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Are all carbon dioxide cylinders the same?

Which cartridges fit in the SodaStream?

The CO2 cylinder with screw system is compatible with the following models: Crystal, Easy, Easy One Touch, Power, Cool & previous models. The SodaStream Quick-Connect cylinder with pink quick release is only compatible with the SodaStream DUO & TERRA.

Can every carbon dioxide cylinder be exchanged?

Answer: Yes, unfortunately! They are allowed to do that. There are safety requirements for carbon dioxide cylinders and their refilling, but no legal regulations on exchange and return that would be comparable to the regulations on one-way deposits for beverage packaging.

Are CO2 cylinders standardized?

Attention: CO2 cylinders are standardized and only fit into the models of the respective manufacturer. Some cartridges are also not suitable for glass containers. Before buying, pay attention to the manufacturer’s information.

Why are there different SodaStream cylinders?

Because owners should use the «Sodastream Duo» bubbler more often, the cylinder has also been optimized. Consumers should no longer screw it in, but it snaps into place using a lever mechanism. As a result, consumers can only use these special cylinders in pairs. So customers have to change.

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Are all SodaStream cylinders the same?

There are two types of original SodaStream CO2 cylinders, which vary depending on the soda maker model. Your SodaStream CO2 cylinder is the heart of your sparkling water maker. You can use it to add carbon dioxide to tap water at the push of a button.

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Are all sparkling water cylinders the same?

There were no real differences between the cylinders. In 2021, however, SodaStream introduced a new technology with their Quick Connect cylinders. The new cylinders have a different valve and are much easier to insert and remove from the water bubblers.

How much does a CO2 cylinder cost at Aldi?

You can exchange identical cylinders (capacity: 425g / 60 liters) of all brands for a filled cylinder for only €5,99 or buy a new, filled cylinder for only €19,99.

Can you swap Sodastar for SodaStream?

These include Aldi Süd, Rewe, Penny, Obi, Real and others. However, the majority of retailers only have the cheaper cylinder alternatives from, for example, Sodastar or Sodatrend in their range. Anyone who now buys the duo water bubbler can only use these original CO2 cylinders from Sodastream for the time being.

Can you swap the old SodaStream cylinders for the new ones?

Can I exchange my old cylinder with the blue screw system for a new Quick Connect cylinder? Of course you can! You can exchange your existing CO2 cylinder (with screw thread) for the new pink Quick Connect CO2 cylinder at one of the dealers listed on our dealer locator.

How much does a CO2 cylinder cost in exchange?

When exchanging an empty screw-in cylinder for a full one, you only pay for the new filling. The price is between seven and ten euros. At ROSSMANN you can get a full CO2 cartridge for an inexpensive 6,99 euros — the filling is sufficient for 60 to 130 liters of water.

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How much does a cylinder exchange cost?

Most retailers (REWE, dm, Edeka, Media Markt, Rossmann, Aldi) offer the exchange for 6 to 8 euros per cartridge. You can also conveniently exchange CO2 cylinders online at the same cost.

Where is the cheapest SodaStream cylinder?

SodaStream Cylinder Rossmann Price: €6,99 per filling. Sodastream Cylinder Edeka Price: €6,95 per filling. SodaStream cylinder net price: €5,99 per filling. SodaStream Cylinder Penny Price: €7,99 per filling.

How much does a replacement cylinder for the SodaStream cost?

Exchange your empty CO2 cylinders at the checkout of your dm market for a full cartridge from our dm brand Ivorell or from SodaStream. The replacement cylinders cost €5,75 (Ivorell) or €7,95 (SodaStream DUO).

Where is the cheapest place to swap SodaStream cylinders?

The recommended price is around 10 euros, but most dealers offer a price of 5 to 8 euros for the exchange. The exchange is possible at numerous dealers. These include branches of Edeka, OBI, dm, Media Markt, Kaufland, real, REWE, Rossmann and some pharmacies.

How much does a CO2 cylinder cost at Netto?

This is exactly how it currently works at Netto. If you hand in an empty Sodastream CO2 exchange cylinder, you get a full cylinder for €5,99.

How much does a CO2 cylinder cost at Netto?

Permanent [NETTO] exchange original Sodastream CO2 cylinder (with 20% sticker 4,79€)

How do you know that the carbon dioxide cylinder is empty?

Don’t use any tools for this. Press the bubbler button and check if carbon dioxide gets into the bottle. Press the bubble button several times and check the bottle for bubbles. Listen for a hissing sound when you press the bubbler button.

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What are the differences in SodaStream?

  • SodaStream Duo sparkling water maker with two glass and two plastic bottles. …
  • SodaStream Crystal 2.0 sparkling water maker with two glass carafes. …
  • SodaStream Easy sparkling water maker with easy handling. …
  • SodaStream Power — electric water bubbler with three bubble strengths.

Which is Better SodaStream Glass or Plastic?

Glass is better than plastic: In the case of two of the «very good» devices, Öko-Test only criticizes that the plastic bottles are not allowed in the dishwasher. But they are always robust and unbreakable. With its glass bottle, the Sodastream Crystal is particularly environmentally friendly.

Which CO2 cylinders fit in SodaStream Easy?

Good question! The blue SodaStream 60L CO2 cylinder fits into all of our screw-on soda makers. It is compatible with the Easy, Easy One Touch, Crystal, Jet, Source, Play, Cool, Genesis and Power bubblers.

Is Wassermaxx and SodaStream the same?

Wassermaxx has been part of the SodaStream group of companies since 2009. The devices are still being sold, but the company now seems to be fully focused on the SodaStream brand.

How much does a SodaStream cylinder replacement cost at Rewe?

REWE Center — Sodastream Duo Quick Connect CO2 cylinder (new system) filling for €5,99 + 20 payback points (effective €5,31 possible)

What do I do with old SodaStream cylinders?

Empty SodaStream cylinders can be traded in stores for a full carbon dioxide cylinder for the price of a gas refill. Original SodaStream cylinders that are permanently/permanently no longer required must be returned to SodaStream in good condition.

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