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Can I kick my son out?

How to get a grown son out of the house?

Expulsion only with the help of the family court

You shouldn’t deny him access to the apartment once he’s gone out, or even change the lock. In order to force him out of the apartment, you will have to seek legal help. The family court is responsible for this.

When can I kick my son out?

In principle, parents have the right to kick their adult children out the door. In technical jargon, they can ban their children from entering the home without giving a reason. «In individual cases, however, an amicable move of an adult child from the parental home should always be sought,» says the expert.

What to do if the adult son doesn’t want to move out?

Then you determine when your son has to move out (not too long, but not just a few days either). If he does not do this by the required date, his whereabouts will be considered trespassing and you will have the police stop it.

How long do children have the right to live with their parents?

At the age of 18, children lose their right to live in their parents’ household. According to § 1626 Para. 1 Clause 1 BGB, parents have parental responsibility for underage children up to the age of 18.

«That’s enough!» — When can parents throw their children out? | Attorney Christian Solmecke

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Can I throw my son out of the house?

The adult child no longer has the right to live in the parental home. In the apartment occupied by the parents, the parents are entitled to domiciliary rights. After that, they can also ask their adult child to move out.

What to do if there are wasps in the house?

What can I do if my son doesn’t want to work?

Both sides must have a security and a certainty. Parents should make it clear that they do not want the child to live with them permanently. But they should also talk about how the situation could be settled after the move. How much can parents get involved?

How do I get rid of my adult son?

A good thing that can help your children let go is trust. Trust yourself and your upbringing and trust that you have given your children everything they need to lead their own lives and that your child is well prepared for an independent life. Talk about your feelings.

What rights do parents have over adult children?

«From the age of 18, the parents have to provide maintenance for the adult child as cash maintenance and the child has to take care of the implementation of its rights itself. This applies in particular to children whose parents live separately,” says Birgit Franke.

Can I kick my 25 year old son out?

Summary: If the coexistence of parents and child is unreasonable for serious social reasons, the job center must guarantee that the costs for accommodation and heating will be covered. The child can then also move out if it is not yet 25 years old and has no maintenance claim against the parents.

Can my parents just throw me out?

As long as you are not yet 18 years old, your parents are responsible for you and cannot simply throw you out of the apartment, even if there are problems and disputes. If your parents no longer know how to “deal” with you, they can get help, e.g.

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How long do I have to pay for my adult child?

Parents’ maintenance obligations do not end when their children come of age. The German Civil Code obliges parents to secure the livelihood of their children until they can stand on their own two feet. This is usually only the case after vocational training.

Who is entitled to child benefit if you no longer live at home?

Child benefit is only ever paid to one parent for a child. If the parents are separated, child benefit is paid to the parent with whom the child lives most of the time. If the other parent has to pay maintenance, the maintenance is reduced by half of the child benefit.

Can I have my adult child admitted?

Compulsory admission of underage children at the instigation of the parents is possible in principle, but there are also very high hurdles here. A psychiatric report is required and the admission must be ordered by the family court. There must be a significant endangerment to self or others.

What to do when adults disrespect children?

Measures to eliminate the disrespect

In order to be reconciled with the daughter, parents have to jump over their own shadow. That’s not always easy. It is important to recognize the daughter as an independent person. You should choose a good time to talk to her.

What do parents have to pay if the son moves out at 18?

The essentials in brief. Parents have to pay maintenance for their adult children until they have completed their first vocational training. If your child is studying and no longer lives at home, since January 1, 2023, they have been entitled to 930 euros a month as maintenance from their parents (previously: 860 euros).

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What obligations do adult children have towards their parents?

‌Adult children are obliged to take care of their parents. According to § 1601 BGB, relatives in the direct line must pay for maintenance. However, certain regulations apply, which depend on the income of the children. Under certain circumstances, however, the parents receive social assistance.

Can my mother forbid me to do something when I’m 18?

Yes, your parents are allowed to do that, because until you are 18 — i.e. of legal age — your parents have the right to determine contact for you. This law gives them the right to ban you from associating with certain friends.

How long do I have to pay child support if the child does not go to school?

Parents’ obligation to maintain their children does not end when they turn 18. It is valid regularly until the completion of an initial training course. The law speaks of a professional qualification.

What parents never forgive their children?

11 things a child will never forgive their parents
  • silence as punishment.
  • «Put children away» to others
  • neglect of children.
  • Blame for failed marriage.
  • Laugh at the child’s fears.
  • Simply dispose of your favorite toy.
  • Force religious belief.
  • Ban children from their mouths.

Can’t take my son anymore?

If you’re just annoyed and can’t take your child anymore, then look for yourself first, if possible. Sometimes there are situations when you have to be there for your child, even if it’s hardly possible anymore. But be prepared to do something for yourself and recharge your batteries in the next opportunity.

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How to deal with accusations from adult children?

As an adult child, on the other hand, according to the experts, you should be careful with yourself and find out how much time and how much contact with your parents is good. «Breaking off contact is only a first solution, but not permanent,» says Riedel.

What do you do if the child doesn’t want to go home?

Those affected can get help on the free telephone number 116000 — both parents and caregivers who are missing a child, as well as children and young people who have run away from home and no longer know what to do. The hotline for missing children is a service provided by Rat auf Draht and SOS Children’s Villages.

What to do if the child no longer wants to live at home?

It is best for the child to contact the youth welfare office responsible for the child’s place of residence in the specific case. The relevant contact addresses and contacts are available online at

What to do if the child does not want to go to school?

Use the time between school and training or studies
  • do voluntary service. Get involved in social, ecological or cultural projects.
  • Go abroad. Gain experience abroad — as an au pair, in language courses or on trips.
  • do an internship. …
  • jobbing. …
  • Prepare for an apprenticeship.
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