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Am I a winter type?

How do I find out my color type?

Good to know: Summer and winter types belong to the cool color types with a bluish / olive skin undertone, autumn and spring types belong to the warm color types with a yellowish / peach-colored skin undertone.

Which winter type am I?

winter type. Does your skin have a bluish undertone, do you have green, dark brown or blue eyes and dark brown or black hair? Then you are a winter type. For your look, this means: Delicate, pastel and warm nuances such as eyeshadow in yellow or soft orange tend not to suit you.

What does the winter type look like?

What does the winter type look like? Winter types are easily recognizable due to their visual contrasts. The skin of the winter type is usually very light and often has a slightly bluish shimmer. In contrast, this color type has dark brown to black hair and equally dark eyebrows and eyelashes.

Which colors do not suit the winter type?

Which colors does the winter type avoid? The following applies to the winter type: Emphasize the icy look with cool colors and avoid warm colors. These include, for example: browns, oranges, yellows and reds with a golden undertone.

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How does the winter type put on their make-up?

Rouge in cool rosé, pink or fuchsia ideally underlines the complexion of winter types. Eyes: Black and anthracite are perfect for the eyelashes, but also a dark blue. When it comes to eyeshadow, the winter type can go very well with silver, grey, dark blue, dark green, lilac or pink.

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Which green for winter type?

Rich, strong shades of green are excellent for the winter type. In the palette of shades of green, bottle green, blue-green, primary green, emerald green are colors that harmonize particularly well for him. All gray nuances, from light to dark, and even a shiny silver flatter the strong coloring of the winter type.

Which hair color for the winter type?

Hair colors for the winter type

Suitable colors for the winter type are, for example: Winter type dark-warm: black, dark brown. Winter type medium-cold: platinum blonde, dark blonde (with ash shimmer) Winter type dark-cold-warm: red, light brown.

Which blue for winter type?

Colors for the cool winter type: icy and clear

It is best to use shades of blue in all nuances. Both intense, strong blue like royal, dark blue or very light, cold colors suit you. With these cool colors your complexion comes into its own and is underlined.

What types of winter are there?

A winter type is someone who has a cold-toned skin undertone and strong contrasts in the face. Within the winter type I distinguish three subtypes: lively, light and true winter type. The eye color does not matter, the winter type can have any eye color.

What type does black suit?

Black doesn’t really suit everyone. The winter type, who naturally shows strong contrasts in the face, wears the color well. With the other color types, black often appears harsh. However, a summer type with a dramatic style will not be talked out of the color black.

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How do I know if I’m a warm or cold type?

Do you find it difficult to determine your color type? Just look at the inside of your wrist! If the veins appear more greenish, you are a warm type. If they are rather bluish, you are a cool color type.

What type does dark blue suit?

If the cold summer type wants to set the scene perfectly, they should use muted colors with a bluish undertone. The favorite among the summer colors is blue, in all variants (cold blue, light blue, dark blue, pigeon blue).

am i a mixed type?

You can neither fully associate yourself with spring nor autumn? Then you are a mixed type! This suits you: shades of gold, beige, medium brown, khaki and greenish blue look particularly beautiful on you! This doesn’t suit you: you should stay away from cold colors such as pastel pink, white or icy blue!

Which color suits whom?

Whether a color suits someone or not depends mainly on the skin tone. Here a rough distinction is made between two pigmentations. Some have more yellow components in the color pigments of the skin, while others have more blue tones. «People with a yellowish complexion prefer warm colors.

What colors for pale skin?

Pastel tones, black and green in particular make light skin types look particularly good. If you have a medium skin type, you should opt for metallic, beige, gray or neon. Dark skin types benefit from light yellow, cream, white or red and purple.

Which red for winter type?

Since there is no cool nuance in orange, this color is absolutely taboo for winter types! Red & Pink: The same applies here: no warm nuances such as strawberry red or autumn leaf red. Red tones are great when they play blue, like cherry and raspberry red, pink or magenta. Tip: combine red with black!

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Which pink for winter type?

Cool, clear pinks are great for the winter color type—the icier, the better. Cool but pastel and powdery pink is a great accent color for the summer type. A powdery pink with a little more yellow looks best on the spring type.

Which lipstick color suits winter types?

Winter type: lipstick for dark-haired people with a cool undertone. A bluish skin undertone, green, dark brown or blue eyes and dark to black hair characterize the winter type. He is a cool type and therefore harmonizes particularly well with cool lipstick colors.

What color eyes does a winter type have?

The eye color of the winter type is either dark with intense colors such as rich hazel or black brown, green or deep blue. The colors contrast with the white of the eye. The hair color of the winter type moves in the area of ​​dark shades such as dark or medium brown, but also black.

Which jewelry for the winter type?

Therefore, cool precious metals such as silver, white gold or platinum flatter the winter type. Gemstones in strong colors such as ruby ​​red, emerald green, turquoise blue or aquamarine ideally emphasize the complexion. The winter type can also use black pearls or stones.

Can you be an autumn and winter type?

An autumn/winter type? What can you imagine now? Judging by the name, it’s a mix between autumn (warm, natural tones) and winter (cold, clear colors). A classic type for this would be, for example: Snow White with dark curls!

What are the winter colors?

Winter colors, in the sense of color advice based on the classic 4-season method, are cool, clear colors with a very high luminosity. They are predominantly «blue-tinged» and therefore harmonize particularly well with skin that also has a blue-tinged undertone.

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Which color type does petrol represent?

The fall type

Skin: with yellowish-gold undertone, overtone can appear rosy. Often fair skin and prone to sunburn. Matching colours: the autumn type prefers warm and muted colors such as rusty red, orange, terracotta, mustard yellow, coffee brown, reddish brown, yellowish olive green, petrol or blackberry.

Who suits eggplant?

These colors suit the summer type. Type advice for the summer type: Muted, delicate colors with a bluish undertone suit the summer type best. Try wool white, mint, dusty blue, lilac, a soft pink or aubergine.

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