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How long does the alternator take to charge the battery?

How long does it take to charge a car battery?

If your car battery shows a charging voltage of less than 12,5 volts, you have to charge it. Exactly how long the car battery has to charge depends on the energy level. Therefore, there are no general statements about this. Basically, you have to reckon with a charging time of between 4 and 12 hours.

How does the alternator charge the battery?

The alternator charges the starter battery

Actually, the car battery is charged by the generator (alternator) while driving, without the driver having to think about it. However, if the alternator does not manage to do this, it is due to the so-called charge balance.

How much does the alternator charge?

The battery is usually charged with 10-15A, with an alternator with 90A and other consumers with 10A, it still has 65-70A «reserve». During operation, 11 A are also used for the lighting. In addition, the lamps are designed for 12 volts, but the alternator supplies 14-14,5 volts.

What is the best way to charge the alternator?

When charging via the gassing voltage, lead-acid batteries start to bubble, similar to a whirlpool, only much finer, acid stratification (denser acid settles down) is supposed to be eliminated by «mixing». Not fully loaded at the top, overloaded at the bottom. Both damage the lifespan.

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When does the alternator turn on?

As soon as the engine is running, the alternator is also active. As a generator that converts kinetic energy into electrical energy, it ensures that the battery is charged while driving and even at low speeds.

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Does the battery charge when idle?

Do you already know our shopping vouchers? If you don’t have a car that is too old, then the answer is yes, it will be charged.

What is the fastest way to charge the car battery?

If you got the car running with a jumper cable and jump starter, you should let the engine run for some time in order to be able to charge the car battery. I would say it takes at least 20 to 30 minutes to recharge the battery!


What does the alternator do when the battery is full?

But as soon as the car battery is full and all devices are switched off, the alternator is practically idle. Then the small power plant, which is a belt-driven three-phase generator in most cars, goes on the back burner: the electrical magnetic field in the alternator is reduced.

How long does a car battery last when you’re not driving?

If you only leave the parking lights on, you can usually start driving after 10 hours without any problems, as it only slightly loads the car battery at around 40 watts. With hazard warning lights, on the other hand, your battery will be empty after just 5 to 6 hours.

Can a deeply discharged battery be recharged?

Depending on the result, you can then recharge it with a standard car battery charger so that the voltage in the battery remains constant and is sufficient to start the engine.

Can you recharge a completely empty car battery?

If the battery is completely empty, start a slow charging process. You can do this either with a charger or directly in the workshop. The long time it takes to charge a car battery makes sense, as this process is very gentle on the component.

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How long does a car battery last without an alternator?

22km should therefore not be a problem without light. To be on the safe side, you can simply take a second battery with you.

Which is better to charge the car battery quickly or slowly?

It is best to start charging at a low charge rate, which is then slowly increased until the desired current is reached. Basically, the battery should be well ventilated, as it heats up during charging.

How much current does an alternator have to bring?

The alternator voltage is between 13,4 and 14,8 volts. Measurements are taken at idle speed and at 4000 rpm. The tension must not change. If the voltage does not rise to the specified values ​​(after a few seconds) when the engine is switched on, this indicates a defect in the alternator.

How long does the alternator last?

Alternator. After about 100.000 kilometers it is worn out and no longer charges the battery properly. The exchange costs from around 250 euros. With older models, only the controller or the carbon brushes can be replaced — from around 30 euros.

Can the battery die when the engine is on?

A dead starter battery is usually noticeable when you start your engine. If you turn the key in the ignition and hear little or no noise from your starter motor, this may be an indication of a dead battery.

Can the alternator overcharge the battery?

The 14.4V are only permitted for the time-limited U1 charging phase. Fortunately, that is to be expected. that due to the reasons mentioned in article #4, the 14,4V of the alternator does not reach the poles of the body battery and the battery is therefore not overcharged.

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How to check if the alternator is charging?

Check alternator — how it works
  1. Set the multimeter to direct voltage (DCV/ V-/ VDC).
  2. Connect the measurement cables to the battery.
  3. The voltage now displayed should be at least 12,3 volts.
  4. If the value is lower, charge the battery first.

Is a car battery defective after deep discharge?

Deep discharge can cause different types of damage depending on the battery type. If the cells are connected in series, the cells with the lowest capacity can even be reversed. Depending on the battery type, a single deep discharge can destroy a battery.

How long can a car stand still without breaking down?

If you leave your car parked for three days, you have nothing to fear. Depending on the condition of the car — for example with an old battery — problems can arise after just one week. Well maintained new cars can stand for up to three months without any problems.

How long does a deeply discharged car battery have to charge?

with a current limit of 0,2A, i.e. a very small current, the battery is slowly charged. This is done until the voltage reaches 12V, which can take 1-2 days!

How long does a deep discharge last?

Even if the charging symbol appears but does not want to disappear for a long time, there may be a deep discharge. In these cases, the device also needs to be charged longer. A deeply discharged battery usually recharges normally within a few hours without permanent damage.

What to do if the battery is deeply discharged?

This cell is deeply discharged. However, if the cell voltage is below 2,5 volts, you should dispose of the battery and replace it with a new one. Although it is technically possible to revive lithium-ion batteries, such a «zombie battery» is unstable, flammable and therefore a real safety risk.

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