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Can you withdraw money from every shell?

Can I withdraw money at every Shell gas station?

Can I withdraw cash at Shell petrol stations? Yes, Postbank and Cash Group customers can withdraw cash at more than 1.300 Shell petrol stations. You can find the participating Shell petrol stations in our cash finder.

Which Shell petrol station can I withdraw money from?

Withdrawing money works the same way at the Shell petrol station as it does in the bank around the corner. Postbank customers and account holders at Hypovereinsbank, Norisbank, Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank still do not pay any fees.

At which petrol stations can I withdraw cash?

Withdraw money at the gas station — that’s how it works

As a customer of a bank belonging to the so-called “Cash Group”, you can withdraw up to 1.300 euros with your giro card at over 1000 Shell gas stations. These include Deutsche Bank, Postbank, Commerzbank, Hypo-Vereinsbank and their respective subsidiaries.

Can you withdraw money at the gas station?

The cash service at the gas station works just as easily and free of charge as in retail. The only important difference: You don’t have to spend any money here. It is therefore possible to withdraw cash even if you do not fill up with fuel or make other purchases at the petrol station.

Withdraw cash for free

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Can you have money paid out at Aral?

How the cash service works

Usually you can have up to EUR 200,00 paid out in this way. The purchase amount and the desired payment amount are usually added together and withdrawn from the bank account by direct debit.

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Can I withdraw money from Rossmann?

According to the consumer center, money can only be withdrawn from Rossmann if the customer bank cooperates with the payment service provider So far, this has around a dozen financial institutions among its partners, including five Sparda banks, a savings bank, the DKB, Fidor Bank and smaller direct banks.

Can you withdraw money from Lidl?

Since August 27.08.2018th, 5, it has been possible to withdraw cash free of charge at any cash desk in our branches in Germany. As soon as you have reached the minimum purchase amount of XNUMX euros, simply state the desired amount at the checkout, enter your girocard PIN and receive cash directly.

Can I also deposit money at Shell?

Around 1.300 Shell petrol stations – that’s about two out of three of the brand’s petrol stations – offer this service free of charge to customers of banks that belong to the Cash Group. This applies, for example, to Commerzbank, Postbank, Comdirect and Norisbank.

Where can I withdraw?

Billa, Bipa, C&A, the organic retailer Denn’s, Hofer, Lidl, Mediamarkt, Merkur, Mpreis, Penny, Unimarkt and Zgonc are now there — as well as a few inns in rural areas.

What are Cash Group machines?

The Cash Group is an association of several private banks and has existed since 1998. All customers can withdraw cash free of charge from the ATMs of other Cash Group members.

These banks currently belong to the Cash Group:

  • Deutsche Bank.
  • postal bank.
  • Commerzbank.
  • HypoVereinsbank.

How can I withdraw money from Rewe?

No problem: save yourself the trip to the ATM! At REWE you can withdraw money at the checkout and save on fees! If your purchase value* is at least €10, you can withdraw up to €200 in cash from REWE free of charge. The payout is guaranteed free of charge and very easy with your girocard.

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Can you withdraw money from Aldi Süd?

Yes. From a purchase value of 5 euros, you can withdraw up to 200 euros from us with your EC/Girocard and with your debit or credit card (MasterCard, VISA, Diners Club, Discover). The payout is staggered in 10-euro increments.

Can I withdraw money at the cash register?

Everyone knows it — no more cash in your wallet. No problem, because we offer the possibility to withdraw cash at our cash registers free of charge. Once a day you can withdraw 10 to 200 euros in cash with your girocard or credit card (Mastercard or VISA) from a purchase value of 10 euros.

Who is part of the Postbank Cash Group?

In addition to Postbank, Deutsche Bank, Commerzbank and HypoVereinsbank also belong to the Cash Group. In addition to the Cash Group ATMs, around 1.300 Shell petrol stations and numerous retailers are also available to you as a Postbank customer for cash withdrawals.

Can I withdraw money from HEM?

You just need a gas station with an ATM? very easily in our gas station finder.

Can you also deposit money at Lidl?

It is not yet possible to make deposits at supermarkets and discounters such as Aldi, Edeka, Kaufland and Lidl, but cash withdrawals work at some of these retailers.

Can I withdraw money at the cash register at Kaufland?

Need cash? No problem! We are now offering you the opportunity to withdraw cash from us free of charge — and that from a purchase value of 10 euros.

How much does it cost to withdraw money from the Postbank?

Depending on the account model, cash withdrawals at the Postbank counter also cost a fee of EUR 1,50. Note: Be careful when making counter withdrawals with the institute’s own credit cards — this costs at least 5 euros or a 2,50% fee.

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Which supermarket pays out money?

REWE and Penny have been doing it for quite a while — ALDI Süd, Netto and tegut also offer this service, as do toom DIY stores, Famila department stores and some Edeka stores: The HDE trade association estimates that there are now 22.000 branches of food retailers, drugstores, Hardware stores or gas stations…

How much money can you withdraw from dm?

When shopping in their dm store, customers can now have up to 200 euros paid out free of charge using all common payment methods from the very first product purchase.

Who can withdraw money from Netto?

Withdrawing money is now just a purchase away. With us you can now withdraw up to 200 euros daily free of charge. At every checkout, in every branch and from a purchase value of 10 euros.

How much does Viacash cost?

Do end customers incur fees if they use Barzahlen/viacash? «As a rule, there are no fees for the end customer if they use Barzahlen/viacash for payment, since the payment costs are borne by the online retailer in most cases.»

Can I deposit money at Rewe?

Deposit or withdraw money into a checking account

Select the desired deposit or withdrawal amount. 3. Have the generated barcode scanned at the REWE checkout and the amount paid in or out.

How much does Barzahlen de cost?

Depending on the turnover, a fee of EUR 0,35 plus 1,49 to 2,49 percent of the volume is due per transaction. Customers can use the practical financial service at no additional cost and do not have to maintain a PayPal account.

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