Our commitment to sustainable agriculture (2024)

Vandinter Semo is engaged in seed production, seed trade and seed cultivation. Although a large part of our turnover is achieved through seed trade and the cultivation of seed to order, we are strongly committed to the breeding of nematode-resistant green manures.



How we do this?

Our commitment to sustainable agriculture (1)

Vandinter Semo operates in seed cultivation, seed trade and seed breeding. And although alarge part of our turnover is achieved through the seedtrade and the cultivation of seed oncommission, we are deeply committed to the breeding of nematode-resistant greenmanures.

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More than 100 years of experience

It was 1914 when the founders Zwaan and De Wiljes started their business in seed production and seed trade in Scheemda, Groningen. More than 100 years later, the company is known as Vandinter Semo and has become a significant producer and processor of seed in the Netherlands and far beyond. And although seed production and seed trade remains an important core activity at Vandinter Semo, the range has been extended to include seed cleaning, seed coating and seed packaging. Moreover, Vandinter Semo has built a unique reputation as a breeder of cruciferous vegetables.

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Our commitment to sustainable agriculture (5)

Combatting nematodes

Although nematodes contribute to a healthy soil, there are numerous nematodes that pose a serious threat to crops. The most harmful nematodes live underground and damage particularly the roots of crops. The best known nematodes are cyst nematodes such as the potato cyst nematode which is responsible for potato senescence. Another more famous nematode is the root-knot nematode and the root lesion nematode. With the breeding of catch crops, Vandinter Semo focuses on a natural combatting of nematodes.

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Green manures

In profitability thinking, green manures are not always the first choice. Because whether it has to do with soil improvement or controlling nematodes and other soil-borne diseases, there are chemical solutions that initially realize better results. Initially, we say emphatically. Because sustainability thinking and the pursuit of a responsible and optimal soil quality makes green manure a serious alternative for fertilization and pest management. Vandinter Semo has a formidable reputation as a specialist in the field of green manures.

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Contract cultivation

Vandinter Semo produces seeds for a large number of national and international customers and clients. For the actual production, we rely on carefully selected growers in the Netherlands. With a team of arable specialists, we advise farmersin the Netherlands and Denmark. We help growers and clients to get the highest yield and the best quality seed.

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Our commitment to sustainable agriculture (11)

Lawn and sport grasses

In addition to forage grasses, Vandinter Semo also produces a variety of lawn and sport grasses. We collaborate extensively with grass breeders from around the world. The best grass varieties are propagated by us in the Netherlands and Denmark. The cultivation is guided and evaluated by our agricultural experts.

After cleaning and certification, the grasses are available for various mixtures. We offer mixtures for sports fields, recreational lawns, road verges, and dikes.

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Our commitment to sustainable agriculture (13)

Forage grasses

Vandinter Semo has a well-selected range of varieties of grasses which hold, without exception, a leading position in the variety list. When compiling the final meadow mixtures, we still look beyond only pure yield. Hence, we mainly look at the nutritional value, digestibility and to the practical harvest qualities. Thanks to our own seed processing, we are able to apply a coating to the grass seed which provides faster germination. In this way, we apply our knowledge and capacity directly for the best pasture mixtures.

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Our commitment to sustainable agriculture (15)

Gluten-free oats

The Dutch oats chain – of which Vandinter Semo is part – stimulates research and promotion of gluten-free oats as a healthy home-grown ‘superfood’. Vandinter Semo now has access to a brand new oat peeling machine which can produce gluten-free oats on an industrial scale.

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Our commitment to sustainable agriculture (17)

Seed processing

The benefits of coating grass seed are becoming more and more recognized. Thus a proper coating with application of good minerals guarantees faster germination and early growth of grass seeds. Also at lower temperatures. Furthermore, grass seed coating provides an adequate defence against numerous animals.

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Our commitment to sustainable agriculture (19)

Our commitment to sustainable agriculture (20)

A ‘healthy soil’ and ‘sustainable soil management’. These are themes that are very much inthe spotlight. With farmers, because the awareness is growing that a continuously profitablecultivation of crops requires sensible soil management, but also with other stakeholders. Thus,water boards and drinking water companies are fully aware of soil quality as a guarantee for cleanand safe drinking water. Today, but also in the future. And banks, financial institutions and mortgagelenders also recognize that healthy soil has a positive influence on the value development of land.Vandinter Semo has a convincing vision of the use of green manures as a soil enhancer and as a combatterof nematodes. That is why Vandinter Semo is launching the “Active” quality mark for a selected number of topvarieties within its range of green manures.

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Our commitment to sustainable agriculture (22)

Our commitment to sustainable agriculture (23)

Do you suffer from nematodes? We can help you combat it.

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Our commitment to sustainable agriculture (2024)
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