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Are Ü eggs still made?

Why are there no more Ü eggs for sale?

The culprit is the summer temperatures, which ensure that the thin layer of chocolate on the surprise eggs softens or, in the worst case, melts. Of course, neither Ü egg fans nor the supplier Ferrero want that and that’s why there is a time in summer when there are no surprise eggs.

Are Ü eggs made in Germany?

«As a precautionary measure, we have decided to carry out a voluntary recall of the products […] in Germany. All of the products mentioned are manufactured in Belgium,” said Ferrero in response to an inquiry from Antenne Bayern.

When will the Ü eggs come back?

It’s the surprise egg maker’s summer break. The new surprise eggs are always available from September.

What happened to Ü eggs?

The sale of surprise eggs is stopped every spring. Also this year manufacturer Ferrero ends the delivery of the eggs in mid-May. Because: In summer it is simply too warm for surprise eggs — the thin chocolate would melt, which the manufacturer wants to avoid.

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Why are there no more Happy Hippo figures?

Gone are the Happy Hippo figures that would have survived atomic bomb impacts due to their material properties. The thing with the guaranteed figures is of course also a joke. Buy six eggs, two of which contain a figure?

What is the most expensive Ü-Egg figure?

Night Watchman Smurf. The Night Watchman Smurf is the rarest and most expensive surprise egg figure ever. With his white pants and lantern, he is one of the most popular characters of the Ü eggs. And that is also reflected in the price: the coveted collector’s treasure costs an incredible 12.000 euros.

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When will there be surprise eggs again in 2023?

However, it usually begins at the end of May. Then it takes a few weeks and the chocolate products are back on the supermarket shelves. In the case of Kinder Surprise, it usually ends from mid-August, for Ferrero Rocher and Ferrero Küsschen from the end of August.

Why are there no more Ü eggs in 2021?

The reason for the summer break is that there is a risk of the chocolate melting due to the chocolate shell around the yellow plastic packaging inside the »surrender eggs«.

Which Ü eggs shouldn’t you eat?

Products from the «kinder» brand such as surprise eggs, mini eggs, surprise maxi and chocolate bons should therefore not be eaten on.

Which Ü eggs are contaminated?

These Ferrero “Children” branded products are affected by the recall:
  • Kinder Surprise 3er Pack (3x 20g) Classic Egg. …
  • Kinder Surprise Pack of 3 (3x 20g) Pink Egg. …
  • children’s chocolate bons 125g, 200g, 300g, 200g + 25g free, 300g + 50g free, 350g, 500g. …
  • Kinder Chocolate Bons White 200g.

Where are the Ü eggs produced?

They are supposed to assemble toys for Ferrero’s «Children’s Surprise» in Romania. Now the judiciary is investigating (Sun ). According to the report, the eggs are made by a Ferrero supplier in Romania.

Which Ü eggs are contaminated with salmonella?

In April, Ferrero recalled all Kinder Surprise Eggs, Kinder Surprise Maxi Eggs, Kinder Surprise Maxi and Chocolate Bons manufactured at its Arlon plant in Belgium. The sweets may be contaminated with salmonella, i.e. bacteria that can cause gastrointestinal infections.

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Why is the surrogate egg banned in the USA?

Kinder surprise eggs are strictly forbidden in the USA

For example, the Kinder Surprise egg. It was banned by law in the US as early as 1938. It violates both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

In which country is the surrogate egg banned?

The original remains taboo due to strict US laws. This makes the USA, which is traditionally considered to be market-liberal, the only large economic area in the world where Ferrero is not allowed to offer its export hit. The reason is a law from 1938.

Is Duplo also with salmonella?

Only the Kinder brand is affected by the salmonella scandal: Among other things, the surprise eggs, mini eggs, chocolate bons and the Happy Moments boxes with mini chocolates. Duplo, Giotto, Hanuta, Mon Chéri, Raffaello, Rocher and Ferrero Küsschen are also from the group.

Which children’s products are being recalled?

Which products are affected? All Kinder Surprise Eggs in multi-packs, as well as the Maxi version, Mini Eggs and Chocolate Bons (including Christmas items) produced at the Ferrero plant in Arlon (Belgium) — regardless of production date — must be withdrawn from sale or recalled .

What is my Happy Hippo worth?

Most Happy Hippo figures from the 90s do not go beyond a price range of 1 to 5 euros. But there are also individual rare figures or misprints that can achieve prices of several hundred euros.

Which Happy Hippos are valuable?

The Hippo Boss was sold in a pink suit and red tie for 1.700 euros. So far only one copy of this version is known. The Hippo Boss is also valuable, where the share table has no or two instead of a balance curve. For this version you can get up to 250 euros.

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Which Ü egg figures are you looking for?

Attention: These Ü-Egg-figurines are worth real money!
  • 1.1 Latest ads in «“.
  • 1.2 1. Night Watchman Smurf.
  • 1.3 2nd Flute Smurf.
  • 1.4 3. The Vanity Smurf.
  • 1.5 4. Drachobert, Freudenberg’s house dragon.
  • 1.6 5. Ferdi fallen fruit.
  • 1.7 6. The stilt smurf.

What did a surprise egg cost in the past?

The hit series of the 90s are usually available for one euro today. Just 15 years ago, the O-Ei-A listed most of them for five DM (2,60 euros). But Feiler is certain that the price would have fallen even without internet file-sharing services: “Prices would have fallen anyway.

Is Nutella being recalled too?

But what about Nutella? Bitter news shortly before Easter 2023: Ferrero had to recall numerous children’s chocolate products. According to EU authorities, the salmonella outbreak surrounding Ferrero chocolate may be linked to the processing of buttermilk at the affected plant in Belgium.

Are surprise eggs healthy?

«Experts have found the surprise egg to be harmless.» Products that children could choke on have been taken off the market.

Why are there no more Kinder Schoko Bons?

Children’s chocolate Ferrero is allowed to resume production in Belgian chocolate factory. The factory in Arlon had to close at the beginning of April, and Ferrero recalled numerous surprise eggs, chocolate candies and mini-eggs. A dirty milk vat was apparently to blame.

Does Nutella also have salmonella?

Locations of the chocolate manufacturer Ferrero were searched in Belgium and Luxembourg. The suspicion: The Italians could have informed the authorities too late about salmonella. According to Ferrero, 3000 tons of products were recalled.

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