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Can you take lysine and arginine together?

When not to take l-arginine?

Arginine preparations should under no circumstances be taken for cardiovascular diseases without medical supervision, since interactions with antihypertensives, blood thinners and sexual enhancers can occur. If you have already had a heart attack, you should refrain from using it at all.

Which amino acids to take together?

Women should take special care when taking arginine and lysine together. Lysine and arginine work in unison with each other. Lysine can help bones continue to store calcium after menopause.

When is the best time to take lysine?

For the treatment of herpes, a daily dosage of 1,5 to 3 grams of L-lysine is usually recommended — divided into three individual doses, each taken before a meal.

What do arginine histidine and lysine have in common?

Characteristics. Along with arginine and histidine, lysine belongs to the group of basic amino acids or hexon bases. These have a basic group, in the case of lysine a free amino group in the side chain, through which they react as a base. The charge of lysine is pH dependent (pK value: ~10).

L arginine effect — for potency and blood pressure problems

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Is Lysine Blood Thinner?

What is lysine good for?

L-lysine ensures healthy growth and a functioning immune system, so a deficiency would result in growth disorders and increased susceptibility to infections. In addition, the amino acid is involved in collagen formation, it keeps skin, hair and nails supple.

Can you take lysine permanently?

A regular overdose of lysine can cause side effects: In addition to kidney dysfunction, there can be blood coagulation disorders and blood sugar fluctuations, which is why our pharmacists at Saint Charles Pharmacy Vienna do not recommend the daily requirement of 38 mg per kilogram of body weight in the long term…

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When is Lysine Overdosed?

Overdose, Interactions and Notes

Even the intake of very high doses of 15.000 milligrams per day only occasionally led to abdominal cramps and occasional diarrhea. With an average diet, daily intake of up to 3.000 milligrams of lysine is considered safe for a few months.

Is Lysine Anti-Inflammatory?

In addition to relieving pain, it has anti-inflammatory and antipyretic effects.

Which amino acids good against wrinkles?


Methionine: protects the skin from pollutants. Lysine: strengthens the skin’s surface. Proline, Leucine and Glycine: reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Can too many amino acids be harmful?

An overdose of amino acids leads to a breakdown of the unused portion. The result is, for example, an increased uric acid value. In the long term, however, this can have negative consequences (gout, stress on the kidneys and liver, and more).

Which amino acids for the psyche?

As amino acids, tyrosine and phenylalanine have a revitalizing effect on the psyche and are therefore often referred to as natural stimulants.

Is arginine harmful to the liver?

Arginine therefore not only plays a crucial role in detoxifying the body from toxic ammonia, but also promotes the full range of functions of the liver.

Can you take L-arginine every day?

It is recommended to supplement L-arginine daily if there is an additional requirement, due to sport or illness. A daily dose is also recommended for therapeutic purposes, for example in the case of high blood pressure or erectile dysfunction.

Can you take L-arginine in the evening?

Since L-arginine does not have a stimulating or waking effect, you can also take our L-ARGININE 6000 for training in the evening without risking sleepless nights.

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Is lysine dangerous?

There is evidence that an overdose of lysine can impair blood clotting. Therefore, make sure not to overdose on food supplements containing the amino acid.

What Foods Have More Lysine Than Arginine?

Lysine is considered an effective measure for the dietary treatment of herpes simplex infections. L-lysine is an essential amino acid and is the antagonist of arginine, a main nutrient of the herpes virus. Parmesan, tuna, pork and soybeans in particular contain a lot of it.

Where does lysine deficiency come from?

L-lysine is one of the essential amino acids. It must therefore be made available to the body through food. An unbalanced diet can lead to undersupply. L-lysine is involved in numerous processes in the body, but particularly in immune function and growth.

Which amino acids help with insomnia?

Amino acids against sleep disorders

While L-tryptophan has a particular effect on the sleep-wake cycle and mood, glycine promotes relaxation and falling asleep and, like L-arginine, protects our body and brain from stress, harmful substances and other disturbing factors.

Can you lose weight with L-lysine?

L-lysine promotes weight loss by participating in protein formation. This stimulates the metabolism and thus also the body’s own fat burning. In addition, lysine is significantly involved in the formation of carnitine, which optimizes the fat metabolism.


What is an amino acid deficiency?

A lack of amino acids can have negative consequences for the body in the long term. Common consequences are an increased susceptibility to infections, a drop in performance, joint problems, deficits in muscle building, slow wound healing and mood swings up to depression or obsessive-compulsive disorders.

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Which Nuts Contain Lysine?

Which foods contain lysine?
  • Soybeans 1,9 grams.
  • Wheat germ 1,9 grams.
  • Lentils 1,89 grams.
  • Peas 1,77 grams.
  • Peanuts 1,1 grams.
  • Rice 0,3 grams.

Where is a lot of L arginine found?

Natural L-arginine is found in many protein-rich foods, especially meat, nuts and legumes. However, pumpkin seeds contain the highest proportion of arginine. Seafood such as shrimp also provide the valuable amino acid. Dairy products, on the other hand, contain relatively little arginine.

Is lysine collagen?

Lysine is one of the most important building blocks of collagen. Vitamin C also promotes collagen production.

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