Key Largo Rods Custom Fishing Rods:

Key Largo Rods Custom Fishing Rods, we specialize in providing custom made fishing rods at everyday competitive prices. Do you have a desire to explore the great outdoors? Do you want to spend your free time doing what you actually want to do? If this sounds like you, it's about time you geared up with the proper fishing equipment needed to create the ultimate fishing trip whenever you feel like it!

Shop our extensive selection of fishing equipment to find an assortment of discounted graphite fishing rods, affordable tarpon fishing rods, and fishing rod blanks to name a few of our products. Whether you want spinning rods, top of the line graphite fishing rods, quality surf fishing rods, inexpensive fishing rod blanks, discount tarpon fishing rods, and assorted other fishing rods, we offer all of the fishing gear you want in our online store at a portion of the prices our retail competition charges.

Find all of the highest quality fishing equipment showcased in our online product catalog with featured items such as our selection of surf fishing rods, top of the line spinning rods, affordable fishing rod blanks, and some of the world's finest graphite fishing rods available on the market. It is our immense pleasure to present you with a fantastic selection of fishing equipment to choose from, and we look forward to supplying you with the fishing gear you need for many years to come!

Have you been seeking a quality company offering beautifully handcrafted custom fishing rods   and had zero luck? You have come to the right place! Cosmic Ray Enterprises has products ranging from surf , to collectable graphite, by Key Largo Rods, as well as various types of   fiberglass poles for cobia/kingfish, you will cherish for a lifetime.  Our unique selection of handcrafted equipment, including the  Fiberglass Tarpon and  the many models of Snapper Rods will enhance your fishing experience, and is sure to impress you.

The Key Largo Rods (KLR) Custom Fishing Rods Spinning Rods are handmade and backed with a lifetime guarantee.  These rods are meticulously hand-crafted
in Key Largo Florida and undergo a rigorous quality assurance inspection.

Our fiberglass blanks are made in America with the exception of the European 1284 and 1684.  These rod designs have been used for years and work great on both the Gulf and Atlantic Coasts.  The following are your custom options:

Our American made 44 million modulus 100% Graphite Spinning Rods are built with the highest quality guides, reel seats and feature genuine Portuguese cork grips.  

All Key Largo Rods custom fishing rods are tested before the rods are allowed to be sold. The materials and workmanship are the best available anywhere in the world.

All KLR custom fishing rods can be personalized for a small extra fee.  Due to the precise nature of these handcrafted fishing instruments, a shipping delay of 10-20 days is mandatory.  Our prices are the lowest on the Internet and our shipping is fast and reasonable. 

Two-thirds of the Earth is covered by water, so grab a fishing pole, we might as well fish!

If you are in need of superior quality custom fishing rods, look no further because we offer 'Key Largo Rods' . Below is  a wide assortment of custom fishing rods. Key Largo Rods specializes in top-o-the-line blanks of graphite and fiberglass. Do you want affordable spinning or conventional fishing rods with a lifetime guarantee against material defect or workmanship? Well look no further.

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Key Largo Rods Custom Fishing Rods