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How deep floor slab garage?

How deep does a floor slab need to be for a garage?

The pit must be at least 80 centimeters deep to protect the foundation from any damage caused by rising frost. Lay out what is known as a cleanliness layer. For this purpose, fill the pit with gravel and crushed stone to about 20 centimeters below the edge.

How strong is the floor of a prefabricated garage?

How thick are the walls? The wall thickness of our reinforced concrete prefabricated garages is generally 8 cm. Only the floor, which also has a thickness of 8 cm in standard garages, is made with 10 cm in large-capacity comfort garages.

How strong does a concrete floor slab have to be?

In contrast to the foundations, the floor slab itself does not have to be frost-free, but it does require a so-called rolling or blinding layer — if you use bulk material such as gravel, this layer of gravel should be 15 centimeters high, with lean concrete 5 centimeters are sufficient.

How much gravel under garage?

The thickness of the gravel layer should be at least 5 cm for simple construction projects. In addition, the gravel is compacted before the actual foundation is made. In the case of a garage, for example, the foundation thickness should be around 15 to 20 cm.

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What kind of gravel under the floor plate?

If thermal insulation is planned under the floor slab, glass foam gravel can be used instead of gravel to create a capillary-breaking layer that also has good insulating properties. Glass foam gravel does not allow any capillary transport of moisture.

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How many cm of gravel under the floor slab?

To protect the slab from moisture, a blinding layer made of gravel or lean concrete is now applied. The thickness of the layer should be at least 5 cm.

How high does a concrete slab have to be?

Medium load

Medium loads, such as those that a carport or parking lot has to withstand, require a panel that is at least 25 cm thick. The exception is places that are only intended for small cars up to a weight of 1,5 tons.

What thick base plate?

However, in most cases, a foundation slab of reinforced concrete with a thickness of 30-35 cm is performed. Depending on the size of the building and the load on the foundation plate, it can also be thicker. The minimum thickness of the foundation plate is 12 to 15 cm.

How much does a floor panel for a garage cost?

As a rule, you can calculate around 80 — 90 EUR per m² for concreting the floor slab as a rough guide. However, if the excavation work is carried out by a specialist company, the price can increase significantly. In this case, you should definitely reckon with around EUR 150 per m² of garage space.

How deep to drill in a prefabricated garage?

If you used good dowels, even better than the 10 cheap dowels that come with the drive. So my garage manufacturer states that the maximum drilling depth may only be 3cm, since the concrete will flake off if you hit the reinforcement. This comes after 4cm, otherwise the garage is at least 9cm thick everywhere.

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What kind of floor does a prefabricated garage need?

A carport or a prefabricated garage made of wood or sheet steel does not necessarily need a closed base. Possibilities are, for example, a pavement or an area laid out with grass pavers.

Can you put a prefab garage on pavement?

If the prefabricated garage is to be placed on an area that is already paved and the existing paving is attractive and level, then the use of point foundations is generally recommended.

How to make a floor panel for a garage?

You should dig out the inner surface to a depth of 80 to 90 cm. In the ditches and pit, lay about 30 cm of gravel or crushed stone, preferably an unwashed mixture of gravel and sand. The gravel layer is intended to prevent soil and concrete from mixing and moisture from rising later.

Which concrete for garage foundation?

Concrete in concrete strength class B25 (according to DIN 1045) is required for a garage foundation. It is also possible to mix the material yourself in a concrete mixer.

How much does a 100 sqm floor slab cost?

With a floor area of ​​around 100 m², the floor slab costs between €7.000 and €10.000. Depending on the nature of the floor and the requirements of the architect and structural engineer, the prices vary greatly. However, these costs only include the panel itself and the shuttering.

How strong do you make subconcrete?

How high is the sub-concrete applied? If the blinding layer is reinforced, its height is at least 5 to 8 centimeters. If there are higher requirements for the blinding layer — for example in the case of chemically aggressive soil or the construction of a black tank — this must be 10 cm thick.

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How thin can concrete be poured?

Thin — thin — concrete

The high-performance concrete, which is refined with selected minerals, is used from a material thickness of 15mm both as a floor slab and as a tactile slab in all public areas.

What goes under the base plate?

When constructing the floor slabs, the so-called blinding layer is applied directly to the bottom of the pit after the earth has been excavated. This usually consists of chippings, gravel or lean concrete.

Thermal insulation under the floor slab:

  • Polystyrene panels (EPS or XPS)
  • foam glass plates.
  • foam glass gravel.
  • polyurethane foam.

Which is better foundation or base plate?

The advantage of strip foundations: You save on material costs because there is no continuous foundation plate to be concreted. However, the subsoil for this type of construction must be relatively stable. Strip foundations are not enough for soft, yielding soils.

Can a floor panel break?

The water presses against the base plate from below. As a result, the entire building may float or, if its weight is sufficient but the floor slab is not rated for the water pressure, the slab may flex.

How deep does the foundation have to be?

The rule of thumb in this country is that the foundation should have a minimum depth of 80 cm. But even in German-speaking countries, the frost can reach deeper regionally.

How much antifreeze under floor slab?

The required depth of the frost apron depends on how frost sensitive the soil is on site, but should be at least 80 cm, with 80 to 120 cm being common in Germany, depending on the soil quality.

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Why sand under concrete?

There is a high risk of cracks or even breaks in the concrete slabs. A careful concrete slab foundation prevents these problems. The foundation of a concrete slab consists, among other things, of a sand bed with the right sand. There are many types of sand, but not every type of sand is suitable as a foundation for concrete slabs.

Why gravel under the base plate?

It supplements the tightness of the base plate downwards. The gravel or crushed stone layer, also called rolling or capillary-breaking layer, stops the rising groundwater moisture. The insulation layer in foil or mat form also insulates against cold and heat dissipation.

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