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How do you transport a log splitter?

How do I transport a log splitter?

moderator. The ventilation is probably mostly a screw cap that has to be unscrewed a little to operate the log splitter. You have to close them before transporting them in lying position. The owner’s manual should tell you where this opening is on your log splitter.

What are the best log splitters?

Which is the best log splitter? The best log splitter in the test is the Güde GHS 500 / 6,5 TE. Although this is one of the more expensive models, you get a safe and reliable device. Other good models include the Stahlmann 7TYHS520-A and the Zipper HS7TU log splitter.

How much does a log splitter cost?

Inexpensive log splitters for beginners

with up to 7 tons of splitting power, normal power connection and simple operation and assembly. The purchase prices here are around EUR 150 – EUR 350 for good devices.

How does a hydraulic log splitter work?

The electric motor generates hydraulic pressure and this pressure drives a splitting wedge into the wood to be split. This breaks the firewood in two. With an attachable splitting wedge, the wood even breaks into four parts in a single operation!

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How many tons must a log splitter have?

A splitting force of 3 to 7 tons is a common size for commercially available log splitters and is sufficient for normal use. Standing log splitters like the Scheppach HL1200 bring a little more power with 12 tons and are also suitable for heavily branched hardwood.

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Why are splitting crosses forbidden?

There were also changes to the cutting edge. For example, splitting crosses, which split the logs several times in one operation, are no longer permitted. With the splitting blade installed, the wood could jump forward towards the user. The cutting edge itself increases in inclination towards the splitting column.

How heavy is a log splitter?

The log splitter weighs 127 kilograms, but can be easily transported from A to B thanks to the transport handles and large wheels. With a sound power level of 118 decibels, the VITO Garden VIRLG12 log splitter is very loud and should only be operated with appropriate hearing protection.

What does a log splitter weigh?

Horizontal splitters weigh around 50 kilograms. With vertical splitters, home devices already weigh 100 kilograms. Professional devices hardly have an upper limit when it comes to weight.

Which log splitter is fast?

The Portek Charger is the fastest available log splitter on the market. 10 x faster than hydraulic log splitters! The Charger is the fastest log splitter available on the market. You will be surprised by the result!

When is the best time to split wood?

The best time for splitting is the middle of the year to the end of the year, because the lower humidity allows the wood to dry better, which increases its calorific value. If you have cut down a tree that has fresh leaves, it is best to wait until the leaves have dried before chopping off the branches.

How good are Atika log splitters?

A far more differentiated picture emerges from the seven tested horizontal log splitters. These devices are primarily suitable for occasional use. Test result: Only the Atika ASP 4-370 was able to achieve the test grade GOOD (2,5).

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How do you split wood?

A splitting ax is ideal for splitting wood. The head of the splitting ax gets wider behind the blade. It’s not as sharp as a drop axe, but packs more punch. If you hit the wood with the splitting axe, you push it apart in the shape of a wedge.

What is the gap stroke?

Slit stroke & slit diameter. Not every log splitter can process all log lengths. This is specified in gap length or gap stroke and describes the distance that can be covered by the splitter. This distance also limits the maximum log length that the splitter can split.

How much horsepower does a log splitter need?

Performance for log splitters ? That depends a bit on the splitter and a lot on the wood. We usually go with 48 hp, for really stubborn pieces you have to switch to the 540.

Which splitting wedge to split wood?

Rotary splitting wedge: A rotary splitting wedge is a splitting wedge for firewood. With it, the wood can be split easily. A rotary splitting wedge is rotated by 90°. When you hit the wedge, it rotates a little bit each time, making the wood split easier.

Are cone splitters still allowed?

The use of manual cone splitters is prohibited for companies that are members of the Social Insurance for Agriculture, Forestry and Horticulture. Since 1996, these devices have been banned by the agricultural professional associations.

Which grease for log splitters?

Hello, we usually use normal grease for the grease gun. And so far the cleaver is holding up.

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How long does wood dry before splitting?

The drying process often takes about 2 years. Saw the wood into short pieces. Short logs of firewood dry faster than long ones. 10-15% more moisture evaporates from the ends of the wood than from the long sides.

How big should you split wood?

How big should you split wood? So that the split wood later fits well in your fireplace, the logs should be about 33 centimeters long. Split the wood into four equal logs.

Which is better splitting hammer or splitting axe?

The splitting ax is best suited for splitting small to medium-sized firewood. It has the classic ax shape, which means it is lighter and flatter on the head than a splitting hammer. The blade is longer and the head has a large striking surface.

Where does the Atika brand come from?

ATIKA was founded in 1949 and has established itself as one of the leading manufacturers of building and garden products. The company’s products, based in Burgau, Bavaria, include log splitters, concrete and mortar mixers, band saws, circular site saws and chain saws.

Where is Atika made?

Atika produces building and garden products in Ahlen and employs around 100 people.

Where are Atika log splitters made?

Officially ‘due to financial difficulties’, unofficially because the production machines were transported to Croatia. As a result, Altrad Lescha Atika GmbH can now be found at Josef-Drexler-Straße 8, 89331 Burgau.

Can you split fresh wood?

As a rule of thumb, you can remember: hard types of wood such as beech or birch are best split wet or fresh. Soft types of wood such as spruce, pine or fir are best split dry, i.e. after storage for around 1-2 years.

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