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How can I check my pension notification?

Where can I have my pension notification checked free of charge?

A check with the pension insurance company is possible at any time and is always free of charge from the pension insurance company. However, there should be a reasonable suspicion that there is an incorrect pension calculation. This is usually the case when important periods are missing in the course of the pension.

Who can review pension notices?

Registered pension advisors who are experts in pension law are available to review pension notices. They can put every pension notice through its paces.

How long can I have my pension notification checked?

Anyone who receives the pension notice has 1 month to appeal against the notice. During this time, you can have the pension advisor check the pension notification. If the objection period expires, it is not that bad. You have 4 years to have your pension notice checked retrospectively.

What to do if the pension notice is wrong?

Anyone who thinks their pension notification is incorrect can appeal within four weeks of receiving the notification; pensioners living abroad have three months. The Deutsche Rentenversicherung provides a corresponding template on its website.

Pension notification — first steps to check the notification yourself

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How often are pension notices wrong?

50 percent of all pension notices are wrong. Most insured persons trust the German pension insurance: “It is the German pension insurance that calculates my pension.

Are all pensions checked?

Since the middle of last year, the pension insurance has been checking all new pensioners to see whether they are entitled to the basic pension supplement, says Roßbach. The claim has actually been in effect since the beginning of last year.

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Who reviews pension applications?

German pension insurance (DRV).

She is legally obliged to provide insured persons with comprehensive advice so that they can fully exploit their pension entitlement (§ 14 SGB I). The DRV is always the first address for questions about account clarification and pension applications. The consultation is free.

Is a pension notice binding?

The pension information or the pension information are not binding and contestable administrative acts. They are purely informal in nature.

Can I see my retirement account online?

With its «online services», Deutsche Rentenversicherung offers its customers various services relating to insurance, pensions and rehabilitation. With your online ID, you can, for example, view your insurance history, your pension information or your pension information.

Can I appeal against a pension notice?

If you do not agree with a notification from the pension insurance institution (e.g. a pension notification), you can file an objection. If you live in Germany, you have one month to do this. If you live abroad, it is three months.

Can the VdK calculate my pension?

Note for VdK members:

The VdK cannot calculate insurance history including the pension points and the resulting pension amount.

What can a pension advisor do?

Specifically, pension consultants represent the interests of their clients in cases of statutory pension and accident insurance, social compensation law, other social security and severely disabled law relating to a statutory pension as well as company and professional pensions.

How much does an hour with a pension advisor cost?

The remuneration for the advice is based on Part 2 of the remuneration list of the RVG. The remuneration may not exceed EUR 190,00. Special regulations apply when the prospects of success of an appeal (objection proceedings, lawsuits) are examined by the pension advisor.

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Who can help me with the pension calculation?

For questions like these, consumers can turn to voluntary insurance advisors from the German pension insurance. The Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund explains that they provide information free of charge on all questions relating to pensions.

When will the new pension notices for 2023 come out?

In a statement on the federal government’s draft law, the Bundesrat has already announced that it will support the pension adjustment as of July 01.07.2022, 01.07.2024 and the improvements for existing European pensioners from July XNUMX, XNUMX.

How high is the basic pension in Germany?

The earnings points are converted into a pension payment. Since July 1, 2021, each payment point has stood for EUR 34,19 per month (West) or EUR 33,47 (East). This currently results in a maximum basic pension supplement of almost 420 euros.

Is a pension advisor useful?

Timely pension advice can bring clarity to the additional need for provision beyond the entitlements from statutory pension insurance and enable appropriate planning.

What is the current minimum pension?

There is currently no minimum pension in the German pension system. The amount of a retiree’s statutory pension always depends on the pension points acquired — the higher the income and the longer one has been in employment, the higher the pension points account.

What is the pension after 5 years?

This has been EUR 01.07.2018 since July 32,03st, 69,08. This results in a monthly pension amount of EUR 69,08 (if no pension deductions are taken into account). That means you would have EUR 5 more pension if you had worked XNUMX more years.

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Is the basic pension of €1250 gross or net?

Reason: The pension reached will increase by around €147 to €274 (= 10 years x 0,4 to 0,75 payment points x €36,02). This increases the gross basic pension to around €1.050 to €1.200 and the payment amount of the basic pension increases to around €934 to €1.079.

What is the basic pension from 2023?

The basic pension is intended to reward long-term insurance with a below-average income. However, the surcharge is often very small.

What is the basic pension after 33 years?

If you have at least 33 years of basic pension periods, an amount of EUR 100 of the gross monthly pension plus 30 percent of the pension above that will not be taken into account. This allowance is limited to 50 percent of the standard rate for basic security.

Why am I suddenly getting a lower pension?

If the pension begins at the wrong time, certain waiting periods that would be sufficient for a pension without deductions, for example, cannot be recognized for the insured person. Then the earlier start of the pension wrongly leads to deductions in the pension.

Why suddenly less pension?

There will be no pension increase in 2021, but also no pension reduction. And that’s actually the good news. Reason: Retirement benefits are primarily linked to the development of employee income. And these fell overall in 2020 — thanks to the Corona crisis and short-time work.

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