The annual IHSS provider paid sick leave hours for Fiscal Year 2024/2025 are 40 hours beginning July 1, 2024.


Beginning July 1, 2018, the IHSS Paid Sick Leave Program became available for current, active IHSS program providers.

All current, active IHSS providers who met the eligibility criteria received annual paid sick leave beginning State Fiscal Year July 1, 2018.


All providers, both existing and newly hired after July 1, 2018 will accrue annual sick leave after working 100 hours of providing authorized services for one or more IHSS recipients after their initial hire date. Once the annual sick leave hours are accrued, the provider must work an additional 200 hours providing services to any IHSS recipient(s), or actively work for a period of 60 calendar days from the date on which the provider accrued his/her annual paid sick leave hours, whichever comes first, before they can use them.

These are one-time requirements that must be completed to accrue, and use paid sick leave. A provider who completes the hours or time requirements will continue to accrue hours of paid sick leave each State Fiscal Year, July 1, as he/she continues to work as an active IHSS provider. Any provider who ceases employment with IHSS for longer than one year shall be considered inactive and would need to complete the process again to earn and use paid sick leave.

At the end of each State Fiscal Year, June 30th, any unused paid sick leave will expire.

Additional Information

  • Paid Sick Leave Claim FAQ (Armenian, Chinese, Spanish)

WAIVER PERSONAL CARE SERVICES Providers (WPCS) Paid Sick Leave Program

Beginning July 1, 2020, Paid Sick Leave is available for current, active WPCS program providers.

Information about the WPCS Paid Sick Leave Program can be found at:

Two ways to request paid sick leave

    Submit a paper-copy of the Sick Leave Request Form

    To request paid sick leave, an IHSS provider must:

      • Complete the paper version of the IHSS Program Provider Sick Leave Request Form (SOC 2302). The provider can obtain the SOC 2302 form through the CDSS website and print it, or receive a printed copy from their county IHSS office.

      The SOC 2302 details the name and number of the provider and the date and times of the paid sick leave. Providers are not required to disclose on the SOC 2302 the specific reason why he/she needs to use paid sick leave hours. The SOC 2302 is only required to be signed by the provider.

      Each provider is responsible for submitting their completed SOC 2302 form in a separate envelope when he/she submits his/her timesheet for processing.

      • Send only the completed SOC 2302 form to the address written on the SOC 2302 form.
      • Make a copy of the completed SOC 2302 form for your records.
      • If the SOC 2302 is not received for processing by the end of the following month in which the sick leave is claimed, the provider’s claim cannot be processed.

      Submit an electronic copy of the Sick Leave Request Form

      • The provider can also complete a paid sick leave request on the IHSS Electronic Services Portal (ESP).

      Providers who have an account registered on the IHSS Electronic ServicesPortal website may fill out a request for sick leave electronically. The benefits of this include not having to obtain a SOC 2302 form from the county or CDSS website, and avoiding potential delays in mailing the SOC 2302 which can cause delayed payments.

      Receiving your payment for paid sick leave

      Paid sick leave will be mailed to providers in a separate warrant from their regular payment. If a provider is signed up for direct deposit, the sick leave payment will be delivered via direct deposit.

      Interested in direct deposit? You can learn more about direct deposit and sign-up for direct deposit on the CDSS website at Online Direct Deposit Service.


      You can call your local county IHSS office or Public Authority if you have any questions about using Sick Leave.

      In addition, the IHSS Service Desk at (866) 376-7066 is available to answer questions about sick leave earnings, usage, and balance.

      To claim Sick Leave electronically, you must be registered and have an ESP account. ALREADY HAVE A REGISTERED ACCOUNT? You are ready to go!

      TO SET UP AND REGISTER YOUR ACCOUNT TO BEGIN CLAIMING SICK LEAVE TIME: Go to the following website to set up an account, select the “New User Registration” link, and follow the online prompts: If you need help, please call the IHSS Service Desk at (866) 376-7066.

      Paid Sick LeaveProgramLearning Options

      The three learning modules listed below provide information for providers and recipients, including, an overview of paid sick leave, information regarding requesting paid sick leave time, and how to view paid sick leave claim history on the IHSS Electronic Services Portal (ESP) Website.

      The IHSS Service Help Desk at (866) 376-7066is available to answer questions about sick leave earnings, usage, and balance. Please contact the IHSS Service Desk at (866) 376-7066during normal business hours of 8 a.m.- 5p.m. Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays.

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