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Can polish go bad?

How long does a polish last?

So a polish “holds” until I bring new damage to the paintwork. The various paint defects are clearly visible. There is no alternative to remove scratches.

Can polishing paste go bad?

If stored properly, solid polishing pastes can be kept for up to 24 months. Even longer if stored dry.

How long does a paint treatment last?

The seal lasts around 3-5 months without washing the car. The weather is decisive here and whether the car is parked in the garage or outside. It always depends on which product is used.

Can you go wrong with polishing?

Save the money for polishing pads or sponges and use a household sponge or even an old undershirt for polishing instead? Not a good idea. This is because the polish cannot be distributed evenly and well with it. Streaks and holograms are the result.

Important! You should consider these 5 points before you start polishing!

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When is a polish done?

The polishing itself is carried out in cross strokes, which means you move the polishing machine horizontally and then vertically, so the highest possible coverage is achieved — the movements of the machine and the pad on the paintwork are smooth and slow, approx. 2-3 cm per second are enough.

How often should you polish the car?

How often can I polish my car? Experts recommend polishing your car once or twice a year. Best before and after winter. This not only maintains the shine, but also prevents rust damage.

How can you paint a chair?

How much does a professional car polish cost?

In most cases, the vehicle is cleaned here, after which the entire car is polished and sealed. The car polish costs around 150 euros here. If a fine grinding polish is added to the basic polish, costs from around 350 euros must be taken into account.

How much does paintwork treatment cost?

As a rule, you can expect prices from 150 to 200 euros for light, less intensive work. However, there are almost no upper limits. If you want to save costs, the so-called smart repair process can be worthwhile.

How much does a professional polish cost?

A basic polish, i.e. usually a previous cleaning and polishing and sealing the whole car, costs from around €250. If a fine abrasive polish is added to the basic polish, you can expect a price of around €350.

How long can you use a polishing pad?

After all, the Lake Country pads are recommended for almost every product by the Americans and also have a name to lose. The parts should last 30 uses (on the Velcro).

What polishing paste do dentists use?

CleanJoy is the new tooth cleaning and polishing paste for professional tooth cleaning and polishing as part of prophylactic treatment from VOCO.

What is the best car polish?

The Koch Chemie Shine Speed ​​Polish car polish was both the test winner and the price-performance winner. For 16,99 euros, the manufacturer supplies 500 milliliters of Shine Speed ​​Polish, which is very easy to apply and polish off. None of the other eight polishes can be polished off so effortlessly without leaving any residue.

What does TV reset mean?

Can car wax go bad?

The durability depends on the product used (good quality, higher prices) and on the preparatory work (washing in 2 buckets, kneading). I’ll put it this way, it does its job, but connoisseurs know that the wax is a mess… It’s about how long the stuff stays in the bottle.

What should be considered when polishing?

When polishing the car, make absolutely sure that you are not wearing any jewelry such as rings, watches or bracelets, as these can lead to unsightly scratches in the car paint. If possible, the car polish should also be suitable for plastic and rubber parts, otherwise ugly stains may remain.

What’s the point of polishing a car?

That’s why car polishing is worthwhile

Because polishing removes the weathered top layer of paint and exposes a new one. This removes small scratches where rust tends to form. In addition, a freshly polished paintwork is less susceptible to bird droppings, which like to etch themselves into it.

How much does it cost to polish a scratch?

If a polish is sufficient to treat the scratch, you should budget for around 40 euros, depending on the provider. If painting is required, the price increases to around 80 euros. If dents have to be removed, the price quickly rises into the three-digit range.

How often should you wax the car?

We recommend waxing your car at least twice a year. Once in the fall to give the car a protective layer against road salt and grit. And once in the spring to renew the wax layer.

What happens if you don't warm up properly?

What is the best way to polish?

The required equipment: In addition to the right polishing agent, a polishing pad or sponge or special polishing cotton is required for polishing. Important: The harder the polishing sponge, the stronger the grinding effect. A microfiber cloth is also required to remove the polish.

Which sealing after polishing?

To ensure that your car shines for a long time after polishing, you should not deliver the freshly sanded paintwork without protection. It is therefore very important to seal the paint now. For example, you can apply a layer of wax. The same applies when growing: Less is more!

How to properly polish a car with a polishing machine?

First, about two thimbles of polish should be applied to the machine’s sponge and dampened with water from a spray bottle. This not only makes the polishing machine run more smoothly, the moisture also cools the paintwork and thus prevents damage.

What polish do professionals use?

Find professional polishes

There are several manufacturers of professional car polishes. Probably the biggest are Menzerna, Meguiars and 3M. In our shop you will find a car polish set with Menzerna polishes in different strengths, which are used with a polishing machine.

How deep scratches can you polish out?

Bodyshops can remove most scratches that didn’t go through to the primer. In the case of deeper scratches, only a complete repainting usually helps. Important: Many companies do not calculate according to the number of scratches, but according to the area to be polished.

How do I get streaks away from polishing?

Hologram / streak removal made easy
  1. Step 1: Clean — Thoroughly clean the paintwork to avoid scratches.
  2. Step 2: Work in — Apply hologram remover to a polishing sponge and work into the paintwork in circular movements and without pressure.
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