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As discussed with wife on the phone?

As discussed over the phone examples?

The comma before ‘as discussed’ is also optional if this formulaic expression is supplemented by a few words, in the following example by ‘by telephone’. Example: Voluntary comma with ‘as discussed’ with a few words (beginning of sentence) As discussed on the phone[,] we will get back to you next Monday.

How to formulate it differently as discussed on the phone?


«As just discussed on the phone, we will send you the requested documents in the attachment. «Here are the requested documents. Please take the time to look through them calmly.

As discussed with or without a comma?

You can put a comma in as discussed because the formulaic phrase is actually a shortened subordinate clause. Since subordinate clauses are usually separated by commas, a comma is also allowed in as discussed.

As we discussed on the phone today?

The expression «as discussed» is a shortened subordinate clause. If you write out this formulaic phrase, it becomes a complete subordinate clause, for example: «As we discussed on the phone this morning …» As is well known, subordinate clauses must be separated by a comma.

TELEPHONE IN GERMAN (tips, tricks, idioms)

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As discussed or as spoken?

As discussed, I am allowed to send you my offer and my general terms and conditions. The comma after formulaic ellipsis (i.e. shortened sentences) that start with like or when is optional.

How do you refer to a phone call?

Referring to the phone call we just had with you, we are sending you our catalogs as an attachment. If requested, we will send you the documents… Thank you for your letter. In anticipation of an early reply, we remain…

When not to take CBD?

How to cover letter after phone call?

Initiating an application after a phone call:
  1. «I would like to thank you for the friendly phone call, which made a lasting impression on me and is now motivating me to present myself as the ideal candidate for the advertised position. «
  2. «Thank you for the informative phone call at TT. MM.YYYY.

How do you write enclosed do you receive?

Important for you: Under no circumstances use the old office formulations «enclosed», «enclosed», «enclosed», «as an attachment», «in the attachment», «in the attachments». Today they are considered wrong. By the way: «We are available for questions…» is now outdated.

How discussed do I send?

With so-called formulaic subordinate clauses, the tolerance principle applies according to the new orthography, ie you can put the comma as before, but you don’t have to: as discussed, I will send you the documents.

As discussed short form?

«As discussed» is a formulaic phrase. This means that this phrase is often used in exactly this combination in the German language. It can also be the short form of a subordinate clause. As discussed [,] I will send you the documents.

What do you say instead of attached?

Good and customer-friendly formulations

Successful formulations are, for example: «Details can be found in the attachment to this e-mail/on the enclosed price sheet.» «With this e-mail you will receive…» «We have sent a map with directions.»

When do you say attached?

[1] in the appendix, kept, enclosed, as an enclosure, here, attached, enclosed. Examples: [1] You will find the outstanding €50 enclosed. [1] I am sending you the promised documents.

What is a cold ditch?

What does Enclosed mean?

The wording «as an attachment we leave you …» or «I am sending you enclosed» is considered outdated and should definitely be replaced. So avoid these empty phrases in your letters in the future and try to express yourself in a relaxed manner.

What do you say on the first phone call?

Don’t give away your whole life on the first phone call, talk about general things, feel free to ask about his hobbies or interests, what he likes to do in his free time or would do if he had the right person, whether he likes nature , garden, animals, whether he has favorite colors, what he does professionally…

How do I end a call on the phone?

Operation 6 tips: End phone calls correctly
  1. Smile. …
  2. Call the caller by their name when you say goodbye. …
  3. Thank you for the call: «Thank you for calling» or «Thank you for taking the time, Mrs…».

How do you ask for a conversation?

50 own questions in the job interview
  1. Was this position newly created?
  2. Was there a predecessor for this position?
  3. Does he or she still work in the company?
  4. From your point of view, what did my predecessor do really well?
  5. In your opinion, what should I do differently than my predecessor?
  6. How many predecessors were there?

What not to do on a phone call?

Be sure to speak clearly, clearly and not too quickly, and try not to sound monotonous, otherwise the call can quickly become tiring. You can give your voice more power by getting up from time to time. A little tip: smile when you make a call.

Why isn't every parallelogram a rectangle?

What not to do on a phone call?

You should avoid these mistakes when making calls
  • Report quickly and incomprehensibly.
  • Indistinct pronunciation.
  • Too loud, too soft way of speaking.
  • Failure to keep promises (e.g. call back).
  • Take no or incomplete notes.
  • Not preparing adequately for phone calls.
  • Music or internal calls in the background.

How do you initiate a phone call?

Tip: Use positive wording to put things through

Short second, Mr./Ms. caller. I would be happy to pass it on to Mr./Ms. Mustermann. Just a moment, Mr./Ms. caller. I would be happy to put you through to Mr. Mustermann.

As discussed I come tomorrow?

The answer is: “as discussed” goes with or without a comma. The rule: According to § 76 of the official regulation of German spelling, you can omit the comma in formulaic (shortened) subordinate clauses.

As discussed in German?

as discussed adv

I’ll pay the bill next week, as discussed. I will pay the invoice next week, as discussed.

Is attached out of date?

Enclosed / enclosed / in the attachment / as an attachment

In a letter, these phrases are now considered outdated, as well as enclosed.

How to write for more questions please feel free to contact me.

In the modern letter and e-mail style, instead of “We are happy to answer any questions you may have”, use the following final formulations: “If you have any questions, please call us. «If you have any questions, please just contact me.

How do you spell see attachment?

  1. S.
  2. see the appendix.
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