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How can I protect my suitcase?

How do I protect my suitcase?

That is why the so-called wrapping has been introduced as a service. The film protects the suitcase — but sometimes also the owner from trouble with customs, for example. At airports, you often see passengers having their suitcases wrapped in foil. This is possible at certain stations for a fee.

Why wrap suitcases in foil?

The film protects against «dirt, scratches, cracking during transport and unauthorized access,» explains Fraport. The cost of a normal size suitcase is 11 euros. Düsseldorf Airport also offers luggage sealing at a price of 9 euros per suitcase.

Should you lock your suitcase?

A lock also helps, for example, to ensure that your suitcase does not open somewhere during transport and lose part of its contents. But one must not forget that traveling does not automatically mean flying. The suitcase lock helps with travel of any kind, for example on the train.

What is the probability that the suitcase will be lost?

About every hundredth air traveler is affected by a lost suitcase. That doesn’t sound like that many at first, but in practice it means that about one passenger loses their luggage per flight. It is reassuring that in 95 percent of cases the luggage turns up again.

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Why are so many suitcases lost?

More suitcases lost in 2021

6 percent of the suitcases did not reach their owners at all, slightly more than in 2021. SITA sees the reasons for the increase in mishandled luggage worldwide as among other things the lack of staff and progressive job cuts at airports.

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Who pays if the suitcase is lost?

Compensation for delay, damage or loss of a suitcase is limited to approx. 1.500 euros (as of September 16.09.2021th, 50) per person. If the luggage is missing during the entire holiday, the tour operator must reimburse up to XNUMX percent of the travel price according to current case law.

Which lock on the suitcase?

Many suitcases (usually hard shell suitcases) already have an integrated security lock. With such a suitcase lock, opening can be prevented, as also proven in a test. These are mostly so-called combination locks.

Can a hard case burst?

Another advantage: shell cases are relatively theft-proof because they cannot be slit open with a knife. Although they burst open more easily than other suitcases, the luggage should be secured with an additional strap anyway. This also increases the recognition value.

What not to pack in the suitcase?

What is allowed in the suitcase and what is not?
  • lighters and matches.
  • Batteries, power banks and power sticks.
  • e-cigarettes.
  • flammable substances (e.g. explosives, spray paint, fireworks, gas containers, etc.)
  • Weapons and weapon-like items.
  • Golf clubs, skateboards, tools, etc.

How much does it cost to wrap a suitcase?

Foil provides protection against dirt, scratches, cracking

The cost of a normal-sized suitcase is EUR 12,00, EUR 10,00 for small suitcases and EUR 14,00 for bulky luggage.

How much does bulky luggage cost?

Most airlines charge a fee of 23 to 50 euros for a piece of bulky luggage up to 200 kilograms. However, the surcharges depend on various components, namely: Class of flight. destination.

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How much does 1 kg excess baggage cost at Condor?

Additional luggage with Condor

If you have booked a piece of luggage for a weight category, it should under no circumstances exceed the maximum weight. If this is the case, you will have to pay an excess baggage fee of 15 to 20 euros per kilo above the booked maximum weight, depending on the flight zone.

Why no black suitcases when flying?

Fraport advises travelers to use unusual suitcase colors

The reason: “Many travelers travel with black suitcases. That makes identification very time-consuming,” says Thomas Kirner, Head of Passenger Communications at Fraport AG.

What is a TSA lock on the suitcase?

When traveling in the USA, you should also make sure that your suitcase is equipped with a TSA lock. There, every suitcase can be opened and searched by the TSA authority (Transportation Security Administration). Locked suitcases and trolleys are sometimes opened by force.

Which is better hard or soft case?

Both types of cases offer advantages and disadvantages, so the decision depends on your own preferences. Hard-shell cases offer better protection, while soft-shell cases can score points with lower weight and higher capacity.

What is the best suitcase for air travel?

The clear test winner is the Rimowa Essential Trunk Plus for 880 euros. It cuts the best figure in the Stiftung Warentest test. The price-performance winner is the Travelite Air Base for 130 euros. We also recommend the Magnum model from Samsonite for 230 euros.

What happens if a suitcase bursts open?

But if your luggage is actually damaged during the flight or during transport, you can claim it against the airline and have the right to compensation! The legal situation states that the airline is responsible for the suitcase as soon as it is checked in at the counter.

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Does a luggage strap make sense?

In order to additionally secure your valuable belongings, it can make sense to use a luggage strap. As various tests on the Internet confirm, these luggage straps offer additional stability and, thanks to their resistant materials, can even withstand heavy loads.

What good is a combination lock on the suitcase?

Many combination locks also have a lock for a key, without a key being supplied. These locks have a TSA function. This means that airport security can open the lock with a master key without damaging it.

How does TSA Lock work?

Integrated TSA lock with zipper.
  1. 1 — Please remove the zipper (No. 1) by opening the TSA lock. …
  2. 2 — Now press the metallic button (no. …) with a ballpoint pen or a pointed object.
  3. 3 — Now you can enter your own number (No. …
  4. 4 — Almost there. …
  5. Your TSA lock is now ready for use.

How much is a suitcase insured?

If the luggage is lost during the flight, the airline is liable. However, she is only responsible for checked baggage, up to the 1100 euro limit mentioned. Luggage insurance can be worthwhile if particularly expensive goods are to be additionally insured.

What to do if the suitcase is missing?

Go directly to the baggage tracing desk at the airport and fill out the so-called Property Irregularity Report. If the counter is closed, this can often be done via the airline’s website, or you can visit the site again in person the next day.

How many suitcases are lost every day?

That’s about 20 percent less than the year before — but EU Transport Commissioner Tajani is still calling for further improvements. Brussels — The passenger has arrived at the holiday destination, but the suitcase is gone: Every day around 10.000 pieces of luggage are lost in Europe, and worldwide there are even 90.000 bags and suitcases.

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How many suitcases are lost each year?

In 2018, 6 bags out of 1000 were lost worldwide

According to a recent study by the IT airline service provider Sita, exactly 5,69 pieces of luggage per 1000 passengers were stolen, badly damaged or handed over with a significant delay in global air traffic last year.

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