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As already mentioned with a comma?

As already stated comma?

Have you ever wondered whether there is a comma after a sentence like “as discussed”? The answer is: “as discussed” goes with or without a comma. The rule: According to § 76 of the official regulation of German spelling, you can omit the comma in formulaic (shortened) subordinate clauses.

As in the previous year comma?

Insertions are between two commas if you want to emphasize them: This year, like last year, the apricot harvest will be small. As in the previous year, the apricot harvest will be small this year.

As agreed, do I send you a comma as an attachment?

With so-called formulaic subordinate clauses, the tolerance principle applies according to the new orthography, ie you can put the comma as before, but you don’t have to: as discussed, I will send you the documents.

As already discussed on the phone yesterday?

Correspondence that includes the words “as discussed over the phone” often occurs after initial contact with a new customer or business partner. The further correspondence that follows the initial phone call is very important. He leaves a lasting impression on the other person.

Comma rules and comma placement I had to know German

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As already discussed, do I send you?

Instead of writing: «As discussed(,) I am sending you my offer for editing your master’s thesis…», it is sufficient to write: «I would be happy to send you my offer for editing your master’s thesis.»

When do you put in front of a comma?

a) Mandatory comma before “as” and “like”: There is a comma before “like” and “than” if this is followed by a whole sentence. You can easily tell that this is the case by the fact that after «als» and «wie» there is another verb in the personal form.

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As discussed today by phone comma?

A comma can be placed in the phrase as discussed over the phone. However, there is no need to put a comma if you interpret the phrase as introduced with a formulaic ellipsis. The subordinate clause can be at the beginning or in the middle.

How discussed examples?

As discussed, I am allowed to send you my offer and my general terms and conditions. The comma after formulaic ellipsis (i.e. shortened sentences) that start with like or when is optional. Further examples: As already mentioned (,), things behave differently.

Why occurs like a comma?

Comma before than? A comma in als is used when als introduces a subordinate clause (see Comma in Subjunctions). You can recognize the subordinate clause by the fact that the finite verb is at the end of the sentence.

How about a comma?

A comma is optional, such as when followed by an explanation. I like a lot of things here in the window[,] like this watch. The comma can be set, but it is not mandatory.

As always in comma?

(5f) You can omit the comma in shortened subordinate clauses that are used formulaically. Example: As always, he was late. Also possible: As always, he was late.

When isn’t a comma used?

Enumerations without conjunctions

There is no comma at the end of the list if the sentence continues. Commas List at the beginning of the sentence Animals, plants, protozoa are living beings. Commas only stand between equivalent adjectives. If you can put an ‘and’ between the two, then they are equivalent.

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Which conjunction does not use a comma?

Common conjunctions are: because, as, that, then, because, before, when, after, etc. An exception to conjunctions and commas are the words «and» and «or». There is no comma here. With the exception of «and» in connection with an inserted subordinate clause.

Which words have a comma?

Comma rule: Commas separate lists from each other! Commas separate strings of words and groups of words that are not connected by a conjunction (e.g. «and», «or», «as well», «either — or», «both — and», «neither — nor») .

As already discussed on the phone, do I send you my application documents?

Thank you for your interest in my application. As discussed on the phone, I am sending you my application documents today. I read your job advertisement with great interest and would like to introduce myself to you as a …… profession/department.

What can you write instead of enclosed?

Good and customer-friendly formulations

«We sent a map with directions.» «In the last paragraph you read…» «Here are the requested documents.» «We would be happy to send you our brochure — you will find it attached.»

How do you write enclosed do you receive?

ATTENTION: Under no circumstances use the old office formulations «enclosed», «enclosed», «enclosed», «as an attachment», «in the attachment», «in the attachments». Today they are considered wrong.

As already discussed Synonym?

Synonym details for ‘according to the agreements · as agreed · as discussed · …’

As discussed over the phone pattern?

When wording the cover letter, a possible introductory sentence can be «as discussed on the phone, I am sending you my attachments.» If the application is addressed to someone else in the company, ideally remember the name of the person you spoke to on the phone and say: «…

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Such as?

A comma can only be used for a trailing explanation with “like” or “like for example” if the explanation is not absolutely necessary for the sentence. The comma is then optional. “An employee like Holger is worth his weight in gold.

Such as Duden?

for example (by way of example, such as; (abbreviation: e.g.))

As usual in comma?

It is clear with sentences like «… as usual» or «… as follows». In the case cited, I would put a comma, since I consider the sentence “as described below” to be not very formulaic.

How to cover letter after phone call?

Referring to our phone call on «…» — for which I thank you — I am applying for a position as «…». Thank you very much for the helpful telephone conversation. As agreed, I will send you my documents. Thank you again for the friendly information session.

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