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Are pools allowed in the garden?

Swimming pools up to 100 m³ do not require a permit

Can neighbor ban pool?

Paddling pools and pools are play equipment that does not require a permit and can be set up by tenants in community gardens or on terraces. This is also the case with a judgment from the district court in Kerpen (Az. 20 C 443/01). However, tenants must ensure that neighbors are not disturbed by splashing water or too loud romping around.

How big can a pool in the garden be without planning permission?

In most German federal states, a building permit is only required for a pool with a water volume of 100 cubic meters or more. Standard swimming pools hold a significantly smaller amount of water. The figures for the maximum volume vary by country. These are usually between 50 and 100 cubic meters.

Will garden pools be banned?

The ban applies exclusively to swimming and bathing pools. How long does the heating ban apply? From March 1, 2023 to February 28, 2023.

Why are pools banned?

Into the cold water: swimming pool owners should no longer heat their swimming pools in autumn and winter. Economics Minister Robert Habeck is planning a ban. In order to save energy, Economics Minister Habeck wants to ban the heating of private swimming pools.

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Are private pools prohibited?

From March 1, 2023 to February 28, 2023, private households are not allowed to heat their swimming pools with electricity or gas. This is provided for in the new Energy Saving Ordinance that the Federal Government has now passed. Public wellness facilities are exempt from the ban.

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Which pools can no longer be heated?

The pool stays cool

Private pools, whether indoors or outdoors, are no longer allowed to be heated with gas and electricity. This is what the federal government wants in its «Ordinance for securing the energy supply via short-term measures (short-term energy security ordinance — EnSikuV)».

What do I have to consider if I have a pool in the garden?

If possible, take into account the main wind direction in your garden and keep a little distance to trees, bushes and shrubs. The shade heats the water less, leaves, needles and branches must be removed from the pool by hand.

How far does the pool have to be from the neighbors?

Clearance areas according to § 6 BauO only have to be observed by buildings — not by other structures. With the swimming pool, you only have to keep the legal limit distance of 50 cm from neighbors (§ 31 Para. 1 NachbG NW).

Does a pool require a permit?

The fact is: If you want to install your own pool — whether it’s a whirlpool/jacuzzi, swim spa or hot tub — in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony, you need a proper pool building permit. This is quite normal, after all, all building projects must be approved.

How deep can a pool be without planning permission?

Basically, pools eight meters long and 1,50 meters deep usually do not require a permit. A building permit is usually required if the swimming pool is to be larger than 100 cubic meters if it is built indoors or covered.

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How big can you build a pool?

Swimming pools up to a size of 100 cubic meters often do not require a permit, except in the outdoor area according to building regulations, e.g. on properties outside of built-up areas. Even if no permit is required, the building regulations and limit distances must be observed.

Is a pool a sealed area?

«Note: When designing and, if necessary, later implementing it, please ensure that the sealed area of ​​your property is not too high (upper limit in the WA area is usually 0,4). A pool is a full seal in its dimensions, there may also be paths, etc.

Is a pool a structural change?

Tenants may not make such structural changes without the landlord’s express permission. Homeowners have to follow the rules too. A pool that is built on a residential property is considered an ancillary facility in terms of planning law.

Who is liable for pool leaks in the garden?

Liability exists if the facility is defective or the facility or maintenance of the pool is inadequate. However, any pool owner can release himself from liability if he can prove that third parties are responsible for the cause of the accident and not him.

Is a pool a physical structure?

Even if no building permit is required, building regulations must be observed. Because garden pools, including above ground pools, are structural systems.

How close can a pool be to the NRW property line?

Therefore, you do not have to keep a limit distance with the swimming pool, as it is a physical structure. According to § 31 Para. 1 NachbG NW, you only have to comply with the legal border distance of 50 cm when building a swimming pool in NRW.

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How often do I need to change the water in the pool?

Change the water at least every three years

If you do not want to change the water every year, you should change the entire pool water at least every three years.

How long does it take for the water in the pool to tip over?

After just a few days without proper water care, it can be too late and the water «overturns». It suddenly becomes cloudy or discolored, or the pool walls become slippery.

How long can you leave water in the pool without chlorine?

However, the water should be changed every three days at the latest.

How do I warm up the water in the pool?

Air heat pumps are mainly used to heat the pool: energy or heat is extracted from the outside air that is sucked in. This is then transferred to the pool water and heats it up. To heat the pool, you should install a heat pump in combination with a roller shutter cover.

Is a hot tub a pool?

The basic workings of a hot tub alone are quite different from that of a pool. Hot tubs are primarily used for relaxation. They have pumps and jets that move the water in the pool, creating small eddies. These work like a massage.

Which politician has a pool?

Rudolf Albert Scharping (born December 2, 1947 in Niederelbert) is a German politician (SPD) and sports official.

Is filling the pool forbidden?

Irrigating lawns is prohibited. Fountains may no longer be operated, ponds and swimming pools may no longer be filled.

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How much does a fixed pool in the garden cost?

A pool embedded in the ground (liner pool) can cost up to 15.000 euros. A permanently installed concrete pool costs up to 30.000 euros. A swimming pond with plants can also entail costs of up to 10.000 euros.

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