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How do you build a white tub?

How is a white tank built?

White tank is a construction term for a watertight reinforced concrete structure. The key feature is the lack of additional waterproofing layers, since the supporting reinforced concrete structure also forms the waterproofing element.

How much does a white tub cost?

White tub costs

Compared to black tubs, you should expect additional costs of between 10 and 25 percent for a white tub in the basement. If the construction company estimates 35.000 euros for a black tub, the white tub will put costs between 38.000 and 44.000 euros on your agenda.

Which concrete for white tub?

The floor slab and outer walls are made of concrete as a closed trough with high water penetration resistance in accordance with DIN EN 206-1 and DIN 1045-2. This concrete is also called waterproof concrete or WU concrete.

When do I need a white tub?

The white tank is the optimal solution if your building is in water, for example if the groundwater level is high. In this case, the floor slab and basement walls are laid out in waterproof concrete (WU concrete) and thus form a closed, watertight trough.

Basement waterproofing: white tub

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How deep to drill into white tub?

Holes were drilled on the base plate (d=25cm) of a «white trough» for the attachment of formwork supports. The holes are up to 12cm deep.

How tight is a white tub?

With a white tub, the basement walls are impermeable to water, i.e. tight. This does not mean, however, that the walls are also impermeable to water vapour. As long as the basement is not heated and the concrete interior surfaces remain open, it doesn’t matter. In this case, the water can escape and evaporate.

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How long does Wu concrete last?

How long does a white tub last? Although the construction is complex, a white trough made of waterproof concrete has a service life of around 80 years, which is extremely long compared to alternative construction methods.

What is the minimum strength of WU concrete?

Concrete with a high resistance to water penetration should be used for waterproof structures. The minimum compressive strength is C 25/30 and the minimum cement content is 280 kg/m³. The durability is to be determined via the exposure classes.

What makes concrete waterproof?

Cement mix is ​​a sealant that guarantees optimal waterproofing of the concrete. It is suitable for the production of waterproof concrete, but also for concrete mortar, screed and plaster in the DIY sector.

How much does a basement with a white tub cost?

A concrete basement in groundwater (white tank) costs around €67.000. With a prefabricated basement, the costs vary greatly depending on the different factors. On average, builders have to reckon with €300 per m² of basement space.

How much does a 70 sqm basement cost?

How much does a basement cost? For the basement of a free-standing single-family home, the builder must reckon with additional costs of between around 180 and 425 euros per square meter compared to a floor slab.

When white and when black tub?

Because basements made of waterproof concrete (WU concrete) do not need an additional black seal, they are called «white tubs». If the walls and floor slab are not waterproof, the basement needs additional external waterproofing.

How much does 1 m3 waterproof concrete cost?

A concrete example: Reinforced concrete with high water penetration resistance according to WU guidelines — i.e. WU concrete — at Schwenk Beton Südbayern Region München costs around 145 euros plus VAT per cubic meter.

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When do I need waterproof concrete?

Waterproof concrete is used in structures that are, for example, basements in the ground and are exposed to pressure water from the outside. In conjunction with the reinforcement, waterproof concrete has to absorb a large number of stresses.

Is concrete c25 30 waterproof?

Well-compacted concrete of higher quality (formerly from B 25 now C 25/30) is generally sufficiently impermeable to water. When planning WU structures, special planning steps are necessary.

How deep can you drill in WU concrete?

According to DIN 1045-2 [1] and DIN EN 206-1 [2], concrete with a high water penetration resistance must be used for the construction of waterproof structures. The required tightness is ensured for component thicknesses of up to 400 mm via a maximum equivalent water/cement ratio (w/c)eq  0,60.

Can you make WU concrete yourself?

In the do-it-yourself sector, it is absolutely impossible to produce high-quality and absolutely watertight concrete without additional help. Mixing cast-in-place concrete by traditional standards (1 scoop cement, 2 scoops sand, water by feel for example) doesn’t work at all for waterproof concrete.

Why seal floor plate?

Why seal floor plate? The most important reason for sealing the floor slab is to protect the building structure above it (floor slab, rising masonry) and the basement rooms it encloses from moisture and thus ensure high-quality use of the basement over the long term.

What is the yellow tub?

“Yellow tank” system – watertight structures made of concrete. With the yellow tub, also known as the white tub plus, in addition to the white tub including joint sealing, a pre-applicable sealing membrane is installed directly on the substrate or the formwork.

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Is a concrete basement waterproof?

A waterproof concrete basement is used in difficult soil conditions, such as on properties with pressing groundwater or standing seepage water. This prevents water in liquid form from penetrating the concrete. However, the concrete is still not completely waterproof.


Which concrete is WU concrete?

Waterproof concrete refers to concrete that is impermeable to water. According to DIN 1045-2:2008-08 and DIN EN 206 (2017-01) (with supplements A1 and A2), hardened concrete with this special property is referred to as «concrete with high resistance to water penetration».

Can you seal a basement from the inside?

Sealing plaster can be used inside

There are various products for waterproofing the basement wall from the inside. Sealing slurry or sealing plaster is probably the most effective way to seal the wall from the inside. But you have to keep in mind that the wall will continue to be penetrated by moisture.

Is waterproof concrete sealed?

With the exception of sealing joints and cracks, no further sealing measures are required for waterproof concrete components. Typical areas of application for waterproof concrete structures are the basements of buildings that are immersed in the groundwater and subjected to hydrostatic pressure.

How long does a black tub last?

While black troughs with bitumen coating or plastic membrane sealing often have to be replaced after about 30 years, waterproof concrete is usually estimated to have a service life of 60 to 80 years.

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