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How far does a socket have to be from a sink?

How far away can a socket be from the sink?

Sockets, switches, lamps and other electrical devices and components must maintain a minimum distance (protection zone) from the tub and shower. A minimum distance of 60 centimeters applies here.

Are sockets allowed at the sink?

There is currently NO standard for an additional protective area on a washbasin/vanity. Such an additional area of ​​protection is also not planned in terms of the norm. This means there is no area in which no electrical equipment may be set up.

How many sockets at the sink?

Two sockets to the left and right of the hand wash basin are also ideal, so that each user can plug in their hair dryer, electric toothbrush or shaver individually. Depending on the bathroom equipment, sockets for the washing machine and dryer must be provided in addition to a socket for the vacuum cleaner.

Where are sockets allowed in the bathroom?

Sockets can always be installed next to the sink, usually about one meter above the floor, so that electrical devices can be operated conveniently. For lighting, two connections for lights on the right and left of the washbasin are recommended.

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Which sockets at the sink?

Since splashing water is also to be expected from the sink, you should use a socket with a protection class. IPX4 (splash-proof) or IPX5 (protected against water jets) are the variants of choice if the socket is to be located next to the washbasin, i.e. at a height of 105 cm, which makes sense.

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Are sockets allowed in the bathroom?

Sockets and switches are permitted if they are protected with an F1 protective device and are fed individually from isolating transformers or with safety extra-low voltage < 12 volts. The installation of junction boxes is also permitted in area 3.

How high sockets in the bathroom?

In modern apartments, the position of switches and sockets is standardized. They are either 30 cm above the finished floor, or 105 cm.

How many sockets in the bathroom?

Bathroom (small): 2 + 2 sockets

The bathroom requires significantly fewer connections than the kitchen. Two sockets next to the mirror are ideal for devices such as hair dryers or razors, and there should be space for two more connections near the floor.

How high should a sink be mounted?

It sets the height for washbasins in public spaces and rented apartments at 85 to 95 centimetres. And it doesn’t matter whether it’s a minimalist, flat washbasin or an extra-deep countertop washbasin — because the height is always the top edge, measured from the (finished) floor.

How high does a light switch have to be?

Height — Light switches are usually located in the middle of the door height. A height of between 90 and 100 centimeters is optimal, as the switches can now also be easily operated by small children or very tall people.

What may be installed in protection area 2?

In area 2, the same requirements apply as in protection area 1. Washing machines or dryers with splash water protection can also be set up here. The installation of luminaires with protection class IPX4 or higher is permitted in this area.

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How high are sockets in the kitchen?

Accordingly, sockets should be at least 30 centimeters above the finished floor. For work surfaces, the optimal dimension for sockets is 115 centimeters above the floor. These standard dimensions serve as a good guide when planning the kitchen.

In which area of ​​the bathroom should Schuko sockets not be installed?

In protection areas 0,1, 2 and XNUMX, neither switches nor sockets may be installed. Excluded are switches that are installed directly in lights — as long as they do not reduce the protection class of the light.

Which cables in the bathroom?

The standard here is the three-core flexible cable type H05VV-F, which is particularly suitable for connecting reflectors, ballasts and fans. Because this equipment is usually in rooms where it can get a little damp on the wall and also in the air.

How far away does a socket have to be from the tap in Switzerland?

The protection areas in the bathroom

For example, this means that the power source for devices and, for example, a shaver socket must be installed at least 60 cm away from the bath or shower tray.

Where is the best place to put the sockets?

Where is the best place to put the sockets? It is best to plan sockets in the new building in a corner of the room. It is important that you keep a distance of about 30 cm to the neighboring wall, so that the boxes can be covered with furniture.

Where should you put sockets?

Sockets are generally in good hands in the corners of a room. They should be placed about 30 centimeters from the adjacent wall. In habitable rooms such as bedrooms, children’s rooms and living rooms, there should be more sockets in the diagonally opposite corner of the room.

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How many sockets are required per room?

What are the standards for sockets in the house? plan to place 5 sockets in each case if the room is larger than 20 square meters. For smaller rooms such as the bathroom, 4 sockets are sufficient for house work rooms, dining rooms and hobby rooms.

How far is the light switch from the door?

Approximately 15 cm has become the preferred dimension for the distance between the frames of windows and doors and sockets and light switches.

Why is the light switch in the bathroom on the outside?

There are also simply practical reasons: there is often no window in the bathroom, so you have to look for the switch in the dark. That’s not nice. For this reason, the switch is more likely to be on the outside in windowless bathrooms, while it is on the inside in bathrooms with daylight.

What tension in the bathroom?

Protection area 1: The area above the shower and bathtub

The operating voltage may not exceed 25 volts for alternating current (DC: 60 volts); this limit does not apply to water heaters, spa and sewage pumps, or exhaust air equipment. Electrical supply lines must be 6 cm deep and may only run vertically.

Why is it not allowed to have a socket behind the dishwasher?

In the case of large appliances such as the dishwasher or the refrigerator, it is not advisable to place the sockets directly behind them, for example due to the depth of the appliances. Again, cables from electronic devices often do not reach far.

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How high socket above worktop?

Any switches or sockets that you install above the worktop should be centered at a preferred height of 115 centimeters above the floor.

Can a dishwasher plug into a regular outlet?

A circuit that is fused over 16 A can be loaded with 3500 watts (provided the correct cable cross-section of 2,5 square mm is used). If only a 1,5 square mm is laid, the circuit should only be fused with 10 a. This would mean that you can load it with 2300 watts.

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