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How does the Aral fuel voucher work?

  1. Shopping voucher, redeemable in any PetitBistro.
  2. Valid at all Aral petrol stations throughout Germany.
  3. Fixed credit: €5 / €10 / €25 / €50
  4. Freely selectable credit: 1€ to max. 500€
  5. Voucher valid indefinitely (service fee due from the 37th month)

How does an Aral fuel voucher work?

The Aral SuperCard can be redeemed at all Aral petrol stations throughout Germany. During the payment process at the petrol station, the cashier will select your Aral SuperCard as the means of payment at the terminal. The credit value on the card is determined automatically in this way.

How do I redeem a fuel voucher?

You can use fuel vouchers in your company as follows: Option 1: hand over the fuel voucher As an employer, you purchase the voucher at a petrol station and give it to your employee. The employee redeems the voucher for a maximum of 44 euros per month at the gas station.

Can Aral fuel vouchers be redeemed everywhere?

Practical and versatile! The Aral SuperCard is perfect as a gift: It can be used at any Aral gas station throughout Germany — the largest network of gas stations in Germany!

Where can I get Aral fuel vouchers?

With gift vouchers from Douglas, IKEA, Saturn, iTunes, GALERIA Kaufhof, Karstadt, C&A, Thalia and many more, many Aral petrol stations now offer a wide range of gift ideas.

The Aral app in the test on voucher

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Can you buy fuel vouchers from Aral?

You will certainly find what you are looking for with the Aral SuperCard standard motifs! You can choose between fuel vouchers, combination vouchers for filling up and shopping, as well as vouchers for washing. Choose an amount of your choice and we will send you your gift in no time at all. Order here!

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What should a fuel voucher look like from 2023?

What does a 44-euro non-cash benefit in the form of a fuel voucher mean? The 44-euro benefit in kind was increased to 2023 euros in 50. However, the function of the additional cash benefits remains the same. As soon as several non-cash benefits are granted in one month, for example a gift in kind and a fuel voucher, the values ​​must be added up.

What does the Aral SuperCard bring me?

The Aral SuperCard Reloadable.

The new rechargeable voucher card offers companies the opportunity to easily implement tax-deductible benefits in kind (up to 44 euros per employee and month). This not only protects our environment, it saves companies a lot of time and money.

How do I activate Aral SuperCard?

To activate, please enter the last 11 digits of your Aral SuperCard number and the activation code as well as the security code. You can find the Aral SuperCard number and the security code (scratch-off field)/registration code on the back.

What is a fuel voucher?

Benefits in kind, fuel vouchers or goods vouchers are a frequently used and popular variant of net wage optimization or remuneration optimization so that the employee receives more net from the gross. This means that there are no deductions on the advantage (free of income tax, free of social security for the employee or

How is the fuel voucher booked?

On the payslip, the vouchers are calculated as gross benefits in kind (LA 869) and deducted with the deduction 9994 (19%). You will be booked on booking vouchers 6130/3790 and 3790/4947.

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How do I redeem a wish voucher at Aral?

Click on «Redeem voucher» in the navigation and then enter your 9-digit voucher code. Select a suitable shop and you will receive the voucher code for your desired shop by e-mail shortly afterwards.

How high can a fuel voucher be?

The exemption limit for tax-free benefits in kind was increased to 2023 euros in 50. From now on, fuel vouchers for employees over 50 euros per month can be issued. Previously, the exemption limit for fuel cards was 44 euros.

Can the Aral SuperCard be recharged?

With the Aral SuperCard Reloadable, you acquire a reloadable voucher card that you can use freely. You can use our portal to manage everything to do with rechargeable fuel vouchers for employees.

How many Payback points do you get when filling up?

For a car with a 50 liter tank, there are therefore 25 points per tank filling — this corresponds to 25 cents. In the best-case scenario, you can use the free Payback app to multiply your points sevenfold by activating a coupon. There are then 175 points for the same amount of fuel.

Is Aral no longer with Payback?

At Aral you collect PAYBACK points on fuel, laundry, in the PetitBistro and REWE To Go at Aral as well as on many shop products. You can find detailed information on the collection options here.

What are the Aral voucher cards called?

Give your customers or employees an Aral voucher card – the Aral SuperCard.

Which Aral card can be customized?

Every single Aral SuperCard Reloadable is personalized — if you want to order reloadable cards, you must first create your employees in the employee administration. Only then can you purchase corresponding reloadable cards via “Order cards”.

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How does refueling with a fuel card work?

Refueling with a fuel card is quite simple. All you need is the card itself. Instead of cash, an EC card or a credit card, the fuel card is used to pay. The gas station then bills the account stored on the card directly.

How much does a fuel card cost?

The annual fee for a fuel card is usually between €0 and €20. Account fees, among other things, may also apply if it is a credit card with a fuel discount.

What can I buy with a fuel card?

What can I buy with a fuel card? In addition to petrol and diesel, you can also buy oils and lubricants with a fuel card. Depending on the card type, you can add different product groups, such as car wash, selected tolls and parking.

When does a fuel voucher have to be redeemed?

Employers should better not give their employees fuel vouchers several months in advance. Otherwise, the entire non-cash benefit will be paid as wages when the vouchers are received. This also applies if employees are only allowed to redeem one voucher per month.

Will the fuel voucher be deducted from my wages?

Is a fuel voucher (benefit in kind) taxable? A benefit in kind is generally subject to income tax and social insurance as well as sales tax. With the help of the exemption limit for non-cash benefits, wage tax and social security exemption can be obtained for these non-cash benefits.

How much does a fuel card cost the employer?

A fuel card from your employer means that you fill up at the company’s expense. This can apply to the company car and thus make billing easier. Or for a private car, so to speak, as a «gift» from the employer: up to 44 euros, the company’s fuel card is considered a benefit in kind and is tax-free.

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Which gas station sells fuel vouchers?

You can get the vouchers: at your Shell petrol stations. in our online shop: as a desired bonus at Shell ClubSmart at and at your Shell petrol station.

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