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Can you charge rent for a garden?

How much rent for garden charge?

For leases concluded after 2004, terraces and balconies may be added to the living space with 25 percent of their floor area.

How high can the costs for garden maintenance be?

What are the additional costs for garden maintenance? Tenants have to pay an average of 10 cents per square meter per month for garden maintenance. This means that garden maintenance costs are among the cheaper ancillary costs. For a 70 square meter apartment, there are an average of 84 euros a year in additional costs for garden maintenance.

Is the garden rented?

(dmb) If the garden is also rented out, tenants can use it as they wish. According to the German Tenants’ Association (DMB), you can create a vegetable patch or a compost heap, set up garden gnomes, paddling pools, dog kennels, sandpits or swings, plant flowers or shrubs.

Is a garden counted towards the living space?

Hallway, guest toilet, bathroom, entrance area: Your floor space counts in its entirety – including all areas that account for built-in cupboards, shower cubicles or stoves. Cellars, laundry rooms, storage rooms outside the house, boiler rooms, garages, gardens, driveways: your floor space never counts as floor space.

Do I have to do gardening as a tenant? What can the landlord ask for?

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What rent for garden?

1 Contractual regulation. Without an express contractual arrangement, the garden is only rented out in a single-family home. In the case of multi-family houses, the tenants only have a right to use the garden if this is expressly stipulated in the rental agreement.

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What does the garden share mean in the rental agreement?

The shared use of the garden is part of the rented property and the landlord must ensure that the tenant can use the garden as intended. However, the tenant can only claim what he found when he moved in. This can be a kitchen garden, a natural garden or an ornamental garden.

Can the landlord request garden maintenance?

The landlord is generally responsible for maintaining the garden of an apartment building. The landlord is free to decide whether he takes care of the garden himself, contractually assigns the work to one or all tenants or commissions external companies to take care of the garden.


What does garden with use mean?

If the garden, a garden use or joint use is also rented there, this represents a regularly inseparable connection with the rented property (the rented apartment or the rented house) and cannot simply be terminated or restricted.

Who pays for the lawnmower tenant or landlord?

Who has to provide the garden tools

In this case, the tenant must procure and maintain them at his own expense. If, on the other hand, the garden maintenance is a matter for the landlord, the latter must also bear the costs for tools and equipment.

When can landlords charge for garden maintenance?

As with all ancillary costs, the prerequisite is that garden maintenance has been agreed as an ancillary cost type in the rental agreement. Only then can the landlord apportion the costs of garden maintenance via the utility bill. The costs that may be apportioned for the maintenance of green areas are comprehensive.

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How do you calculate garden maintenance?

As a rough guide, however, you can calculate around 20-40 euros per hour. Activities such as lawn mowing, pest control or garden cleaning (eg removing leaves in autumn) fall into the lower price segment. Here you can expect costs of 20-25 euros per hour.

How much does garden maintenance cost per year?

The costs involved also depend on the extent of the garden maintenance. Regular lawn mowing costs around 500 euros per year for a good 200 square meters. If beds and plants are also to be cared for, then the costs for an annual contract for garden maintenance are more like 1.000 to 2.000 euros per year.

How can I calculate the cold rent?

In principle, however, individual data such as the year of construction of the building, the condition and the location of the rental property must be taken into account when calculating the cold rent. Depending on the equipment and location, the cold rent can then also be above or below the usual local rent index.

How do I calculate the rent?

The rent may be a maximum of 20% above the local comparative rent. Only in a few exceptional cases are landlords able to charge a higher rent. The legislature considers a rent that is 50% higher than the comparable rent to be punishable as usury.

How do you calculate the rental price per sqm?

To calculate the square meter price, you can use a simple formula:
  1. Length x width x factor = total number of square meters.
  2. Rent/purchase price divided by the total number of square meters = price per square meter.
  3. Calculate square meter price: practical example square meter price balcony.
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Who can use the garden?

A special right of use for the garden allows an apartment owner or tenant to use the garden alone. The other parties in the multi-family house then have to refrain from using it. However, this right is subject to certain limitations.

Who owns the garden?

Gardens are generally part of the community property

If the horticultural design of the property has not already been determined (declaration of division, allocation plan or community regulations), the apartment owners can decide on this with a majority of votes.

What does garden maintenance include tenants?

Garden maintenance tenants

This includes activities that every tenant can do without specialist knowledge and at great expense. This includes, for example, mowing the lawn and removing weeds. Any work that goes beyond this (such as felling trees) remains the responsibility of the landlord.

What to do if the tenant does not maintain the garden?

Legal consequences of violating the garden maintenance obligation

After an unsuccessful request and setting a deadline for the tenant, he is also entitled to substitute performance, ie he can commission a garden center to carry out the necessary work and charge the tenant for the costs.

Who pays for garden maintenance in rental properties?

As a landlord, you are basically responsible for the garden maintenance of the rental property. However, you can transfer certain tasks and costs to the tenants — here you can find out how to formulate the rental agreement accordingly.

Can the landlord redesign the garden?

The landlord must contractually agree with you on his own use of part of the garden that he has rented. And: If a house with a garden is rented, the landlord may not terminate your use of the garden. may. That means you can use the garden – without making unauthorized structural changes to it.

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What is the landlord allowed to do in the garden?

However, he is also responsible for the care of the garden and must, for example, purchase garden tools at his own expense. However, the landlord cannot dictate to the tenant how maintenance is to be carried out — for example when and how often he should weed or mow the lawn.

Is cutting a hedge a tenant responsibility?

It depends on what is in the rental agreement. If, for example, it was stated there that the tenant had to cut the hedge, the landlord can also demand this from him. Anyone who has rented a green space can also design it. In the case of major changes, however, the landlord must agree.

How does a garden affect the rental price?

Only the landlord has to give his approval for this. Having your own garden only increases the cost of renting an apartment by four percent, with the average price per square meter being 6,40 euros.

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