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Can you drill into plaster walls?

Which drill for plaster walls?

Metal drill is suitable for holes in metal, plastics (e.g. plexiglass), plasterboard. This drill is black and has a distinct twist that tapers to a point. It is best to only use models made of high-performance high-speed steel — which can be recognized by the abbreviation «HSS» on the packaging.

How do I know if I can drill into a wall?

A hammer drill can be hired from any hardware store. It should be able to drill into most walls. If not, only the hammer drill will help. A cordless drill is best suited for masonry, but not for concrete.

Which dowels do you use in plaster walls?

Plastic anchors or metal anchors are suitable for attaching objects to drywall.

The relevant anchors for plasterboard are:

  • back-reaching plastic dowels.
  • metal dowels behind.
  • Special dowels (spring clip dowels, toggle dowels, plasterboard dowels)
  • injection systems.

How many kg can you hang on a plasterboard wall?

The permissible load per plastic cavity dowel is 25 kg (1-layer planking) or 40 kg (2-layer planking). Metal cavity dowels carry more weight (30 kg with 1-layer and 50 kg with 2-layer planking). The maximum load per running meter of Rigips Wand is 40 kg, regardless of the dowel.

Drill a hole in the wall! How to properly drill a hole in concrete and plaster walls! | Tutorial (German)

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Can you hang a TV on a plasterboard wall?

Rigips and cavity wall plugs for drywall

Fixing your TV set to such a wall is not a problem with special cavity dowels. Screw-in anchors are suitable for thick panels and small cavities.

How do I attach a shelf to a plasterboard wall?

Shelves can be attached to sheetrock with cavity dowels and screws. Mounting with shelf supports is also possible if the shelf is to be attached in a floating manner. For shelves standing on the floor, there is an additional attachment with mounting straps from industrial supplies.

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Can you use normal dowels for plasterboard?

* Medium-heavy console loads must not be attached to plasterboard walls with a thickness of less than 12,5 mm. With gypsum fiber boards, on the other hand, 6 mm or 8 mm thick dowels can be used. For walls with a thickness of up to 12,5 mm and light console loads, 6 mm thick dowels are usually sufficient.

How do you recognize a sheetrock wall?

Red drill dust is a distinctive sign of a brick wall. White, sandy drilling dust is found in sand-lime brick (also called aerated concrete). And white, fine drilling dust that sticks to the drill during the test drilling indicates a plasterboard wall (also called Rigips).

Where are you not allowed to drill into the wall?

Installation zones in the bathroom and workrooms

No sockets, light switches and the like may be installed in the interior areas of bathtubs and in the area of ​​the shower up to a height of at least 2,25 meters or up to the height of the water connection.

Why can’t I drill into my wall?

If you can’t easily drill a hole in a wall, it’s usually due to the tool not being used for the wall material. It becomes particularly difficult with reinforced concrete or other particularly hard materials.

Where does the current go in the wall?

Principles when laying power lines
  • From switches and sockets, they run vertically or horizontally directly to the ceiling or floor.
  • Cables are laid at a distance of 30 cm from the floor or ceiling.
  • There is an FI switch to protect against electric shocks.
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Can you screw directly into plasterboard?

If, on the other hand, you simply want to attach a picture (or other light-weight object) to the plasterboard wall, you can screw a suitable nail or slim screw directly into the plasterboard. Due to the load distribution, almost every screw holds firmly in the plasterboard wall.

Is my wall single or double planked?

In the case of walls that are only erected to separate the living space, simple paneling is therefore a good option. As a rule of thumb, it can be said that objects to be attached to the wall weighing more than 40kg per meter of wall length require double planking. This value applies to panels with a thickness of 12,5 mm.

What to do if dowels don’t hold?

A dowel needs support

If the dowel fits the wall and still doesn’t hold, the reason usually lies in the preparatory work. If you have drilled the dowel hole too large, the dowel cannot find a hold. However, some materials are simply so soft that they quickly become too large without much effort on your part.

How stable is a plasterboard wall?

With values ​​of up to 67 dB, it sets standards and also proves to be an extremely resilient dry construction product. This makes it particularly suitable for objects such as hospitals, schools or hotels, in which increased requirements for sound insulation and robustness have to be met.

Which screws hold in Rigips?

The screws used to fasten sheetrock are all countersunk. This is important because these screws must be fully countersunk into the plasterboard.

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Can you drill into drywall?

Fastening systems for drywall

So-called toggle and spring-loaded dowels are combinations of a screw or hook and dowel. The dowel part is inserted through the drill hole and folds open behind the plate. This type is mostly used on ceilings, for example to hang lamps.

Can you attach kitchen cabinets to plasterboard wall?

When using Rigips dowels, you should attach brackets in the closet that have multiple attachment points. Then you can use two or three dowels per side. There are special dowels for cavity mounting. You should have the pliers.

Can you nail plasterboard?

Use approx. 30 mm long nails to attach the sheetrock. Leave a maximum of 20 cm between the nails. The nails should also be driven in at least 1 cm from the edge of the panel.

How do I attach a lamp to a sheetrock ceiling?

If there is sufficient free space behind the plasterboard, so-called cavity dowels can also be used. You can then attach the holder of your lamp to these dowels. Attention: When mounting on plasterboard, do not use particularly heavy lamp models.

What can plasterboard withstand?

Resilience and load-bearing capacity of plasterboard
  • The permissible load for cavity dowels made of plastic is 25 kg with 1-layer cladding and 40 kg with double cladding.
  • Metal cavity dowels carry 30 kg with 1-layer cladding and 50 kg with double cladding.

Are sheetrock walls hollow?

A plasterboard wall should be attached to a lath frame or a stud frame. Best decoupled from floor and ceiling. The cavity behind it has to be dampened. Just sticking sheetrock to a wall with whatever, at least serves no acoustic purpose.

What to do if the screw spins?

What can drywall withstand?

As an average value: the maximum load capacity per meter is 30 to 40 kg. However, the load depth is also a determining factor. Example: with a load depth (depth of the mounted object) of 10 cm, the load capacity is around 70 kg per running meter.

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