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How do I have a good argument?

  1. Important steps to consider in an argument. Anyone who is still a couple after years of relationship or marriage is doing something right. …
  2. Argue in private. …
  3. First listen and understand. …
  4. Reflect on yourself…
  5. Don’t blame. …
  6. express wishes. …
  7. The right understanding.

How do you structure a debate?

Before an argument is written, one must be clear about three questions: Which content-related points should appear in the argument? (Objective of content) How can the two (or more) people respond to each other and how should the argument be structured? (discursive goal)

How do I behave in a conflict discussion?

Show a clear interest and, if possible, understanding of his point of view. Even if it seems so incomprehensible according to your value system: take the person you are talking to seriously, with all their feelings and thoughts. Encourage free, open speech and build trust.

How do I conduct a conflict discussion?

At the same time, many people do not know exactly what a conflict discussion should contain and how it should proceed.

After a short warm-up phase with a welcome, it is time to address the topic.

  1. What is the problem?
  2. What is the reason?
  3. What are the consequences?
  4. What feelings does that trigger in you?

How do you start an argument?

Start the argument with praise and only then share what bothers you. Example: «What I appreciate about you is that you… makes me angry…!» «

Resolving conflicts — conducting arguments properly

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What should you say after an argument?

As a rule, after such a dispute there is not only one wounded, but both have suffered their wounds. Go on the offensive, honestly and sincerely apologize for what you said or did. Only then is the basis for reconciliation created.

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What is the correct way to behave in a dispute?

Tips for resolving disputes
  1. Develop the right attitude. …
  2. First of all, calm down. …
  3. Don’t wait for the other. …
  4. I apologize. …
  5. Keep listening to the other person. …
  6. Use first-person phrasing. …
  7. Look for similarities.

How do I start conversations?

Ask your counterpart

If you find it difficult to initiate an exciting conversation or to continue an existing one, there is a simple trick: show interest in the other person — ideally with a few questions. Just about everyone loves to talk about themselves.

What makes conversations difficult?

Fear, anger, embarrassment, defensiveness — conversations can trigger all sorts of negative feelings in us that we wouldn’t otherwise have. Some of us react with aggression. Others try to sweep things under the rug as quickly as possible.

What is good conflict resolution?

The most important prerequisite for conflict resolution is mutual willingness to compromise. A compromise that is satisfactory for everyone is only possible if both parties are willing to deviate a little from their point of view.

What are the rules of conduct for conflict resolution?

The best way to resolve a conflict is through conversation. However, both parties must be willing and show good will for this.

Conflict discussion: These 7 points must be observed

  1. Genuine interest in conflict resolution. …
  2. offer points of view. …
  3. explore similarities. …
  4. stay fair. …
  5. To make compromises.

What conflict resolution models are there?

2 conflict resolution models
  • 2.1 Basics. …
  • 2.2 Conflict moderation (escalation level 1-3) …
  • 2.3 Process support (escalation level 3-5) …
  • 2.4 Mediation (escalation level 5-7)
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How can a conflict be resolved?

Solve or at least defuse conflicts: 7 tips!
  • Investigate the cause! …
  • Avoid putting the blame on others! …
  • Change perspective! …
  • Assume positive things about the other side! …
  • Say openly what you feel

How do I start a conversation with my partner?

Step by step: Have a clarifying conversation
  1. Step 1: Prepare for the clarifying conversation of the relationship. …
  2. Step 2: Give the relationship talk a title. …
  3. Step 3: Emphasize your willingness to find a common solution. …
  4. Step 4: Keep coming back to the factual level.

What is involved in conflict management?

Operational conflict management includes all measures to avoid or resolve conflicts within a company. The aim is to bring about a balance of interests between the conflicting parties and to find a compromise that both sides can accept.

How can I end a conversation?

End conversations elegantly: I have to go then…
  1. Schedule a later meeting. …
  2. Let me give you the contact details. …
  3. Escape to another activity. …
  4. Be honest. …
  5. Turn the tables. …
  6. Expand the circle of conversation. …
  7. Ask to be introduced.

What is factual conversation?

Don’t let yourself be provoked, but remain factual. Speak calmly and not hurriedly when presenting your point of view. Argue logically and on the factual level so that your interlocutor can follow you. Respond to your opponent’s arguments.

How do I conduct a difficult appraisal interview?

Important for unpleasant employee interviews:

Always see the whole person, not just their problem or wrongdoing. Do not problematize the person themselves, only their behavior. Only base this on first-hand information and never on rumours.

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What are the best questions?

Questions to get to know each other that trigger a good feeling
  • Where would you like to be right now?
  • What is your fondest childhood memory?
  • Where did you go on your best holiday so far?
  • Where can you really relax?
  • Has a movie ever brought you to tears?
  • What goosebumps moments have you had in your life so far?

What are good conversations?

Sincerity and trust are mentioned as the most important prerequisites for good discussions. Trust forms the foundation for relationships, in professional and private life. It assumes that the interlocutors assume that things are being honest.

After a fight, who should make the first move?

Someone has to make the first step

No, not at all, because it actually shows courage and sovereignty. If it’s your partner who is making that first move towards you while you’re still fuming or hurt, then you should tell them so.

How do I stay calm in an argument?

Four tips to help you tackle conflicts!
  1. Observe yourself! …
  2. take an outside perspective! …
  3. I message! …
  4. Example: «I didn’t feel understood by you» instead of «You should listen to me better!»
  5. State the need and request clearly! …
  6. Breathe! …
  7. Drinking water! …
  8. movement in nature!

Why do people remain silent after an argument?

The men’s silence is mainly due to biological reasons.

Two behaviors result from stress: retreat or attack. In stressful situations, the brain is flooded with messenger substances. Men break these down much more slowly than women.

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What do men want after a fight?

It includes nice gestures, exchange of affection, apologies, compromises, but also crying and sex. In a second step, the scientists asked 164 other men and women which of these 21 behaviors they would most like to see in their partner in order to get along.

How to answer after a fight

You can also write a letter or a card. Become aware of what the argument was about and what triggered it. Take constructive criticism from your counterpart seriously. Reflect on your behavior and your reaction and empathize with the other person.

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