost all her mermaid skills and has become a land walker thanks to Orion’s syringe.

What is the name of Alea Aquarius 9?

The brilliant ninth volume of the Alea Aquarius bestseller series! Will Alpha Cru’s daring plan work?

Who will play Alea Aquarius in the film?

Dorothe Beinemeier, Producer Red Balloon Film: “With “Alea Aquarius”, author Tanya Stewner has succeeded in telling a story that captures the zeitgeist and spirit of an extraordinary generation, as if she had guessed that Greta Thunberg would come.

When is the Alea Aquarius film coming out?

According to current planning, shooting will take place next year and the film and series will be released in 2023.

What happens in Alea Aquarius 8?

An ancient power rises in the sea, but the Alpha Cru only finds its way to its new allies via the streets of Venice. Will they manage to defeat their adversary together? The eighth volume of the popular mermaid saga — exciting to the last page!

When will the migratory birds return in 2023?

What is the name of Alea Aquarius’ mother?

backstory. Alea is given up by her mother Nelani as a one-year-old baby to Marianne on the Dutch beach in Renesse; the youth welfare office lets Marianne keep Alea because Nelani cannot be found. Her mother wants to protect her from the virus that destroyed the merfolk.

How many times has Alea Aquarius been sold?

March sold the one millionth product from the Alea Aquarius world. The location of the event was the RavensBuch bookstore in Ravensburg. This will also be celebrated with a competition: A digital meet & greet with the author Tanya Stewner beckons on the weekend of the Leipzig Book Fair, which is canceled in person.

What is the name of Alea Aquarius’ sister?

And to everyone who still wants to read Alea Aquarius: Attention! There’s a lot revealed in this post! So I recommend you not to read any further, but of course you can decide that! Family: Twin sister Anthea, mother Nelani, father Klebarr, grandparents Bilor and Anula and foster mother Marianne.

In which languages ​​is Alea Aquarius available?

More than 630.000 copies sold, translated into twelve languages ​​- «Alea Aquarius» is the youth book series of the moment. Eleven-year-old reader Pauline Hausding talks to author Tanya Stewner about merfolk, environmentalism, and the bestselling film project.

When did Alea Aquarius 1 come out?

The Call of the Water Hardcover – July 17, 2015.

What happens in Alea Aquarius 7?

Love, friendship, adventure — and longing for a reunion: The seventh volume of Alea Aquarius! This time, Alea and Lennox make their way overland to Loreley Rock. The two suspect Alea’s twin sister Anthea there. Will the twins actually finally meet?

Where can you buy tapes?

How much does Alea Aquarius 8 cost?

€16,99 This article has not yet been published. Pre-order now and we will deliver the item to you as soon as it is available. As an alternative, you can pre-order the Kindle eBook, which will be delivered automatically on the day of publication.

When is the eighth coming?

The final episode aired on The CW in late June 2023. Now there is finally a date for the start in Germany: from March 1, 2023, the pay-TV channel ProSieben Fun will show the eighth season.

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