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Polarization with UVA Protection and UVB Protection:
The process of polarization uses a special filter to absorb glare producing light waves reflected off horizontal surfaces. Flying Fisherman AcuTint™ lenses eliminate glare with minimal color distortion, sharpen visual acuity and reduce eye strain.  Flying Fisherman Sunglasses provide maximum protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays, and meet or exceed FDA, ANSI and European (CE) standards for general purpose eyewear. 

Our AcuTint™ polarization filter is sandwiched between two layers of polished optical glass, 1.1mm plastic, or polycarbonate for maximum scratch resistance and durability. Acutint™ Smoke lenses are best for bright, sunny days and around deep water, like the ocean and lakes.  Acutint™ Amber sunglasses are excellent for streams, flats, shallow water and overcast days.  Our 6 and 8 base curve lenses offer full, contoured eye coverage for excellent peripheral light and glare protection.
AcuTint TM Polarization Sunlenses:
  • Flying Fisherman Sunglasses are offered in three durable lens materials.
  • Precision Ground & Polished Polarized Glass
  • Virtually Indestructible Polarized Polycarbonate
  • Hard Coated Polarized Triacetate Plastic

The color of the sunlens is critical to the ability of your sunglasses to function under various conditions.  Flying Fisherman's AcuTint™ sunlens system offers the most effective lens tints in the color spectrum.

Lens Colors:
  • Smoke - Best for bright, sunny conditions such as deep water, lakes and offshore fishing.  Blue mirror coating available with some styles
  • Amber - Excellent for shallow water fishing, cloudy or rainy days, or other high contrast conditions.  Green mirror coating available with some styles.
  • Yellow-Amber - Great for fishing in extremely low light, like early morning or late evening.
  • Vermillion - A favorite for sight fishing, muddy water and low light conditions. Red/Gold mirror coating available with some styles.

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