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How do you calculate the cable cross-section?

How is the cable cross-section calculated?

To calculate the cable cross-section (A) for 12V consumers, you can use the following formula: A = (I * 0,0175 * L) / (fk * U). 0,0179 gives the specific resistance of copper in ohms x mm²/m.

How to calculate the line length?

To determine the allowable length of wire or cable, for DC and single-phase AC, the length is divided by 2 because current flows back and forth in the L and N conductors, respectively.

Which cable cross-section do I need?

In normal domestic installations, each wire must have a cross-section of at least 1,5 mm². Such lines are then secured with a 16 ampere (A) fuse. Stronger currents, such as on an electric stove, must be connected with stronger cables, here at least 2,5 mm² are required.

What happens if the cable cross-section is too large?

A conductor cross-section that is too large makes the cable unwieldy and expensive. In contrast, a cable cross-section that is too small often leads to damage. It is possible that there is not enough voltage, which means that only reduced power is available. In addition, there is a noticeable warming.

4.6.5 Select cable cross-section under ideal laying conditions

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Which cable cross-section at 32A?

At 32A, 6 mm² should actually be used, 4 mm² is a bit tight there.

Which cross-section at 400V 16a?

The two 400V lines, each 16 amps, with a cross section of 2,5mm.

How long can a 3×1 5 cable be?

According to DIN VDE 0100 Part 520, AUtotal = 4% is permissible between the Hmpan house connection and the connection point of the consumer. This results in a maximum cable/line length of 13,65 m!

Where is Sabi arceus?

Which cable cross-section at 63A?

The cross-section always depends on the power requirement, the cable length, the type of installation and the fuse. For 63A, the result is 10mm2 to 25mm2. It should be noted that a minimum of 16mm2 is always required for supply lines from the house connection box to the meter location.

Which cable cross-section at 22 kW?

The prescribed conductor cross-section for supply lines for 22 kW wall boxes and 32 amps is at least 6 mm².

How many watts on 3×1 5 cable?

secured, 3600 watts are possible.

What kind of cable do you need for a 16a socket?

Most common in domestic installations are cables in which each core has a cross-section of at least 1,5 mm². These lines are then protected with a 16 ampere (A) fuse. If stronger currents have to flow, for example on an electric stove, stronger cables have to be connected.

How long can a 3×2 5 be?

A single-pole 16 A LS with «K» tripping characteristic is to be used, the routed cable is NYM-J 3×2,5 mm². Roughly speaking, the line resistance must not exceed 1 ohm. Since forward and return conductors are required, the maximum line length is 70 meters.

How many sockets on a 16A fuse?

With normal use of the socket in an apartment and the protection of the circuits with 16 amps each, the following empirical values ​​are often used. Expect an average load of 200 to 300 watts per single socket and 300 to 500 watts per double socket.

Which conduit for 5×2 5?

I would move a 7×1,5 or 5×2,5 into an M25. Long distances (over 15m) I would also tend to the M25.

How much does it cost to have doors installed?

Which cable for 32A socket?

Cable cross-section of the H07RN-F at 16A at least 2,5mm² and at 32A at least 4mm², more like 6mm²!

Which cross section at 2 KW?

As a rule of thumb for the cable cross-section of the house installation, you can remember: 1,5 mm² for lighting and sockets with less load. 2,5 mm² for heavy-duty sockets (tumble dryers, dishwashers, boilers, etc.) 4 mm² for electric stoves and more powerful machines.

How long can a 5×2 5 cable be?

A 16A-CEE power connection is required. In order to lay the connection at the desired location, 60 m of cable must be laid. The list above shows that a 16A CEE extension cable 5 x 2,5mm² can be used up to a maximum of 30 m.

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